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Australis Metallix Eyeshadow is a cream eyeshadow with a metallic foil finish designed to blend easily and last all day. The long-lasting formula contains vitamin E and antioxidants to smooth and soften the eyelids.

Available in three shades.


Australis Metallix Eyeshadow


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This metallix eyeshadow by Australis is easily the best cream shadow I have ever used, and it's under $10!  I could not believe how soft and creamy the shadow is, and it is surprisingly super pigmented for a drug store product. It applies easily, can be used sheer or full dramatic, and wear really well throughout the day. If you're looking for a nice, reliable, versatile and affordable eyeshadow than this is the one for you!
Loooove this shadow. This product is so versatile because you can use a tiny bit if you just want a little bit of light colour and sparkle, eg. for everyday or during the day, then you can layer it so that it is really glam. Lasts all night and is a great colour.
I don't usually go for drug store eyeshadows due to their near constant lack of pigment, but I saw this gorgeous champagne glitter on my friend's eyes and knew I had to check it out. I was originally surprised with how many sparkles she managed she get on her lids, but when I saw that it was a cream eyeshadow it made all the sense and I picked up the "Guns and Rose Petals" colour she raved about. I honestly cannot believe the quality of this product. Calling it a cream eyeshadow doesn't do it justice because it almost feels like a liquid with how buttery smooth it is. One dip into the pot and finger is completely covered in product. You'd probably have to more careful of over using and wasting the product because that's how much you pick up! And the pigment is amazing!! Actually, it is better than amazing, it is unreal. You can either pack it on to get that foiled metallic look or you can blend it out to get a stunning shimmery glitter look. It's a two for one product!  I do suggest applying a eyeshadow primer underneath because being super creamy it will crease and transfer if it hasn't got some sort of fixant under it. Also, you're going to get a more dense and dazzling look if the eyeshadow is adhered to a primer.  And the colour "Gun and Rose Petals"  is a gorgeous rosey champagne colour that you can easily glam up for a going out look or tone down for a beautiful natural look. And the name is so cool! The quality of this product is worth way more than they are charging for this. You're getting a high end product at a drug store price. If you wanting glam on a budget, these eyeshadows are the ones to go for. 
This eyeshadow looks powdery on the shelf, but is actually quite sticky. I much prefer a powdery eye-shadow and had I known the consistency was thick I would not have purchased it. It looks OK on, but is not my favourite. The colour can be worn lightly or built to a strong bold shade. My suggestion is to use the tester in store before purchasing to make sure this product is for you.
Australis were really on the front of beauty trends when they first released a trio set of cream eye shadows for the ACDC limited edition collection. Due to the popularity and demand for these products they brought them back to the main product line and added loads of additional colours-and boy are we glad they did! The eye shadows are a cream eye shadow, very creamy texture that glides on with application. The colour payoff is true to the colour in the pot, and it gives off a foiled wet look. The eye shadow transforms from a gel to a dry finish when applied. It is not drying, and easy to work with if you are adding matte eye shadows to your eye look. The pigment of the eye shadows is fabulous, and for the price $9.95 what you get is absolutely amazing. I own gold gaga (gold metallic) and Guns & Rose Petals (Rose gold metallic). I use them all over the eye lid for an effortless glam look, I also use them in the middle of the eyelid for a pop of colour and make the eye look more awake, I blend matte eye shadows around the middle of the eyelid to complete the look. They are a cream eye shadow so in terms of longevity you won't get the same effect as you would with a matte eye shadow or pressed pigment. Add primer to the lid if you are wanting a long lasting finish. I get about 6 hour of wear which I find completely acceptable for what you are getting. You get 1.9 grams of product, and believe me when I say a little bit goes a long way! Another plus from me is that Australis is vegan friendly and they don't test on animals!
Nothing ever really creases on me so I was shocked that these Metallix eyeshadows creased within minutes of application! And then soon after I was just a messy glitter bomb with eyeshadow running down my cheeks. The formula is EXTREMELY soft, buttery and pigmented. It feels like air or almost water-like when you swipe it. So weightless like clouds. And the metallic factor is insane! It's SO glowy! Unfortunately the longevity is super super poor, otherwise it would have been a holy grail. I've never been able to wear it out because it looks horrible after 5 minutes. I guess you could dry doing a very, very light and sheer layer.
