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BECCA Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter is a liquid highlighter formulated with multi-dimensional micro-pearls suspended in a crystal-gel, for a transfer and water resistant pearlised glow. The moisturising formula features sunflower oil and vitamin E, which work to nourish and soften skin.

Available in five shades.


BECCA Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter


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I use the shade Passion

The BECCA Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter comes in a glass bottle which has a beautiful ombre effect to it that fades towards the bottom allowing you to see the exact color of the highlighter. The pump gives me excellent control over how much product I want to use at a time. The formula has a unique gel like consistency to it, that feels both lightweight and nourishing. Infused with Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E - it moisturises, softens and noticeably smoothes out my skin in one go.  Now, one big thing I have to mention is the scent. This product is fragranced (Pineapple, Coconut, Orange Flower being key notes) in a way that should energise you. The scent does linger, so if you have a sensitive nose - make sure to sample this product first in order to see whether you enjoy it or not. Personally speaking, I quite like it. This Highlighter is the easiest and most transfer-resistant face/body highlighter I have ever tried. It does not feel sticky, tacky or greasy in the slightest. It gets absorbed in a matter of seconds, thus setting to a semi-dry, glowing finish. This is why, if you use it on the face, work one area at a time. There is an incredible blending ease to this formula. It never looks patchy. I do recommend using a dense, synthetic brush for the body and fingertips for the face. From my experience - you need around one pump or less for your face, two-three pumps for various body parts. You can always build it up to a desired intensity by adding more product. The finished results are light reflective with a pearlised glow. Shimmer particles are milled to perfection and never clog pores or accentuate texture. The product looks "wet" to the naked eye, but is semi-dry to the touch. No glitter here. It is longer wearing and lasts as long as you want it to and I would recommend using an oil based cleanser to remove it as water alone won't get it off. If you love a versatile liquid highlighter, one that can be worn on both your face and body, this could be for you. Also a little tip I have learnt is to add just 1 drop to your foundation for a natural glowy look.
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Gorgeous glow without the travel

I was lucky enough to be able to try creativity and passion in this beautiful becca liquid highlight. And Wow what a product. The colours are both very beautiful, they apply so nicely onto the skin, it was light weight, and water resistant , I preferred it more for the body than my face, To give me that gorgeous glow. Be warned a little does go a long way. I preferred to not apply with my hands but either with a fake tan mitt or buffing brush. I really loved the smell of them.. it’s like a fruity tropical paradise for your nose
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Becca has done it again

Wow, I have been a long term fan of the Becca highlighters and was very excited to trial their new liquid highlighter. I can certainly say that this product did not disappoint, it was super pigmented and that glow was almost mirror like. A small amount goes a long way and I love that it is in a pump so I can control how much comes out. The shade that best suited my skin tone was creativity which is a gorgeous golden colour. I applied to the top of my cheek bones, down the nose, above the cupids bow and occasionally along my collarbones to make them pop! I found I could use this product with a full face of make up as well as just with my tinted moisturiser to give me a fresh/natural glow. If you are already a fan of their pressed highlighters then this is the next product you should add to your collection
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happy with it!

i have got the opportunity to try both passion and creativity highlighter. I prefer passion colour as it suits better with my skin tone and give a natural glow and highlight to my skin, surprisingly this is quite moisturising , and blend in easily with my skin, it suitable for everyday look. for creativity it's slight darker but stand out more , so i would recommend that for party or night time make up.
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Glow for it !

Beautiful highlighter both for body and the face. I feel like the shade Passion was probably my favourite. I really enjoyed that this liquid highlighter gave me a stunning glow but was not loaded with glitter . Ive used Becca powder highlighters before and this was definitely on par with the level I would expect from becca highlighters. The bottle was heavy and very pretty, aesthetically. The only small negative I felt , was nothing to do with the performance of the product , but more so with the scent , which I found a little more over powering than I would generally like however it was not enough of a negative to make me not want to use the highlighter . More of a personal preference really , the scent was pleasant just a bit strong for me. Everything else about this product was spot on for me. This will be the perfect summer all over highlighter in my opinion . Gorgeous product and you get a generous amount of product making the price point spot on and worth the dollars in my opinion. I would absolutely recommend to others.
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Love it!

