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Australis Lip Pencil is a lip pencil for creating a long-lasting, smudge-free and anti-feathering base for your lip colour. The emollient and vitamin rich formula won't dry lips out and protects against ageing.

Available in 12 shades.


Australis Lip Pencil


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I have this in Tickled Pink which is a medium pink hue which has a touch of neutral dusky pink to it because it looks like it blends to the natural pink hue of my own lips.  So it's not a bright pink or a pale pink either. I do have to apply a little bit of pressure when I'm applying this but when it's on I find it stays fairly well.  My best tip would be to apply this from the corners of the mouth up toward the cupids bow because drawing the line upwards helps to get a better fuller shape of the lip. The colour of the pencil is shown on the end of the pencil which makes it easy to identify but the colour on the end of the pencil is not a perfect match to the colour of the product on the lips.  It is brighter and pinker than the colour on the end of the pencil. The black lid is good quality and doesn't break like some other lip pencil lids have.  This lid is strong plastic and fits well on the pencil.   This lip pencil is not scented and a sharpener is needed to sharpen it.
Very pigmented in the deep red colour that I have. Doesn't bleed or crack along the lip line, a creamy pencil with a fairly firm tip so don't press too hard. Blends well with lipstick so for a drugstore product, this is very good quality. Make sure you blunt the tip a tad before applying as it can be sharp!
This is a great lip lining pencil for the price, its creamy and smooth and sharpens to a nice point for a professional looking results, it stops my lipstick for bleeding and sliding off my lips and blends in well with my favourite volours. Its easy to use for great definition and gives as good a result as more expensive brands. I would recommend this
This lipliner is one of the best drugstore ones I've found to date, and I've now incorporated it into my daily makeup routine. I use the shade Miss behave as my go to lip colour, and it's a really flattering pinky-orange shade that is one of those "your lips but better" colours. This lip liner comes in a standard pencil packaging that can be sharpened with any regular makeup sharpener and doesn't tend to break on me when I do. The fact that you can sharpen the pencil means that you can always get a really precise line and you get quite a bit of product. The formula of this product is really creamy, so you can use it to fill in your whole lips without it drying them out excessively, something that I finds happens when I use my NYX lipliners. The wear of this product over the day is really impressive, something that I would expect from a high end lipliner. It doesn't budge on my lips for hours and doesn't appear patchy.  Overall, I really like this lipliner and I would pay a lot more than the $10 it currently is selling at. I would definitely recommend this product to someone who is looking for a natural everyday lip colour who doesn't want to go all out on lipstick, or for someone who wants to prolong the length of their lipstick wear whilst being able to define their lips! 
The Australis lip pencil glides on smoothly and allows me to easily define and add contour to my lips. It is not drying and is creamy on my lips. I don't use a lip balm on most days and I find I don't need it for this lip liner. The colour lasts and doesn't flake or peel off. This pencil doesn't break or crack when I sharpen it and it remains soft and creamy everytime. Once applied, it prevents my lipstick from smudging and bleeding and helps me create soft definition for my lips.  Pros: -easy glide, non drying, non irritating  Cons: -take your time to use this pencil so that you can clearly define your lips for more intensity  Tips: -keep the pencil sharpened for easier and precise application Recommendation: -this is an affordable lip liner pencil which would suit anyone who wants to line and add definition to their lips with ease