The Australis metallix eyeshadow was the first time I had used a cream eyeshadow before.  All this time I had been using a powder based eyeshadow which was good but once I started using this I realised I should've started using this much sooner!  First of all cream based eyeshadows in my opinion are much easier to put on.  You don't have to worry about fallout and the eyeshadow goes on smoothly while giving you a gorgeous, pigmented colour that really pops!  I had purchased this in a copper/gold colour and in the packaging it looked amazing and it looked even better when I put it on.  It comes in a jar so all you had to do was unscrew the lid and then apply the eyeshadow.  I opted to use my finger instead of using an eyeshadow brush and I found that this method worked much better! I found that I got better hold of the product and the end result would be flawless.  I could blend and dab the eyeshadow easily and the metallic colour really popped with its shimmery and sparkly hues.  The colour was pigmented but you could always add more to make it more bold.  You could even use one colour as the base and then add another cream eyeshadow on top on the edges for a smokey, shimmery eye that would make the perfect nighttime look.  It also holds onto powder eyeshadow very well so you can combine both types for a curated look.  Even without an eye primer I found that the eyeshadow helped up really well throughout the day without any creasing.  I still would recommend using an eye primer as eyelids tend to get oily so the colour can start to fade.  I found that there were many uses for this cream eyeshadow besides using it on my eyelid.  I even used a bit on the corner of my eyes to make my peepers appear brighter and more awake.  Plus it's always a nice touch!  I even used a little bit on my lower lash line which I applied with my eyeliner brush.  I even used it as glitter eyeliner along with my black liner when I wanted to do something creative and different and I had so many people telling me how great it look! I found that mixing a bit of the eyeshadow with a moisturiser or serum could turn it into a banging highlighter!   Just start off with a little bit and then work your way up as you don't want it to come off too shimmery! With a great range of colours you might as well get them all because they'll last you a long time and it will really up your eyeshadow game! Benefits: -Great colour payoff -Goes on smoothly and doesn't crease -Nice range of colours  -Affordable price -Used as eyeshadow, liner and highlighter 
I have this in Guns And Rose Petals. It's excellent for a metallic halo eye or for an extra pop to an eye look. This is one of the stand out Australis products for me and it performs like a product from a much higher price point. I recently included these in gifts to send to overseas friends as an example of great Australian makeup products
These are hands down amazing. I am so impressed with the quality of this product. Australis loves to surprise us with an absolute stunner of a product from time to time and this is one of them. Firstly the formula is stunning. I personally prefer to use this gel/creme formula as a shadow topper over the lid, or as a base of a glitter based shadow. These apply best with your finger or a stiff synthetic brush. The colour range is stunning, with a nice selection of shades with different undertones for different skin tones which is unique for a drugstore product.  The shadows last a decent amount of time on the lids, however I do find I get a small amount of movement and a bit of creasing throughout the day when wearing these but with a gel/creme formula this is something you come to expect. To add something special to your look these are perfect. 
RUN! Don't walk, if you want an extremely affordable dupe for the Stila Magnificent Metals Foiled Eyeshadows. Foiled, metallic eyeshadows are all the rage right now, yet some can be really expensive (the Stila eyeshadows are $35 each) making it hard to build up a nice collection of metallic cream eyeshadows. Yet Australis has released this line of cream eyeshadows that is not only super cheap compared to other brands, but doesn't compromise on quality and wear.  I have the shades "Guns and Rose Petals' (rose gold) and 'Plum Diddy' (purple) and they are both intense in shimmer and pigmentation. The best way to apply these is not with a brush or tool, but simply just your fingers. The consistency is like a thick paste, highly pigmented with shimmer particles with varying sizes from super small, to larger chunks. The heat from your fingers warms up the formula so that it melts into your fingers and is easy to apply on your eyelids. Using a brush just doesn't work with these cream eyeshadows, you'll just pick up chunks of glitter without the base formula and thus won't apply onto your eyelid nicely. The results is a striking, intense glitter eyelid look that scream full glam. I wouldn't recommend these if you are just wanting to use for a natural every day look unless you only apply the smallest amount to your lids, because it will be too intense.  Another way I like to use this product, especially with the lighter shades, is in the inner corner as a highlight. When paired with a matte eyeshadow look, popping these into the corner of the eyelids is a beautiful pop of glam to take your eyeshadow look to another level. I like to use it this way when I don't want an intense glitter look to my eye makeup. For a creamy formula, and for someone who has oily eyelids, these perform really well throughout wear. Using a powder base is important to make the product adhere to your eyelids and stay put. I try not to apply them too close to my crease so as to avoid breakdown of the product or creasing up. Instead I apply closer to the lash line. This way, the product stays on for quite a long time and don't end up patchy. The nature of the product means you can be really creative with your eye makeup looks too. I can see a lot of opportunity to use this in editorial style makeup. My thoughts on the packaging are: I like the clear lid so it's easy to see the shade of the product. But we all know it's not the most hygienic forms of packaging so cleaning your hands before going in is an absolute necessity. As extra protection, spray some rubbing alcohol lightly on the top of the product after use to kill off bacteria. The amount of product is also very generous. I've had this for longest time and I've only made the smallest of dents in the tub so I know this will last a hell of a long time! I haven't had the opportunity to purchase some of the higher end versions of this product, so having an affordable dupe that performs the way I want it to is really important to me. But from the what I have read, seen in store and heard from the Stila ones, these perform just as well. I love how Australis has given us the opportunity to try high end beauty trends and products that's easier on the pocket. 
