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Australis Translucent Finishing Powder is a translucent powder that improves the wear and sets foundation without leaving skin dull or over-powdered. It softens the appearance of imperfections and blurs fine lines while the oil- absorbing formula keeps pores and uneven surface texture concealed. The powder features 99 per cent silica, which is a very fine grade powder that acts as a skin protectant and mattifying agent. Due to its spherical shape it provides a soft, velvety feel without adding shine.


Australis Translucent Finishing Powder


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Australis Ready Set Go! Translucent Finishing Powder was not on my radar until I saw a rave review from a fellow Beauty Heaven member. This powder is formulated to absorb oil and blur fine lines without settling into pores. The translucent powder comes in a 7.5 g pot with sifter under the lid. The powder is very finely milled, so although it can get a little messy (thankfully it has a sifter) it is very easy to blend. I use this powder to set my under eye concealer, so I can't comment on the oil absorbency. However, I can say that the powder does not settle into fine lines. It seems to blur the areas used, giving a photoshopped effect. Which is much appreciated for my under eye area where most of my lines reside. I like to apply a good amount, then buff away the excess to make sure the area is set well. I can do this without the powder making me look cakey. The Australis Ready Set Go! Translucent Powder is the product I have been looking for to set my under eye area! It is not only the perfect powder for me, it is budget friendly, too!
I am forever searching for my go-to loose setting powder so I decided to give Australis' Translucent Loose Setting Powder a go during Priceline's half price cosmetic sale. I found it very grainy and left my skin with a visible layer of white powder, while it did mattify my skin and set my foundation I didn't like the feeling it left on my skin.
I love Australis products so had to try this out as I have been looking for an extra boost or alternative to my setting spray. I have a few setting powders already but found I wasn't really satisfied with the payoff I was getting for the effort involved. This powder is fantastic. It does the job of bringing all my makeup together and setting it for a nice airbrush effect.  The smallest amount really does the trick here so do be careful when you first open it as it can get a bit messy if you aren't paying attention! There is no discernible odour and the powder itself is truly translucent. In my opinion this is probably the best bang for your buck out there and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!
I really love this powder especially for the price. Australis have some amazing quality products in their line up and this is one of the best. The powder itself is quite fine in comparison to some other setting powders I’ve tried that are more expensive. I find you need to really make sure that you remove any excess powder with a big fluffy brush as it’s easy to miss and it will show up in any photos or a change in lighting. I find that this product didn’t settle into any fine lines (on me or other people I have used it on) and really created a poreless and matte finish. I would buy this again and for the price is a great addition to any makeup kit or for those who want to practise and perfect their application skills.
This product I bought when it first came out and trust me it’s a good product and does what it claims. It’s sets your makeup to a matter finish and leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth but because it’s got a high content of silica I do not recommend using for baking your face as you will get flash back and it’s not a fun time. The packaging it’s small and sleek which is convenient as it’s not too big and heavy. The powder being so fine it tends to get everywhere which is something to be mindful off as it’s not fun to inhale like I have many times. Overall the product is good for the price and the texture and finish it produces is good but it’s not my go to finishing powder.
soft silky and poreless look This loose powder comes in a container that has holes and does not come with a brush. It is white in colour but you do not have to worry about it, as when applied to the skin it completely blends to your skin and is colorless. Your skin is instantly matified and oil free for hours and the best part is your pores seem to disappear and gives you that perfect shine free poreless look. For this price it works great like big brand face powders like the chanel loose powder. You do not need a lot, just a little bit of powder does your whole face and is perfect to set your foundation or even over bb cream. After application, this powder makes your skin feel like silky soft and gives that baby skin look. I am loving this product and glad I bought it. Will definitely buy another one. The only downside is its packaging, you have to be very careful with the container, as it can get quite messy, not suitable for travel.
This powder is amazing and so is the price, I have been using it for years and it is the best setting powder out there.  I like it because it doesn't look top ghosty and it blends in well so you don't have white patches on your face. I have really oily skin and wheni use this my makeup stays put all day so I highly recommend buying this 
This is a great translucent powder.  The price is very good and it helps to matte down my face a bit, but not completely or too matte which can look cakey.  If you have really oily skin this may not be enough for you though.  I like to use it because sometimes I get a bit oily or sometimes the foundation I wear seams to make me oily.  I find it great to use before applying foundation, which helps to stop my face getting so oily and it helps my foundation last a little longer.  It is very finely milled and doesn't make me look white, but I am quite pale.  Unfortunately the packing is not the best and I find that I have to keep my open jar in a zip lock bag to stop the powder from going every where.  I would suggest it to try if you are starting makeup, starting to use translucent powder, or don't need too much help with oiliness. 
After using Australis Finishing Spray, I wanted to tried a finishing translucent powder that could give me more of a flawless finish. Australis also does a finishing powder, since their range has never let me down and for this product that only coats $12.95, you can't really go past it. Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder comes in a little plastic jar, that has a screw on lid, kept to protected the powder without having spillage. The lid is black with bright pink writing, which really stands out and catches eyes. I use this setting powder when I've finished my all whole foundation routine (just before my eye / brow makeup). I find that it really does make my foundation and bronzer last a lot longer then usual. Ready Set Go Finishing Powder also helps minimise the oiliness, as the powder absorbs oil, which leaves a perfect flawless look all day with no shiny areas. Also doesn't clog pores or break outs. It is very gentle on the skin. I'm really loving this product at the moment, it's been added to my makeup routine. I would highly recommend this to just about anyone who is seeking a good quality setting powder that's low price. It can really help you get that flawless, non-oily or faded look. Honestly give it a try, it won't disappoint you. 
I used this loose powder when I first begun using makeup and it was good because it doesn't leave your face white it actually turns translucent. Now I have moved to a tinted pressed powder but I still find myself reaching for this when I want to "bake" my makeup. A lot of powder does come out so I often find myself in a white cloud of powder that does get on my clothes. But I would only recommend this for these new to makeup or baking. There are better products out there to prevent oilyness and shinyness.
This powder comes with a screw top lid and little holes inside that dispenses the white powder. There is a sticker that covers the holes inside, I suggest puncturing a few of those holes with a pin instead of peeling off the sticker so less product comes out. I apply this as a final step to "set" my makeup. The powder is white but once blended in, it becomes translucent. It is very light and honestly feels like nothing extra has been applied, but it does help mattify my makeup. Because of this, I don't apply it on areas I have highlighted, I only use it on areas that I know will get oily later in the day. Because I have an oily t zone, I apply this on the bridge of my nose, then apply highlight on top so it doesn't cancel our the highlight. I use a powder brush to apply and blend. It claims to keep pores concealed but it didn't do anything for my pores. It does give a smooth velvet finish as advertised. Pros -easy to apply and blend -affordable -little amount required Cons -mattifies highlight -doesn't prevent oilyness but it does delay it I would recommend this to those just starting out with make up, but there's definitely better performing products out there but comes at a larger cost.