BLAQ Cleanse & Exfoliate Charcoal Wipes

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BLAQ Cleanse & Exfoliate Charcoal Wipes are dual-sided face wipes that cleanse and exfoliate skin. The wipes are pre-soaked with detoxifying charcoal, BHAs and AHAs to help remove makeup, dirt and impurities, while also gently removing dead skin cells for a brighter complexion and improved skin tone and texture.

Available in a pack of 25.


BLAQ Cleanse & Exfoliate Charcoal Wipes


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Love, love, love. These are the best wipes I've tried so far. They are effective in removing dirt and make up and leaving my skin clean and not irritated or red. I have even purchased these for family members and friends so that they get to try just how good they are.
These are one of the most effective makeup removal wipes ones I've ever tried! Firstly, I really like the dual-textured feature which really does a great job removing heavy makeup and also exfoliates and deeps clean my skin. The wipes are large, thick and are coloured black as they contain charcoal, plus one side is smooth and the other side is textured to gently scrub your skin for a deeper clean. They also have added glycolic acid and vitamins, so if I'm really lazy I just cleanse with these wipes and know that I'm still treating my skin with the added skin repair ingredients. The smooth side is great for removing eye makeup and doesn't irritate my eye area at all. The textured side is then great for my T-zone and I can see that my pores look clearer when I use these wipes. Overall these are great for anyone who wants a deeper clean and would be great for oily/combination skin. This product is also cruelty-free which is always a bonus too!
These are so good to use! They remove every bit of makeup and dirt and leave my skin glowing! They are naturally exfoliating with the glycolic acid so my skin is a lot softer after using it.  I don't use these everyday as I prefer to cleanse my skin properly, but they are perfect to have and use after a big night out or when I am travelling. 
When there’s charcoal involved I’m there! These wipes were super effective for my combo oily skin and enlarged pores. Most wipes irritate me so I shy away but this one didn’t! It took off all my makeup excluding the eyes because the texture is a little rough. Would definitely repurchase! Make sure you keep them sealed tightly as per any wipes otherwise they will dry out.