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Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water is a beauty supplement powder that can be added to water and ingested for glowing skin, strong nails and shiny hair. The formula contains hydrolyzed collagen, blue spirulina, vitamin C and zinc to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Inner Glow Beauty Water also helps support collagen formation, skin elasticity and firmness.


Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water


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I will not have my morning breakfast without the Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water next to me ready to go! You can add it too yogurt and all kinds of foods as well water. The Blue spirulina is popular beneficial ingredient that is very good for health. Vital for my skin and hair health. I won't go without it. It's my Daily Beauty Health Juice. First tested and trialled through Beautycrew, Thank you, a fantastic product.
Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water is a beauty supplement powder that can be added to water and ingested for glowing skin, strong nails and shiny hair. It contains hydrolyzed collagen, blue spirulina, vitamin C and zinc which help to support collagen formation, skin elasticity and firmness. I found that the taste of this powder, which was a pale blue colour was a subtle citrus and overall quite pleasant. Though the results were not too noticeable my hair and nails felt more strong and healthy. Most of the changed which we make to our body, come from inside, so i found this a really great way to stay healthy from within.
Thanks BC & Bioglan for the opportunity to trial this product. This is the first internal beauty supplement product I've tried. I know that great skin, hair & nails start within, so was keen to see how this supplement would improve these areas.  The supplement is easy to incorporate into any daily routine. I have been taking my daily dose in the morning, pre my all important hit of caffeine.   The supplement is a fine blue & white powder, that is stirred into a glass of water.  I found the powder dissolved easily, and a subtle waft of lemon is evident from the glass pre sipping.   I found the taste to be citrus based, quite subtle & pleasant. I have been taking my supplement for close to a month now and have noticed in particular that my nails are stronger & healthier. As someone who is always prone to weak nails, this change has been both welcome & noticeable.  My hair & skin are also looking & feeling very healthy. This is such an easy, affordable way to improve yourself from top to toe. Highly recommended.
I've started trialling a few different products so I can't 100% confirm that this inner beauty powder 100% cleared my skin but I did notice a difference in my nails. Probably more so than my hair but I do bleach parts of my hair so there is that. The taste of the powder was not too bad at all. It also acted as a good reminder to drink a big glass of water in the morning so I liked that. The packaging itself was a little large for the amount of product that is actually in it. Maybe a sleeker, more petite container? All in all I would probably need a little more time to totally confirm any massive changes but I feel it did give my skin and nails a nice boost. Complimentary to facial products!
When I first read the packaging for the Bioglan beauty water, I was excited by all of the ingredients, Coconut Water, Collagen, Vitamin C and Zinc amongst others, sounds like the perfect concoction to beautify from the inside out. However, in order for all these things to work you need to ingest them in water. For starters, it did not mix that well and I was left with chunks and a lot of undissolved powder at the bottom of my glass which was not that pleasant. The taste didn’t do a lot for me either, it’s a little bit lemony but quite bitter and just wasn’t really palatable to drink... I can’t even stomach preworkout so I’m probably not the best for trialling this sort of product as I gag at anything chunky and my taste buds can’t handle the consistency. I was expecting a more ‘coconut water’ taste as that was one of the main ingredients. I imagine also with coconut water in the powder that it is quite hydrating as well, which is super great for the body! Your skin is your largest organ so it makes sense to treat it from the inside out.  If you’re not keen on drinking the powder, Bioglan has a recipe book on their website which has other methods of using or consuming the powder. The powder turns blue when mixed with liquid as well, so I seen a recipe for unicorn toast which was quite cool.  I didn’t notice any drastic changes in my hair, skin or nails when using this product. It maintained good condition as I used it but I wouldn’t say it is a miracle worker, perhaps if I used it over a longer period of time I would notice changes over a few months time but I am just not able to stomach drinking this.  Another issue I had with this product is that the container is so huge, yet only 1/3rd of it has product in it, so it takes up a lot more room than it should when you store it.  Overall, I think if you are the kind of person that takes supplements and don’t find drinking some funky tasting things, this product may be for you. I think it could definitely do with some tweaking to the recipe to make it taste and dissolve better. 
