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Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa is an epilation, exfoliation and massage system that works to remove unwanted hairs at the roots while gently cleansing the skin and removing dead skin cells. The hair removal device comes with an epilator head, deep exfoliating brush, gentle exfoliating brush, cleaning brush, shaving head and charger stand.


Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa


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I can say I have used almost all versions if Braun Epilators. This is really the best yet! I got it as a gift from my Husband and used it straight away it was amazing how it is less painful than other epilators I have used. I mostly use the shaver head for private parts, it does an awesome job. Love all the extras, especially the face washer, it makes skin super clean and smooth. I absolutely recommend this amazing epilator to everyone!
I've been using epilators for over 10 years now, but this is not just an ordinary epilator, this is much more.  So, it is well known that waxing or epilating will result in a higher risk of ingrown hairs. What better way to avoid ingrown hairs? Exfoliation of course! Braun has recognised this and has provided an absolutely genius idea to help us avoid ingrown hairs, and to also keep our skin super smooth. They have added two extra exfoliation heads, one for lighter exfoliation and one for a really deep exfoliation.  This particular epilator features: 6 extras, including a bonus facial cleansing brush as well, for an all-round versatile system which serves many different purposes. The epilation head features a high frequency massage system - like tiny little massage balls on the base of the head which make epilating a less painful experience A pivoting head for ease of adapting to the natural contours of our body A sensitive exfoliation head for removing dead skin on delicate areas like the décolletage, and a deep exfoliation brush for a rigorous exfoliation on much needed areas like the legs, knees and arms A 'smart light' to reveal every little hair left over for maximum efficiency 2 speed settings for gentle or more efficient hair removal  It's also 100% waterproof meaning you can use it wet or dry! So what do I think of it? Short story? I love it! Long story? Since I've been using epilators for nearly 10 years I like to think I'm well versed in voicing in my opinions. I say this with as much honesty as I can muster - the Braun Silk-epil9 Skin Spa is a godsend! I cannot believe how much less painful it is than my other epilators. The first time using it, that initial burst of pain never really came. Firstly, I was skeptical, because usually when it's less painful it compromises on epilation efficiency. This is my favourite part about the epilator. I can remove my leg hairs super efficiently and effectively, with speed and comfort with this baby I am stoked! Braun recommend epilating the shower so that your skin and hair follicles can be softened before epilating for maximum comfort - but I prefer to use it dry because I have trouble seeing if I've missed any hairs in the shower, plus my longer hairs stick to my skin so don't get pulled up by the tweezers. I really love the addition of the exfoliation heads - it's something other epilators have avoided in the past so Braun has gone above and beyond to cater for the aftermath of epilating. It's so easy to use - like using a facial cleansing brush but for your limbs! They have a clear and distinct 4-week epilation and exfoliation guide for you follow to make sure your avoiding ingrown hairs and achieving maximum skin smoothness. It's also really handy for preparing your skin for the next round of epilation - or for tanning lovers, it's also great for exfoliating your body for fake tanning. I'm also really surprised by the lack of irritation I got after using this epilator. In the past, I would get tiny red bumps at every hair follicle where a hair was pulled out. It would look gross and also feel gross. It would subside after about an hour or two but I always had to make sure I wouldn't be going anywhere afterwards or I'd have to wear pants. With this Braun epilator though - I don't know how it does it but I don't get those bumps and the irritation. It's like magic honestly, I actually expect to see the bumps after epilating but for some reason, I didn't experience it with the Braun. Okay, I may be slightly de-sensitised to the pain of epilation but I'm not going to lie, epilation can still hurt. Although this hurts much less than the others I've tried - it can still be uncomfortable around the ankles and the back of the calves. It's all down to your tolerance. For me, the pain isn't much of an issue - it's more the time it takes.  I really do love this system - and I'm confident in saying I would not go back to using my other epilators. It's efficient, comfortable and easy to use, it has extra exfoliation heads and it can be used wet or dry. Not to mention the lack of irritation afterwards! It also comes with the facial cleansing brush so you're getting three products in one here. An epilator, an exfoliator and a cleansing brush. I would definitely recommend it - and have already to a few people. It's a great way to get me prepped for Summer. I just remember to mention the price tag - that's the deterrent here for some people I think so that's why I've taken a star off.
The Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa comes with: - The epilator - Deep massage pad to help improve the texture of the skin - A gentle exfoliation brush - A regular exfoliation brush  - Two hygiene caps - A high frequency massage cap - A skin contact cap - A facial cap  - A pouch for keeping all the bits and bobs together - A facial cleansing brush that has three brush attachments - normal, exfoliating and extra sensitive - Two double A batteries As someone who only started epilating in the last year (due to my fear of pain and general low threshold for it), I will be upfront and say, yes, it does hurt, but not as much as you think it would, particularly given how loud the machine is. Also, do it while you're doing something else, like watching TV, and the distraction will make it hurt less. I have found with this one that I have to go over an area a couple of times in order to get the hairs out, but also, that my hair seems more sparse after continuous use for a few weeks.  I love that this has a light in the front, so that you can see the little hairs that are still present as you're 'driving' over your skin. This device is easy to use, with it's two speeds, and the facial cleansing brush is also relatively foolproof. You can definitely say that this little pack is epil-ling indeed! This retails for $299, and with all these attachments and add ons, you can do so much more with this whole set than just epilate. 
I was very lucky to be choose to review one of this new Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa . It took me bit longer to actually try every applicator that comes in the package and let me tell you it really works! My favourite is the deep massage pad and i use it almost everyday day it's so relaxing and gives youDeeper massage effect than a standard body brush, helps improve skin appearance and blood circulation. Hair removal process with this applicator was not painful for me as I am bit sensitive when it comes to hair removal but the results were skin felt smoother and clean .       This is definitely a all in one package deal and is easily available in shops like Harvey Norman or shavers Shop and can be found on sale most of the time , I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends . It's easy to use and very travel friendly. 
I was really excited to be a part of this trial as I've never used  a product like it. To begin with I found the epilator a little uncomfortable but I soon became used to it. My favourite was the exfoliating feature that left my skin silky and smooth. I used the exfoliating head for two weeks and saw a huge improvement to my skin. This product has converted me away from razors. I found it easy to use with the marketing delivering what it promised.
I was so excited to be part of this trial! The product comes well packaged and it's initially overwhelming with all of the possible functions and attachments. The facial cleanser brush is also a great bonus. I was initially a bit nervous about testing an epilator again. Flash backs of my teen years being told that an epilator is 'better than a razor' and 'it won't hurt!'. You know what I'm talking about! I figured if I can have a baby, I can test an epilator.  To my pleasant surprise it honestly doesn't hurt. At first use it's a little uncomfortable, but it's short lived. With each use there seems to be less hair and the hair also grows back softer. I'm optimistic that it means I'll use it less over time so it's one less thing to worry about. I have only been using this on my legs but think I'm ready to test out some other areas now I'm more comfortable with using it. I think this is a worthwhile investment and I can honestly say it's better than shaving. 
I was a little concerned about using the Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa at first as I have not used anything like this before but all I can say is WOW - it was so easy to set up & use. The feeling is a lot different from regular shaving but well worth it - all the other attachments is where the whole SPA side of things come in . You have some really cool massage attachments and the additional cleaning tool and brushes. The cleaning brushes give a thorough & rich feelin gto your skin & you just keep coming back to it. This product is highly recommended and you will do away with a lot of other beauty routines after purchasing this little beauty, Definetely a luxury beauty tool to own & incorporate in your routine!
I was terrified of using this at first because of the pain I've heard that's involved. Do not let that scare you off! It's so awesome. The first time you use it it's very uncomfortable and it does hurt, but it gets easier and easier every time.  It works best on short hair - definitely recommend shaving a few days before using it. The less hair you have, the less pain you have. So the more you use it, the more easier it is to handle. The massage head I'm not crazy about, I don't think it's strong enough. But the exfoliating head is fantastic. It's stiff enough to be really abrasive on the skin, but not too harsh.  I'm going to keep using it now as I can go much longer between epilating than I needed to with shave! I'm converted.
I approached my trial of the Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa with some trepidation, the pain experienced when using a similar product some years ago still a lingering memory. However, having consulted the handbook (an unusual step for me, but necessary given the multitude of attachments provided), I was heartened to discover a massage head intended specifically for pain-fearing individuals such as myself. My concerns were further allayed after my first use of the epilator function. The head glided smoothly over my legs, with only a tickling sensation as each hair was removed. Gaining courage, I tried the second head provided - intended for more seasoned users of the product - and increased the power setting to two. Again, the pain was minimal, and the greater coverage of this attachment proved a very efficient means of hair removal. Emboldened by this, I next tackled my bikini line. Screams of pain quickly followed. I consulted the handbook yet again, reduced the power setting to one, and decided on a final attempt. The pain was bearable, and was in the end worth it, as my skin felt silky with no discernible stubble. A similar experience followed with the head provided for facial hair, although I did find this attachment a little awkward to use, and experienced some redness in my upper lip area as a result. Next on the agenda was the facial exfoliator. A separate unit, it was very comfortable to use and left my skin glowing- and not with the redness previously mentioned! Then it was time for a shower, and a chance to try the body exfoliation and massage heads. Coupled with my favourite shower gel, the combination of both heads left my skin smooth and supple and made for an enjoyable and relaxing at-home spa experience. I would definitely recommend the BraunSilk-épil 9 SkinSpa as both an efficient method of hair removal and an invigorating spa treatment.