I had never used a liquid highlighter before and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this product...I really love it!! I thought I’d end up looking like a glittery clown but I found it really easy to apply/blend but be warned a little goes a long way. I’m not crazy about the bottle, only because you don’t need to use a lot and I found I always ended up with too much all over my hands, but that is my only complaint. The packaging itself is beautiful. It’s easy to use, the colour and glow it gives is lovely without being over the top and the smell is incredible. I can honestly say this product is a new favourite and has been incorporated into my daily makeup routine.
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Not practical

Overall the product is oily, and you’d have to be very careful with how much you’re pumping out if you’re only using it on the face The effect is good but not super lasting because of the formulation There’s so much product in a bottle I doubt anyone can use it all up before expiry unless using it as body highlight everyday
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Liquid gold! Wonderful shimmer for body or face

Creativity and Passion are beautiful shades of the Becca Ignite liquid highlighter. A little goes a long way with this product. One pump is too much for face application, so this will last a long time. The product itself is a light liquid with a medium-runny consistency. Due to this is is extremely easy to spread and use on your face or skin. This also smells wonderful, almost as though you are wearing a perfume. Due to this, I do recommend testing if you can in case you don’t like the scent; it doesn’t fade quickly. This truly looks like liquid gold, with shimmering pinks within. It is very bright and shining though, so it is not something I personally would wear day to day. On a night out, I would definitely use this as a body shimmer; I tested it myself and it looks beautiful. A downside to this product is that it takes a while to set and is very easily transferable. My hands where covered by the time I applied to my arms and collarbone. I would definitely apply with a sponge where possible and leave to set before putting in clothes. This also makes it look quite oily initially on the skin and face, though once set this is reduced. I definitely enjoy this product and will try to find more opportunities to wear this in the future.
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A highlighter that's not afraid to sparkle

This highlighter certain does what it claims, just a small amount and you get a glittery, glowly effect on you cheeks or wherever you wish to apply it. The product feels nice however is a little oily, the application can also be a little messy so as I said previously a little does go a long way. It also feels nice on the skin after application, as it does have vitamin E and sunflower oil to moisturize your skin. It has a tropical scent that makes you feel as if you are lying on a sandy beach somewhere in the world with a coconut in hand sipping on a straw under a large beach umbrella. A pleasant image but people that are sensitive to scent should beware as it may not be for everyone. The packaging of the product is beautiful and the glass bottle feels heavy and luxurious. Overall a great product however the price point does make me question the value. If you are looking to invest in a tropical scented highlighter that can give you a head to toe sparkle this could be the one.
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Body Highlighter that lasts all day!

This highlighter is extremely long lasting, the formula spreads easily and will last all day. A little goes a long way. The shade creativity is the perfect match for my body colour and gave my skin a beautiful glow. The packaging is beautiful, the pump is good quality and easy to use. The scent of the product is quite strong, I did find it quite over powering. The formula is so long lasting that it stayed on even after washing with soap, for this reason I wouldn’t use it on my face as my skin is sensitive and clogs easily. This product would be fantastic for festivals and anytime you want your body to look lit from within.
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Pleasantly surprised

This is definitely one of those products that may seem expensive at face value but a little goes a long way. I love the fragrance of these, it's one that people notice but in a good way. I trialled both Creativity and Passion. Passion was my favourite of the two and more suited to my skin tone. I mainly used it on my cheeks to give myself a fresh glow for both the work day and a night out. As I say a little goes a long way, especially when I blend it with my foundation. Would definitely recommend for a natural look.
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Excellent for body and face

Amazing highlighter for the face and body! The bottle is huge and will last forever. You only need a tiny bit for a blinding glow. The shade range is great as well!
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Great Body Highlighter

I was really excited to hear that we would be getting to try this, especially since it had been years since I had bought a liquid highlighter. This has a lovely bottle that looks nice on my makeup trolley and has 45ml worth of product in it which is great since my main liquid highlighter only has 15ml of product in it but costs more than this product. The reason I say this is a great body highlighter is because the two shades I tried, Creativity and Passion gives you that nice sun kissed glow when used on the body or mixed into body moisturiser. This liquid highlighter, definitely lives up to the "Ignite" part of it's name as it is definitely noticeable and not a subtle high lighter. I did try this on my face but found out that I had to use a very small amount or else I would risk looking ridiculous. When applied with a light hand though this looks lovely on the face. Texture wise I was quite curious about the "crystal-gel formula" but instead found it to be more like an oil or a light emulsion. This didn't particularly bother me but I do wonder what a gel like formula could've felt like. I typically avoid fragrance in products and while the "energizing fragrance blend of juicy pineapple, fresh coconut, and orange flower notes" was pleasant on the body, I don't think it's something I would enjoy on my face, therefore near my nose all the time. All in all, my impressions of this product are quite positive and I've already bought this product to give to someone as a birthday present.
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All over glow!

