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Australis Eyeshadow Primer is a primer for eyelids that helps extend the wear of eyeshadow. It has an oil controlling formula with silica and eyeshadow magnets to provide heavy-duty staying power that's gentle on the eye area. 


Australis Eyeshadow Primer


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Okay primer but can be patchy

This Australis eyeshadow primer is affordable but works better on a “naked” eye which doesn’t suit my makeup application routine. Because I apply after foundation the end result can make my eyeshadow look a bit patchy. Whilst it does help with the creasing, for a while, it doesn’t help my eyeshadow go the distance unlike some other affordable primers.
Australis Cosmetics Eyeshadow Primer glides onto lids to maximise and extend the wear of eyeshadow colour. The silica and oil-controlling formula with shadow magnets provide instant heavy-duty staying power that is gentle on the eye area. The base leaves eyelids looking freshly applied from day through to night. Apply to clean make-up free eyelids and smooth over the entire eye area. Leave to dry for 30 seconds, then blend formula into the crease of the eyelids with the fingertips to ensure smoothness before applying eyeshadow.
I bought this primer to stop my eyeshadow from my fading and loosing it's vibrancy during the day, but I was a little disappointed with the results. It didn't make my eyeshadow last any longer than my usual face primer. When I placed this over my concealer (I always use this to hide my veiny eyelids) it just moved the product around and I couldn't get it blend into one. But when I tried putting it under all products (concealer and eyeshadow), everything felt very wet and couldn't blend my shadows out at all. Perhaps I shouldn't use concealer with this, but I like to have an even and flawless complexion all over and I'll have uneven and unfinished look without some skin coloured cream on my lids.
I had always just applied eye shadows and that was it and then I learnt about primers for the eyes.  I use primers before my foundation so it would make sense to use on your eyes. I came across the Australis product about 1 year ago because I already use a lot of their items.  I decided to at least try.  You don't need a lot and I just applied with the spongy wand they have and then used my fingertips to apply on the whole eye area.   It dries very quick.  Definitely no stickiness. Once I applied the eye shadow I obviously do not notice much at all but it is about 2 hours after when I went to freshen up in the ladies that I checked my eye shadow. Usually by that time my eye shadows would be looking terrible but not so after using the eye primer. I have continued to use this product with success and for the minimal price that it is, it is really worth it. I too would prefer to have a bit more of the product in the container because it doesn't seem to last for very long. 
This eye primer is awesome!  For $13.95 it is such a bargain, you need just a touch of the product on each eyelid and it spreads quite far.  Other eye primers I have tried have been the wrong colour for my eyelids or quite tacky, this one dries down within a minute with a nice velvety feel ready to apply your eyeshadow straight on top.  I wore this for a wedding that went all day and night and no joke - my eyeshadow (heavy smokey eye) had stayed on perfectly. 
Great for light make up look and quite long lasting. However wish the packaging can be more flexible as there are very little product on the tube or it is just hard to reach to the botton to scoop out the rest of the product.