Love love love this 3-in-1 product from Braur. I really like it comes with its own exfoliating brush as previously the main issue I had with the epilators is the ingrown hair due to hair being pulled away but not the case with this beauty. It says to use the exfoliating brush before epilating and it really does work in keeping the ingrown away. The brush also removes the dead skin which is a bonus. The epilator itself is great in removing the hair from the roots and the hair grows really slow afterward as I only had to use it once every 3 weeks. There are different attachments for the different parts of the body like one for underarms, one for face and one for body. To be honest I could only use the body one comfortably, others were way too painful. But I know it will get better with continuous use. The best thing is that it can be used in shower or bath too and there where its less painful. After using it my skin felt very smooth and shiny, was little red initially but all good after couple of hours. I also really like the face cleansing brush as it worked really great with my cleanser. Its just a bit pricey but when you compare the price with the salon cost then its definitely worth it. Overall its a great product with lots of different attachments and for complete hair removal needs.
So to be honest I havent used an epilator since highschool (which was a fair while ago), but I was super hyped to test this product out. Definately agree that if youre not a consistent epilator user then it takes some time to get used to the pain (though it is bareable and I believe will subside with continual use). I find this product to be reasonably effective at removing the hairs on my legs and I loved the fact that it can be used in a wet or dry environment. The extra attachments were awesome and turns this product into an exfoliator/massager etc. I think the exfoliator tool is definately something that was beneficial and worked well. Whilst I will continue to use this product, I think it will be in combination with shaving as I find you need to put aside more time for the epilator and allow for extra hair growth than with shaving. As someone that plays netball weekly, Id prefer not to let hair grow too long before removal.
I would highly recommend the Braun Silk-épil SkinSpa. The investment in this product is well worth it given that it is useful for multiple purposes.  The product was extremely easy to use and its design makes it easy to grip even though I have small hands.  The battery life of this product is impressive. Before the first use I charged for approximately 1hr and have not had to recharge since despite using on multiple occasions for both epilation and exfoliation.  I used the epilator on my legs, arms and underarms. I prefer wet epilation as the warmth of the water in the shower opens the pores and makes the removal less painful. The results lasted for at least 2 weeks and dependent on where you are in the hair growth cycle has the potential to last longer. The light is extremely useful in ensuring no spots are missed. The cleaning of the product after use is also incredibly easy. I have fairly dry skin and found that the exfoliation attachments left my skin feeling smooth and noticeably different than normal. I feel as though this would be the perfect way to prepare for a body treatment like a spray tan.  I used the seperate facial exfoliator brush along with my regular cleanser and it has left my face feeling smooth and has helped clear my skin.  It is definitely worth trying for yourself!
Not my favourite product to use, I did find the epilator quite painful and my skin was very red and sore for quite a while after using it. I love the exfoliator I have used it as part of my weekly skin routine an have felt quite a difference in my skin.
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Replying to Jenelle S.From Braun: All methods of hair removal from the root can lead to irritation (e.g. itching, discomfort and reddening of the skin) depending on the condition of the skin and hair. This is a normal reaction and should quickly disappear, but may be stronger when you are removing hair from the root for the first few times or if you have sensitive skin. If, after 36 hours, the skin still shows irritation, we recommend that you contact your physician. In general, the skin reaction and the sensation of pain tend to diminish considerably with the repeated use of Silk·épil. In some cases, inflammation of the skin could occur when bacteria penetrate the skin (e.g. when sliding the appliance over the skin). Thorough cleaning of the epilation head before each use will minimise the risk of infection. If you have any doubts about using this appliance, please consult your physician. In the following cases, this appliance should only be used after prior consultation with a physician: eczema, wounds, inflamed skin reactions such as folliculitis (purulent hair follicles), varicose veins around moles, reduced immunity of the skin, e.g. diabetes mellitus, during pregnancy, Raynaud’s disease, haemophilia, candida or immune deficiency.
Although it's not perfect, I am a fan of the epilator. It provides an efficient way to pluck hairs- minimal pain during the removal (noting I only tried on my legs) and slow regrowth. Easy to use, has a handy light inbuilt and has a pretty chic design. Also like that it can be used dry or wet, and the clean up is relatively easy. Great battery life. The exfoliating brushes/ head didn't do much for me which was super disappointing.
