Biolage HydraSource Shampoo

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Biolage HydraSource Shampoo helps hair absorb and retain moisture, leaving it feeling healthy and refreshed. The formula has been developed with the aloe plant to combat dry hair that is susceptible to frizz and split ends. Suitable for fine to medium hair. Safe for colour-treated hair.


Biolage HydraSource Shampoo


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I have been using this for a few weeks on my daughters hair. She has bey fine, dry hair which knots up just by looking at it. Brush it, knots. Plait it back, knots. Wash it, knots. We have had salon treatments which help but only last a week or so, and cost a lot. This range was recommended to us and we haven’t looked back. Her hair is luxiously soft and hydrated, it is so easy to brush and style. It rarely knots. It’s not heavy and doesn’t go oily like other moisturising hair products can. The shampoo smells great too!
I loved this I used the conditioner too.Its good for my hair specially my hair type.Less frizzy indeed.I used twice a week only it’s quite expensive but its worth the money.I would recommend this to my friends and relatives.FYI my daughter has a long hair and it’s tangled very easy so I used this also for here hair.
I have this shampoo in the one litre bottle which has a flip top lid with a little hole for dispensing the product. It smells lovely and leaves the whole bathroom smelling great! You only need a little bit and it lathers well. I have dandruff and some shampoos trigger it but this one doesn't. After rinsing it out, my bleached and toned hair (damaged) doesn't feel coarse dry, even before conditioning! My hair is cleansed, smells nice and my scalp isn't irritated. It says it's suited for fine to medium but I have thick hair and it still works wonders. It is more expensive than other products in the market but a little goes a long way and worth every dollar. Pros -amazing scent -lathers well -doesn't trigger dandruff prone scalp Cons -expensive (but worth it) I would recommend this to anyone who wants smooth tresses.
I am using this product along with the conditioner at the moment and I love it.  I even have the 1 litre pump bottles. I have fine/damaged hair from over bleaching and this leaves my hair refreshed and tangle free. Doesn't weigh your hair down either. Definitely recommend you try this one.