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Australis Make-up Finishing Spritz is a lightweight hydration mist and makeup setting spray that provides an invisible shield over the face for longer-lasting makeup and a barrier against temperature and environmental changes throughout the day. The formula contains a fixative polymer, which acts as a light and invisible film to protect makeup from fading and feels comfortable on your skin. Rose water and aloe vera help maintain moisture, leaving skin soft and supple.


Australis Make-up Finishing Spritz


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Great Spritz

I love this spritz for adding a little moisture back onto my skin during the day and to ensure that my make up stays in place. It has a lovely fragrance and is very economical.
Not a bad spray, especially for the price.The scent is very pleasant and the mist is nice and fine - no blobbs!. It dries quickly and does not affect the product underneath. My skin type is a little dry so I have to make sure there is moisture underneath the spray so it doesn't dry out my skin. My skin looked good during the day, My make-up stayed in place, not perfectly, but I was happy with the end result.
This spray is ok, but it’s not my favourite in terms of keeping my makeup in place all day. It smells really nice, and it feels quite refreshing. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or dry it out which is a definite plus. The problem is that it doesn’t make my makeup last which was my main reason for purchase.
Great little finishing product that I apply after my foundation, then again after setting powder. It's a refreshing spritz and smells like roses, but I am unsure about its effectiveness as a setting product. Lasts a long time and it's inexpensive so I'd recommend it, but not as a make up setter.
This Australis mist is great to throw in your bag for a quick spritz throughout the day to freshen up and to try and prevent caking up. However I never really noticed a difference when it came to any long lasting power. When using this product as a setting spray I saw no difference between using it and not using a setting spray altogether.
I totally live for this finishing spritz ! It is truly amazing, I use it alongside any of my high end cosmetics products or drug store products and it doesn't interact negatively. The scent is also fresh and beautiful.The product will not  leave your makeup blotchy and certainly does not move it around in any way. It dries very evenly on the skin. This product prevents my makeup from fading and only enhances the smoothness and texture of my overall set look. This product is very cooling and it truly sets your makeup all day/night long.  My skin type is oily and I find that I am kept looking matte throughout the day and love the fact that my look is kept in place flawlessly. The price point is also great and worth every penny.
I cannot recommend this product enough! For years i have been searching for a setting spray that actually makes your makeup last all day and thanks to Australis I now have a setting spray that lives up to its words. This product defiantly lived up to the words of many of my friends who also use this product. As I only use cruelty free makeup this was literally a hidden gem. The scent is also amazing a very gentle hint of rose water that stays throughout the day but is not overpowering. I also love how it is not really heavy and when I spray it, it lightly covers the face. The only problem is that it has to be reapplied when I am in humid areas.
I use this setting spray on a daily basis. I love that it's cruelty free, and has a beautiful floral scent, which isn't too strong or overpowering. It's incredibly refreshing, and I actually use it after my liquid foundation, and then again after the rest of my face is finished. It doesn't have that sticky hair spray feeling that many other setting sprays have, it feels more like a facial mist. In terms of staying power, I think it's great for daily make-up, but for heavy or dramatic makeup, I would use something with more holding power.
This is marketed as a setting spray but I think it would be more appropriate to call it a fixing spray. When I used this as the last step of my makeup it definitely helped take away the powdery look of any powder but when it came to the lasting power of my makeup it didn't really do much if I needed it to last all day if I was attending an event. For day to day makeup it would probably be fine. This has a slight rosewater scent that I didn't really mind.  In regards to the bottle itself I found it misted pretty well and I actually put the mister on my MAC Brush Cleaner which helped me control how much I was using.
Only needs 3x spritzes to cover and dampen your face to set it. Once dried, it doesn't feel like anything! It says it has a rose water smell but it is barely noticeable - good for those with sensitive smell! I found that this product was long lasting as my make up barely budged! It doesn't set lipstick. I always recommend this product to all my friends as it lasts months and it is yet to disappoint me!
This product sets my makeup quite well but only for a couple of hours considering I have oily skin. It's easy to use (pretty straight forward) and it works well when sprayed into a makeup sponge to blend out my foundation and concealer plus the smell is lovely and using a brand that's cruelty-free is always a bonus for me. Overall it's a good product but depends on your skin type.
Being the very first make up setting spray I have tried I don't really have anything to compare it to but this seems to do a pretty good job of setting my make up and making it stay put all day. The packing is nice and sturdy and the spray nozzle still works perfectly and I am about halfway through the product so far. I've been using it for about 3 months and it seems to be lasting quite a while using it 5-6 days per week. It dries quite quickly and has a pleasant rose fragrance but it is not over powering... more refreshing than anything I think. Overall, I would definitely repurchase this product as it is great value for money.