First of all it has been a long time since I've use an exfoliator. The last exfoliator I've tried kind put me off from ever using it but since trialing Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa it has really change my mind about it. First of all I love the multi usage of it which makes it perfect to bring along when traveling . The wide head really helps to make everything easier and faster. It hurts a bit when I used it the first few times but I slowly get used to it after awhile. The body of the epilator it's easy to grip even with my tiny hand palm. It is easy to maneuver the pivoted head. It makes it so much easier to angle it and makes it so much smoother to grip the hair at certain angles. Love that I can use it on wet in the shower or dry. I think the epilator it's great for gripping fine hair and i find that it the regrowth its slower compare to when I use a shaver. The regrowth it's much finer and lighter too which is not something I've expected. The exfoliator and face brush helps with my dry skin a lot.  For the amount time I've use it the battery runs a reasonable time & usage before it needs recharging. I find that the Deep massage pad helps improves my skin to be smoother after several usage.  It comes with a beauty pouch but wish it comes with compartment for easier storage for the different attachment. So it will be easier to find especially when I bring it along for traveling. Overall, I am very satisfied using this product and will continue to use this long term.
After trailing the Epilator I found that it was okay for that type of hair removal but i don't believe it will take over my normal way of hair removal just yet.  The facial brush is very nice on the skin and in combination with a good cleanser left my skin feeling soft , exfoliated and smooth.  The massage component was nice but a little to loud for my liking,  All in all okay but I would be happy to just have the exfoliating brush at this point 
I was very lucky to be given the chance to review this product. The SilkEpil 9 package comes with 12 different attachments! This includes attachment for the epilator, massager, exfoliating brush. Then there is also a separate handheld facial cleanser with 2 brushes.  The epilator function is good. I definitely feel less pain compared to my old Philips epilator. It is effective in clearing out most of the hair in my legs and arms. So far I have only been using the low speed setting without the need to increase it to high speed.  The massager and epilator takes a bit of practice to use, in my opinion. The reason is because the attachment comes in a ball and socket form. If you press it on your skin wiling too much pressure, the attachment can come off. Since I always prefer a firm pressure for massage and exfoliation, this part of the SilkEpi9 is a bit of a disappointment for me.  The facial cleanser does a reasonably good job, but It requires batteries rather than regular charging which is a hassle. Otherwise, the brush is fairly gentle on the skin and Suitable for all skin types.  Lastly, I would like to comment on the start "button" for the main epilator. To turn on the epilator, you have to roll the small rim of dial around the button rather than pressing on the button. I do find this slightly difficult to use, and may be a problem for those with joint precision problem, finger arthritis,  or nerve damage. 
Love love love! What a fantastic product. The braun charges quickly and I was able to use the product within the hour. I loved the little light that switches on and shows you where the hairs are.  I usually shave my legs but i have an old epilator that i use on my bikini area. First use of the braun on my legs i could really feel how thorough it was at grabbing the short hairs on my legs. It didnt take long to adjust to the pain level but i would say I am already quite used to it. I have used the product twice now on my legs and I am so happy with the results and how long it keeps them hair free for weeks. I also used the product on my bikini area and was happy with the results. It really is so easy to use and you choose which speed works for you. I was happy with the first speed.  In terms of the facial cleanser attachment, i am in love. This really gives such a great clean. I have been using the facial cleanser with a foaming facial cleanser every morning for over a month.  I have noticed a clear improvement in my skin tone and smaller pores.  The massage head is great and really works well with a bit of oil.  Absolutely no problems recommending this product. Cant wait to continue to use all of the features!
Worth the investment! A little overwhelming opening the epilator The SilkEpil 9 package - there's lots of attachments! The key to this product is to choose which area of your body you plan to 'epilate' and choose the corresponding attachment! I have fine blond hair - tried my underarms and legs and ... yep my chin!!! Easy! It hurts! But the instructions warn you it will hurt and after the second or third go mild pain subsides. There is a light on the body of the apparatus which definitely makes things easier- you can easily see if you have missed any hairs. The massage and exfoliation brush compliment the entire process and left my skin feeling soft and subtle. The SilkEpil 9 Skin Spa - has a durable battery life, many functionalities, great for travelling and also great for a little indulgence!
So this was my first time using an epilator so it was an interesting experience. Unfortunately for me I’ll probably stick with shaving as it took a while to go over and remove the hairs and even then I felt like my legs weren’t smooth. But I love the exfoliation and massage heads and the facial cleansing brush. Definitely keeping those in my routine!