I adored this cream metallic eyeshadow, so full of pigment its stunning. They come in a stunning array of colours, like goodies, its hard to choose and look shimmery and pretty on the lid, great for night time for a glamorous look. The shadow is so smooth and lasts all day without caking or creasing. The colour is easy to apply, just use your fingertips to apply and blend and the colour is just so rich and luxurious. At just $9.49 they come at a great price point and with so much in the little pots they last for ages so great value for money. Using a primer will make the product last a little longer and provide a great canvas for application. Great little pots of colour that I recommend purchasing, and at this price you can afford a couple.
As previous reviewers have mentioned, this product is best applied with your fingertips. I love that you can use a light wash of pigment, or really build it up to an intensely metallic/foiled  and dramatic look. The great thing about this product is that you really don't need any skills to apply, and it's perfect to use on it's own - you don't need any other eye shadows or even eyeliner for this to look amazing. The only downside is that I do tend to get oily eyelids, causing the shadow to separate on my lids towards the end of the day. The price is great, and there's plenty of product, so it really is good value for money. I definitely recommend this product, just be sure to prime your eyelids with a little translucent powder if you tend to get oily lids like I do.
I am obsessed with this eyeshadow!! It is so PIGMENTED with the beautiful rich metallic colour in this little pot of heaven! I apply it with the tip of my finger as i find my subtle body heat lets me get a more even coverage.  PRO: affordable and oh so versatile ALSO it stays put all day long! CON: it cannot be applied with a dry brush tip, instead try using your finger tip! TIP: don't waste a single drop ... i run the extra product through my hair ... extra sparkle and zero waste!!
I LIVE FOR THIS EYESHADOW!! This has amazing pigment and is super shimmery and bronze, even though the pot is so small it does have a lot of product in it. It has a very creamy consistency and is easy to apply. Would highly recommend this range of eyeshadows from Australis
These are really very unique and intensely foiled metallic on the lids. I found that the only way to apply them successfully is with your fingers because a brush doesn't really pick it up for some reason. As other reviewers have said, the packaging is simple but perfect. The really allow for some creative looks and there really nothing else quite like them out there. I only took of one star because they can get seriously messy if you aren't careful but that seems to be the norm with intensely glittery or metallic products. They are meant to be a topper, not a base cream shadow and I found they layered well over cream or powder base shadow. They are also really affordable too, so that is a big plus. It isn't really a product for everyday, but for more pah-pow special occasion or party looks, they are great.
A very pigmented collection of metallic creme eye shadows at an affordable price point. The colours in the 'Metallix' range are all completely stunning, and all of the shadows have fun and interesting names. One con of this product is that it doesn't set and has to be used as an eyeshadow base. All in all, an excellent product at a great price point.
Love the metallix eye shadows! They are very pigmented and creamy, and lend a glittery flash of fabulousness to any eye looks. They are easy to work with and they have a good assortment of colours. The only issue is staying power, but all creamy eye shadows have this if you have oily lids. A good primer fixes this easily though!  I will definitely repurchase these when finished- I use them a lot so going through them fast!
I have this in the colour "Guns And Rose Petals" which looks like the colour in the photo.  It is a super metallic looking colour.  Besides the fact that this stays put all day/night like crazy, it also gives the option of using it as a light, ethereal-looking, sparkly appearance or an opaque solid metallic appearance.  By applying it lightly and spreading it around with the warmth of my finger it creates the lighter watery, ethereal look and by applying it more heavily it creates that solid full metallic look.    By using it in different ways it can be adjusted to use for either daytime or night-time use.   It spreads really easily and has a creamy feeling to the touch.  There are so many ways to use this product but my tips are:  to use this not only on top of the eyelid (as an eyeshadow) but also to use it with a fine liner brush as an eyeliner on the bottom lashline.   Also, to use it just very lightly as a highlighter just under the arch of the eyebrow.  It can also be used to highlight the inner eye to brighten up that inner area and widen the appearance of the eyes.   This eye product comes in the cutest little pot with a easy-screw top lid.  I like that I can see the colour of the product through the clear lid.  I've had this for some time and I think it will last me for ages because only a little needs to be used at a time. This is an excellent eyeshadow product which lends itself to some very creative applications.  It's great to add a little bit (or a lot!) of pizzazz to the eye area and perfect for parties or special events but I also love it for lighter daytime looks when I don't want to feel boring.