I bought this on sale at my local chemist as I had been wanting to try out a setting spray for a while. It claims to prevent makeup from fading throughout the day, which I'm not 100% sure I agree with. It does feel great when applied, cooling and refreshing and a great rose smell, but I haven't noticed my makeup staying on any longer. It does give my skin a nice dewy look after spraying without looking overly greasy which I do like, and it stays that way for a few hours. Overall it is a good product, I still want to try other setting sprays and see how it compares but for now I would definitely repurchase. It is also super affordable for those on a budget. I like to spritz my face after setting with powder products, and then go in with my highlighting products, it gives the highlight a nice fresh look. Also you can spray this onto a eyeshadow brush after applying product onto the brush- it will make the eyeshadow pop and look more pigmented on the eye.   i would suggest this spritz is suitable for normal to dry skin types, for a nice pick-me-up throughout the day, as I said it does not really keep your makeup from fading or have any mattifying properties either.
This product is great if you’re looking for a setting spray on a budget. I’ve been using this for over a  year and have no complaints with it at all. It’s amazing for taking away that powdery look you get when you set your makeup with powder without comprising the mattifying effects of the other products underneath. It makes my face look dewy and natural and mattifies my face at the same time!!! I think it might be a magic potion. I’ve used higher end sprays that haven’t been able to do this and I’ve gone back to using this one instead. It has a lovely rose scent and it’s very refreshing to spritz over your face, especially when it’s hot humid. I’ve noticed my makeup lasts longer when I’m been using it, but I have super oily skin so I still need to apply powder along with this as a midday touch up. Also,if you completely soak your face in this stuff, which let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of doing, you need to stay still and dry your face as quickly as possible and not touch it because your foundation will crease and come off with touch.However, I 10/10 recommend this product. Pros: Makes your skin look dewy and it mattifies (I know they contradict each other, but somehow it works) Cons: If you use too much at once you makeup could crease
A make-up finishing product is the newest addition to my make-up routine, i never really thought I needed one but until i purchased one, i haven't looked back. As i don't use a primer, i thought using a finishing spray would give me the exact results. Would it does, just less oily and more refreshing. As my first make-up setting spray, i didn't want to purchase anything to expensive, as i wanted to test out other products before putting my favorite. I just wanted something, inexpensive, did the job and was long lasting. The Australis make-up finishing spritz kept jumping out while i was shopping, i always found myself using there testers and reading over it a thousand times. After making up my mind of which brand i should pick, i picked Australis. To be honest, I'm very happy with this choice. You'll find that the product is a spray with a spray nozzle, that's easy to use. It sprays just a nice amount of product onto your skin that doesn't release to much, nor leaves your skin feeling wet. The spray itself has a pink shade and has rose scent, which smells very pretty and sweet. Its very relaxing and soothing. It contains aloe vera, which its hydrating when applied.  I apply this before and after my make-up to get the best results and has that extra hold to my foundation / powder. It doesn't dry out nor makes your skin soak in water. It also helps make your face look dewy and fresh instead of cakey, really does even out the powder to insure a flawless coverage. It does the trick into keeping my make-up set in place. If you're looking for a good setting spray, or even a affordable product then i would suggest purchasing Australis.