I really don't use these products that much but when I tried it I loved it. After about two weeks of using it you really do feel amazing because you know what your drinking is beneficial for you. I recommend putting this in your juice or smoothie because the taste can be a bit unpleasant in water. That's probably the only down fall, the taste. Other than that I love using this as a beauty supplement and I stopped using my hair skin and nails but I still feel great. Definitely recommend you try this. Something new and totally worth it.
I am in my mid 30's and I am a firm believer in the benefits of taking vitamins so I was really keen to try the Bioglan Beauty Water. It contains Hydrolysed Collagen, Aloe Vera, Coconut Water, Blue Spirulina, Natural Vitamin C & Zinc and  claims to assist with skin repair and reduce wrinkles and fines lines. It is a powder formula which is easy to prepare; you simply add 2 teaspoons (10g) to 200mL of water and stir until dissolved. It comes in quite a large screw top lid plastic container (which oddly seemed to be only about 1/3 full) therefore I find it quite unnecessary and an inconvenience to store.  Once dissolved it turns to a bright blue liquid with the consistency of plain water. It really doesn't have any strong aroma, if anything it is kind of fresh and lightly tropical. The taste was a mild coconut flavour with a subtle hint of aloe. Very easy on the stomach.  I have been using the solution each morning for about two weeks. As far as results are concerned I cant say I have noticed any real difference in my appearance but when it comes to supplements and the body I believe it is a requirement to use for at least month before effects start to show. I will continue using this to see if I do notice any visible improvements. Bioglan Beauty Water is something I can definitely see becoming a part of my long term daily routine. 
The Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water is a product that I was really curious about once I opened my parcel. It is a beauty supplement powder that helps to improve the glow in skin, diminish wrinkles, stronger nails and shiny hair. I think outer beauty is really helped my what you eat, exercise and lifestyle so I was keen to try this supplement   The Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water comes in a plastic container with a lid and a 100g of powder. The directions say to add 2 teaspoons to water, stir and drink. As I drink a lot of water throughout the day I thought this would be a great quick and easy supplement to take.   The powder is blue and white, and then it turns blue when mixed with water. The taste is ok it reminds me a little bit of aspro clear.   I have taking the Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water supplement for a couple of weeks now. I haven’t noticed any effect on my wrinkles but my  skin does look and feel clearer. I would like to use the Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water for a little bit longer and then provide another update.   I will happily keep using this supplement as it so easy to incorporate into my daily life.  Thank you so much for letting me be part of this trial. 
Being a beauty Bbogger, I was so excited to try Bioglan Inner Glow beauty Water. It comes in a bulky jar packing, which was half empty. I think it should come in a compact packing so we can put it in our hand bag. Before using it I was looking for the instruction but I have not find much details about the usage of product.   The beauty powder is light blue with some dark blue particles. I mixed it in a glass of water and it turns the water vivid blue. The taste was OK not so good and not so bad. I am comfortable to drink it, as it is a beauty powder not a yummy cold drink. It has some instant and some long-term results. When ever I drink it, I feel more fresh and energetic.   I have used it for more than 2 weeks, and I found that my skin is better than before. Also my hair looks healthy and shiny. Although I have not noticed any antiaging effects on my skin but I hope regular use will bring more improvements. I know that beauty supplements take time to show results so I will continue drinking it. I think that bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water is expensive, for $28 we only get 10 days supply which means $84 for a month.   The only dislike is its bulky packing and hefty price tag.  Otherwise, it is a lovely product and worth trying for those who like to try beauty supplements.
The powder comes in a tub that is less than half filled. The powder is a pale blue that you mix with water to have daily.  I thought it tasted okay but if you want to hide the flavor you could add it to a smoothie or even your food. The powder did turn bluer when mixed with water and had a citrus flavour. I didn't personally notice much difference in my hair or skin. I think you have to take it for a few months to see results. 
