Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder

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Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder is a loose setting powder that contains 99 per cent silica to protect and mattify the skin. The formula works to soften the appearance of imperfections and blur fine lines.


Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder


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I have spent (way) too much money on finishing powders in the past, so when I saw this product was getting good reviews for under $15, I had to give it a try. It is a nice consistency and blends really nicely into the skin. I don't use powder a lot, as my skin is getting drier, but when I have a special occasion where I need some extra coverage, than this product comes in handy. I think I get slightly better results with some of the more expensive powders I have used, but in regard to value for money you can't go past this one.
LOVE this product.  I have ageing/combination skin and prefer more of a glowy finish so I use this as a finishing powder just for my under eyes and my t-zone.  It does an amazing job at keeping oils at bay and maintaining a smooth finish - even after 12-14 hours of wear.  It also has a blurring effect on the skin so I use it to mask my larger pores each side of my nose and between my eyebrows.  I prefer a matte finish in my “tear troughs” to help hide under eye bags and discolouration after applying concealer and this is excellent for that.  I also use the Australis HD setting powder - both are excellent.  If you have dry skin I would not recommend dusting your whole face with this powder as it really does a great job at absorbing oils during the day.  Perfect powder for me - no more setting sprays!
I love Australis products so had to try this out as I have been looking for an extra boost or alternative to my setting spray. I have a few setting powders already but found I wasn't really satisfied with the payoff I was getting for the effort involved. This powder is fantastic. It does the job of bringing all my makeup together and setting it for a nice airbrush effect. The smallest amount really does the trick here so do be careful when you first open it as it can get a bit messy if you aren't paying attention! There is no discernible odour and the powder itself is truly translucent. In my opinion this is probably the best bang for your buck out there and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!
Skin type: Olive, combination skin (oily t-zone) This is a finishing powder, with a true translucent colour (white) its very soft and velvety on touch and fine milled. I wanted to try this specifically for staying power, and boy did I get a surprise! I traditionally love a matte finish to my make up and a long lasting finish. I first wore this make up to a wedding in the middle of Australian summer 35 plus day, I re touched my make up once that day. I wore my makeup over 10 hours! I can truly say it was because of this finishing powder I was very impressed. It just seemed to suck up any oiliness in my t zone and make the shine go away instantly. The powder offered a blur effect to the skin, and soften everything nicely. It's key ingredient is silicon and you can feel that in the texture of the powder on touch and when applied to the face. I rated this product a 4 only on the basis of two reasons; 1. The packaging is terrible, it has a screw top lid with a sieve style pan where the product comes out from. Over time the product will disperse and then get into the intricate screw top area of the lid, which makes it incredibly difficult to close properly each time you open it. 2. FLASH BACK!!! Be aware that if you wear this product with flash photography then you are in trouble! Serious flash back.
This is a very finely milled powder that is also very affordable. I was looking for a powder that doesn't have flashback, but unfortunately this does. I use it so set my undereyes and it does the job perfectly, diffusing imperfections in the area and making it super soft. If it didn't have flashback I wouldn't have hesitated to recommend it, but if it's not something that concerns you then it's really good!
This is my go-to powder, especially when testing new face products, as I know it just works. It doesn't add any extra coverage, but it lightly sets and mattifies, even my super oily t-zone. It never cakes and feels finely milled, in my opinion an equivalent for high end competitors. I often use it lightly dusted over my face sunscreen on days when I'm not wearing makeup to help with that sticky greasy sunscreen feel. It works perfectly all day! And definitely helps blur my pores. I recommend this to family and friends who want a reliable, affordable translucent powder.
This finishing powder is silky on the skin, comfortable to wear, and doesn't catch on my dry spots. It really is translucent; it doesn't leave me looking chalky or unnatural. I use this all over my face, but tend to avoid my under eye area as it does tend to exacerbate my under-eye wrinkles. This is a great powder for the price point, and I love that Australis are cruelty free.
This is a soft, silky powder that has slight blurring properties. I currently don't have any wrinkles so I cannot speak for it's claim to blur fine lines, but I do find that it gives me a soft-focus look. I have really dry skin, and this helps to blur over where my worst dry patches are. It also doesn't catch on my dry patches and exacerbate them which I really like. It also leaves my face super soft and silky!