This is the best quality setting spray I have ever used, hands down. After using far more expensive brands and being left really disappointed and with smudgy makeup, I decided to just give this one a go. And boy I was not disappointed! This spray is inexpensive and is a very decent size, my bottle has lasted me over a year, and thats with use almost everyday! So yes it will last you! The spray smells rosey and girly, absolutely delicious, and will spray onto your skin gently, leaving you feeling fresh and sweet scented. The bottle itself is simply and attractive, very easy to take travelling as the lid means it won't leak. The nozzle is very easy to use, and sprays on easily and lightly.    I do have a warning that I learnt the hard way, make you give your eyeliner/mascara plenty of time to fully dry before you use this spray, at first I used the spray right after (I was rushing, yes), lets just say I became very smudgy (almost panda eyes)! So give your makeup just a few minutes to dry first! Another tip I can give is don't over apply this spray, there is simply no need to. The spray is very good quality just a little will go a long way, and I've find over applying can literally make my face dripping wet. So spray on from a good distance, and only use 2/3 sprays, don't go crazy with the stuff.  Now as for how the product holds up, well I find by using this spray my makeup will stay on and just not smudge at all! I've accidentally wet my face heaps of times, whether it be from rain or sweat, or even tears, and guess what.. my makeup stays in tact! I personally don't agree with people who say this product doesn't set your makeup, I've been using this for years now and I can vouch that my makeup lasts all day long, it really extends the life of my makeup which would otherwise start to smear after a couple of hours because my skin is quite greasy. Due to the physical nature of my job, I sweat and sweat, so I am so thankful that this product really can withstand it and leave me looking fresh and perfect. Another small tip I will say is, in days when I am sweating a lot at work, I give my face another spray, usually just 1 spray though, as opposed to 2/3. And boy does it help me to feel fresh!  So to have perfect eye makeup all day and night, and foundation lasting perfectly without becoming greasy and shiny, use this setting spray. I will be honest and say that I'm not the hugest fan of Australis, however this product is a true exception. despite being a budget settings spray, it works better than any other that i have tried. So ladies put down your overpriced sprays and get on this! Not only is it affordable, making it perfect for every age group and demographic, each bottle will last for ages! Because the bottles last so long though, I recommend storing them away from direct sunlight to keep them fresh and if you come from a really hot climate, a little trick I like to do is to pop the bottle in my refrigerator. Not only will this keep the spray in tip top quality, it will be super refreshing on your skin!  To me this spray truly is a five star product, you will not find a better setting spray, especially for that price range, and I've been hooked for years now! 
Absolutely amazing value for money for a setting spray you can use everyday. This spray is light with pleasant rose fragrance, it sprays on delicately and dries very fast. A terrific addition to my summertime makeup routine, I do believe this spray makes my makeup last longer and definitely prevents my eye makeup from smudging. On the occasional event I've had to have my makeup last an entire night, I've sworn on this product to ensure my make-up is still staying put by the morning. Just a few sprays is all that is needed for my face to stay fresher! I always take this spray on holiday with me, it ensures photo-ready makeup at all times, even when in hot, tropical weather.  I would give this product an 8/10, it's very easily found at the supermarket and won't break the budget! A downfall is this spray can't protect you from very heavy sweating, so this product may not be suitable for everyone, particularly athletes. But for the majority of the population, regardless of age, occasion or style, this product is the ultimate addition to any beauty routine, and will suit pretty much any budget! Don't waste your money on more expensive setting sprays that are of equal or even worse quality. 
I purchased the Australis make-up finishing spritz when i changed jobs to a more manual-labour position, and needed something to help get my makeup through a long day in high humidity. First off, my skin is quite oily to start with, and I live in North Queensland. I had seen a few setting sprays on the market, but they all seemed a bit too expensive. Australis to my rescue as usual! The bottle states that the spray prevents make-up from fading throughout the day and sets your look firmly in place. It is infused with Aloe Vera and rose water, which are ingredients known to refresh the skin. Pro's *Nice packaging *Light scent *Does seem to revitalise my make-up *Not tested on animals *Budget-friendly *Great for refreshing your make-up during the day *Easy to carry around and use on the go Con's *Doesn't extend the life of my makeup *Can make eye make-up run All in all, this spray is more of a 'refresher' spray than a finishing spray. It doesn't 'set' your makeup as such, but it does work great to give your make-up a more natural, non-cakey look. It doesn't make my makeup last longer, as is stated on the bottle. I will continue to use the spray to breathe new life into my makeup throughout the day, and to tone down any 'cakiness' caused by too much powder. Tip: Be sure to spray around 20cm ABOVE your face and tilt your head back to catch the droplets. Spraying too close to your face will cause your makeup to have water droplets all over- not a great look! Also don't forget to do your eye make-up after you've sprayed and left it to dry as non-waterproof mascara etc. will run.
Mixed views about this one.  Pros: amazing rose fragrance that is very relaxing and fresh, feels very nice on the skin Cons: water droplets are big and stick to your face, not that great for oily skin.
I use this mist daily for hydration and to finish my makeup. It's great for adding at the end of makeup prep to leave skin looking dewy and finished. However, it's not a heavy duty setting spray and I definitely add something else if I need my makeup to last or if it's a particular hot day. This mist comes in a spray bottle and it's super easy to use with a lovely, light fragrance. It's quite refreshing to use (especially if you keep it in the fridge!). I love that my skin looks hydrated and smoothed out after using it. If I am not doing too much in the day (ie running about, perspiring, long hours etc) then it helps make my makeup last. Thus, it's a great day-to-day spray! Keep it about 25cm from your face when spraying so you get a nice mist that settles evenly. This is a great, affordable product that works!