I have tried this product in both the shades Passion and Creativity. Creativity is a gorgeous golden glowy colour whilst Passion is a slightly more iridescent pinky undertone. Let me start by saying the product smells amazing which is a stand out for me in comparison to other highlighter products. This liquid highlighter is also incredibly pigmented and sparkly which I love. The product is extremely build-able which means its perfect for both day time summer glow style looks as well as evening full glam. I used the product on both my face and body to add glow to my cheek bones, decolletage and legs. The bottle size is large which means this product will last a long time and the product comes in a clear glass container with an easy to use pump applicator. BECCA makes such beautiful products and this new all over highlighter is no exception!
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A Healthy Glow

I love this product. It is very easy to use and apply. It smells amazing and I love the fact it has sunflower oil and vitamin E in it, the skin feels moisturised. The outer packaging is pretty and simple, and its a great size - perfect for whoever likes to use body highlighter often. The 'passion' has more pink tones and is pearly while the 'creativity' has more bronze tones and feels more shimmery in a way, I think the 'creativity' is perfect for summer nights. It is very water resistant, after a shower or two the sparkle is still there, but the smell isn't really so I did find myself applying more just for the smell. It gave me a healthy glow - I would recommend this product.
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The product is a bit runnier than i would like, this means you have to apply a little at a time, otherwise you're working with a mess. It is not "transfer resident" but it is water resistant. It's too much for everyday, however i would use this for evenings on my collar bone and decolletage. I would only use this to define my brows during the day. If it's used on the face, it's more for festivals and evening events
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Passion highlighter is a winner!

I received two samples of the highlighter: creativity and passion. Both highlighters have a lovely, strong scent. I liked the scent, although it was strong it wasn’t overpowering. If you dislike strong fragrances, I would recommend trying in store first. The packaging is gorgeous and very on brand for a highlighter - if I saw this in store I would want to try it based on the packaging alone. The passion highlighter is a pump applicator and super easy to use. I pumped out a small amount and mixed into my CC cream to create a glowing yet natural look. I was really impressed. The creativity highlighter has a wand applicator and to be honest, was a real mess. It was extremely difficult to apply the highlighter using the wand. When I opened the highlighter it ended up going everywhere! Its really hard to apply a small amount of the product because of the wand and based on this, I would not recommend this highlighter. The passion highlighter exceeded my expectations for a highlighter product. I prefer a natural, glowing look and I could easily achieve this with a small pump. If you wanted extra glow you can easily add more. I would recommend the passion highlighter to anyone wanting to incorporate a highlighter into their makeup routine. You can easily increase the application for a super glowy look or just use a small pump for a natural, glowing look. I have used the passion highlighter every time I’ve applied make up since I received the sample and I would repurchase!
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Creativity - Amazing

I love the creativity shade, it doesn't feel too heavy on my face and lasted all day. To use it on my face, I only needed a very tiny bit but the glow is WOW. I definitely will be buying this liquid highlighter for future purchases.
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Pretty mixed with foundation!

This is such a pretty highlighter! I have been using this mixed with my foundation to create a healthy natural glow! When used as a highlighter alone, be careful when applying to make sure to not apply to much! a little goes a long way. The only negative with this product was the smell, it is lovely. However, my skin is really sensitive and reacted slightly to the smell. I suggest trying before buying!
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Shimmery highlighter perfect for a night out

With the current climate of COVID-19, there wasn't many opportunities to try this highlighter out, as I'd usually only wear this kind of make-up when going out at night. So, I did find myself wearing it to do my grocery shopping, getting my laser done, haha. It is VERY shimmery - so if you're after a super sparkly look, this is a great choice. A little goes a long way and the bottle is quite big, so you definitely get bang for your buck. It does transfer quite easily to other items, but I didn't mind that too much as while it's very shimmery, the sparkles are very delicate.