I was so excited to get to try this Bioglan Inner Glow beauty water powder as it is definitely my k8nd of product. I'm quite big on inner beauty being the key to outer beauty-no amount of foundation or expensive skin care can make up for the healthy glow a vitamin enriched diet will achieve. The Inner Glow powder comes packaged in a very large clear plastic tub with white twist off lid. The powder itself is a mix of white and blue and a quick scan of the ingredients of collagen, vitamin c and aloe vera to name a few, gave me high expectations as I know these to be some of the best for skin health and vibrancy. The tub contains ten servings and you use 10g mixed with water each time. The powder turns the water blue once mixed in and I actually really liked the taste! (And I consider myself a fussy person). Was quite nice compared to similar type products I have tried in the past. Sweet and a little citrusy. I feel quite refreshed after drinking this and would add it to my water all day if I could afford too! Would definitely make drinking the recommended daily water requirements easier. I don't really see any noticable difference in my skin after use and have used for about 2 weeks now but I do FEEL healthier and more energised after drinking this. I would buy again if I saw it on sale in future. I love the taste and the ingredients 
I love the idea of this!  Such a good idea and great on time management. We have enough that we are multitasking and adding this gem into my routine helps me feel like thats one more thing taken care of! The product states it will help with your skin, hair and nails.  You only need to use 1-2 teaspoons at a time, I dont mind the taste at all, and its simple to use. My nails are already quite strong but I cant comment on my skin and hair, I am still getting some bad breakouts which I thought this might help :( Nonetheless, I will keep using it and see how I go, hopefully I can see some visible improvement
Tough one! This light blue powder or "beauty water" needs more time to see the effects as with any supplements. I have been using it for 3 weeks plus and have no idea what difference it has made....except being unusually tasty! Powder dissolves so easy in water or any warm to cool temp liquid. Love to mix it in my cooled down lemon ginger tea (made from fresh ginger and crushed whole lemons). But on its own tastes good. 'Orangade' like flavour from instant drinks I tried when little. It is sweet and no taste of spirulina thanks heavens! Drink is blue. After a while got use to drinking blue juice. I dilute the powder in not full cup of liquid, so the drink can be sweeter. Have 2 more boxes to go, so hope to see visible difference. My hair , skin and nails are still in good condition, but visible changes are hard to see, as we do not have machines to help us out in checking out collagen production increase in the skin. As with fine lines, still no visible changes. Will keep using it. If I see visible difference after 2 more boxes, will report back. Big plus, no breakouts and I am on my 'that time of the month' days!
Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water is a blue powder which should be mixed with cold water and drank everyday. It contains hydrolysed collagen, zinc and aloe vera and aims to give you healthier and clearer skin, as well as healthier hair and nails.  I do believe that one must take care of their body from the inside in order to maximise results on the outside. Saying that, I have always been skeptical of beauty supplements as many, though they have ingredients which do what they claim, will not benefit most people. I did try this product though with an open mind, for 2 weeks.  The drink itself isn't over pleasant to drink but nor is it anywhere near as bad as other health drinks. It does have a slightly bitter aftertaste, but I was able to drink it easily every morning. As for the results, I'm sad to say I didn't see any which I would attribute to this product. I was testing other skin and haircare products at the time, so whilst I did notice some vast improvements to both of these, I would give that credit to the skincare products I was using. Just to test this - I stopped taking the drink for the third week and had no changes at all, my skin nor hair was worse off. Overall, I didn't expect much with this product but was hoping for the best. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. This is not to say that this will not work for others though, with such products as these everyone's body is different and responds differently, so this could work well for others. It wasn't for me though and I won't be repurchasing.
If you can get past the horrible taste, congrats. I struggled not to throw it up and could only finish half a glass. I was super keen to try it though, so mixed it with some sugar free cordial. 3 empty tubs later and I can't see any difference in hair, skin or nails. It certainly helped keep me hydrated as I was drinking more to include this product in my daily routine!
The Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water contains lots of beneficial ingredients to help keep your skin, hair and nails healthy and glowing. The product comes in a big round container with only a small amount of powder in it. You mix 2 teaspoon of the powder with water which turns blue and you drink it. The taste was okay. I haven't really noticed any difference to my skin, hair or nails because I haven't been taking it for very long, but might noticed an improvement after a couple of months of regular use.
Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water turned  up in my beautifully exciting Super Crew Box.    I love to take supplements and really enjoying looking after my health.  I try and eat well most of the time and love to exercise and be physically fit.     I take a magnesium tablet daily, and drink Green tea X50 flavoured green teas and take a glass of the Greens liquid everyday.   So when this beauty drink turned up, I could not have been more excited, as I do love my skin care, and also enjoy looking after my hair and nails.  So a liquid to drink to make me look better on the outside was super appealing. The product is a powder, and comes in a rather too large tub.    Maybe the product needs to be aerated in the tub.   So the product is full of all sorts of wonderful ingredients to make us look beautiful, from Collagen, to aloe vera and coconut water.   The powder smells nice and citrussy, it reminded me of aspro clear.   You mix it up with a small cup of water and the water turns a lovely shade of blue.    It does need a fair bit of stirring, otherwise a lot of powder will remain in the bottom of the glass.    The taste is one that is an acquired one.   It is a little bitter, so I recommend (like with the Green super vegie liquid) drink it fast as you can and then have your meal so you have something to eat. I'm happy to keep drinking this powder, I think it will take a while to see any results.   A skin cycle can take a while, so I think you need to stick with the drink and go through a few skin cycles first.  My skin does feel a little clearer though.      Its a great natural product, healthy, good for you, the taste could be a little better and I look forward to seeing the visible results that come with using a product for a few months.
I have never taken a beauty supplement before and the Bioglan Inner Glow Beauty Water certainly sounded very promising. The first thing I noticed about this product is that the jar is quite large but it is only half full of powder/supplement. I think it’s a little expensive for a daily supplement as I believe this is the type of product you would need to take long term to see significant results. I am still somewhat unsure about this product as I haven’t noticed much of a change in my skin, hair or nails. The formula itself isn’t too difficult to take and the taste isn’t great but not terrible either. You are required to add approx. two teaspoons to water and drink this daily to see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as stronger nails and shiny hair. So far I haven’t seen much of change in my skin or nails, but I think my hair does feel less dry and brittle. Overall I’m not sure if I would repurchase this supplement, however I will continue to use it to see if there is any significant improvement to my skin, hair and nails. 
I’ve been quite intriged by these beauty health supplements as I’ve started noticing that they are becoming very popular. Bioglan’s Inner Glow claims to have benefits to skin, nails and hair. It states that it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and supports glowing and firm skin, strong nails and shiny hair. It contains hydrolysed collagen, aloe vera, coconut water, blue spirulina and vitamin C and Zinc.  The product didn’t taste that great, however I got used to it and it wasn’t offensive or hard to take. You mix 1 or 2 teaspoons of the powder into a glass of cold water and stir and it dissolves well. It is very similar to taking health supplements or vitamins to supplement your diet if there is anything lacking. I incorporated the supplement into my morning breakfast routine for a few weeks and there have been some small improvements. My nails do appear stronger and I feel that the product does have some health benefits, although it is difficult to tell if there has been an improvement in my skin or hair from consuming the supplement. With continued use I think the results would be more prevalent. 
I was very curious about trialling this supplement. I’ve never tried a ‘beauty water’ before and I can’t honestly say if it has made a difference to my skin, hair or nails as I have only been using it for a couple of weeks. The taste is a little unpleasant but not completely unbearable, however, that’s totally subjective. Other people may love the taste! I think the packaging should be reconsidered as it is quite a big tub for the amount of powder inside. I will continue to use this supplement to see if I can notice any changes. Personally, I think I prefer a supplement in tablet form but that is just my preference. Thank you for the opportunity to trial this product.