Australis Metallix Cream Eyeshadow

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Australis Metallix Cream Eyeshadow is a cream eyeshadow with a metallic foil finish. The formula has a high colour pay-off with intense coverage and works to soften and moisturise the eyelid with vitamin E and antioxidants.

Available in nine shades.


Australis Metallix Cream Eyeshadow


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It's shocking that a product like this is so affordable and available from the drug store. I find my finger tips always work best rather than a brush too. Sometimes I use this product to add an all-over, subtle sparkle to the lids by using my finger to pat it out sparingly. You can also pack it on and layer another shimmery eyeshadow on top for an intense shine. If you think you will be sweating or want it to stick down and last a much longer time, I recommend applying a glitter glue beforehand!
I have this eyeshadow in the shade 'Guns and Rose Petals'. It's an absolutely stunning rose gold shimmer creme shadow. I find this shadow extremely pigmented and easy to apply and blend out. It is a cream but it does set; however if you rub your eye some of the glitter particles will come loose and cause fall out. The shade I have is such a beautiful blend of very fine pigments that cause a base colour as well as glitter particles that catch the light. These glitter particles are big enough to cause fall out if the eye is rubbed, however they do not make the formula chunky. This fantastic combo produces a very sophisticated, stunning look. The price point of these shadows is amazing, and considering their pigmentation and consistency they definitely compete with much more expensive versions of the product. I have heard this shadow can crease. I find all shadows crease on me by the end of the day and this is no different, but the gorgeousness of the initial look sure makes up for it. I wish there was a wider range of colours in the range, I'm hoping Australis will expand on the collection in the future. I would definitely recommend these shadows to anyone who loves a bit of sparkle and shine. I have even purchased them as gifts for family and friends.
I bought this eyeshadow for a little sparkle at night and gorgeous colour. I had never used a cream eyeshadow before so was a little nervous about it. It was easier to use than I thought and blended well, it gives a lovely sparkle that is not too over the top. I only use it at night and it looks lovely for something different, it does crease a little compared to my matte powder but overall the effect is really pretty with lovely pigmentation
While these eyeshadows are really beautiful in colour and offer a lot of pigment, they unfortunately crease really easily. I'd recommend using an eye primer whenever using these shadows, or using them as a base under another eye shadow.
I absolutely love these Australis Metallix eyeshadow pots! I own one of every colour but my favourite shade is the 'Guns and Rose Petals' (a stunning white gold). I would say not all shades are metallic, some are a little more glitter based - however all of them are stunning! I recommend applying all over the lid for a dewy, shimmering highlight look. The eyeshadow is creamy, easy to apply and lasts all day - it does crease slightly but nothing unexpected for a cream eyeshadow. The price of this product is fantastic and it lasts for a long time; definitely recommend!
My FAV eyeshadow! I use it everyday for work as it gives me a little sparkle! It has the BEST sparkle pigment and I haven't found anything like it before. I use my finger to apply as my brush doesn't pick up the cream well.  PRO ~ stays in place and lasts all day! Super sparkly! CON ~ haven't found a way to apply in a thin line yet as it's a cream texture  TIP ~ with the extra product left on my finger I run it through my hair so there's zero waste!  SPARKLE SPARKLE **