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Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm is a moisturising lip balm with a hint of colour enriched with shea butter and vitamin E to hydrate and condition the lips, leaving them feeling soft and healthy.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants.

Available in six shades.


Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm


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hint of tint for soft lips

Lip balm – I’ve used several of these in different tints over the years. This is one of those products that is what it says it is. A lovely tinted lip balm, the scent is soft and subtle. It provides a soft hint of colour and makes your lips nice and balmy. It’s not going to stay on your lips for long as it is a balm. It’s great to pop in your bag or keep at work and so easy to apply without a mirror. If you prefer a hint of tint and the balm type of product over drying liquid lipsticks then I would recommend this.
Burt’s Bees is a brand i have long seen but never tried...it just never really appealed to me,but i read somewhere about this product,and hit the net quick smart to find where to buy it. The Tinted Lip Balm is exactly what it says...a beautiful,caring balm,in a pocket friendly size,but with one big drawcard....that tint.There a a few shades,but with summer coming up,how could i go past the "Hibiscus" one (a berry / pink hue that is enough to look like you have made an effort,but not enough that if you wore a smokey eye,you would be overdone...even on my fair skin). The tiny tube is perfect to pop in your pocket,it feels amazing on,leaves lips cared for a supple,as well as being a great topper if you wear a really matte lipstick (this isn't overly "glossy",so you could still have a "matte" look,without the usual cracking of colour on the lips and dryness you get when wearing a formula like that).Simply put,this is what you need if a "no makeup" makeup is what you are after (and treating your lips is higher on your radar than what colour you wear....after all,with a balm packed with shea butter and vitamin E to hydrate,your lips will both look AND feel amazing).I am getting a few more shades in the coming weeks,and this may just replace lipstick on any weekends away i may get to go on during summer.Oh yes,and at under $13 a tube,they are super affordable.....and it tastes pleasant (a must right ?). TIP:Apply over lipstick to deepen the hue / to add a touch of hydration to a very matte lip colour formula / protect lips from drying winds etc.
A lot of reviewers seem to love this product, but unfortunately this isn't for me. I find the tint is not very long-lasting, and I do not notice any improvement to the hydration of my lips when using this lip balm - if anything, they seem to dry out throughout the day when I'm wearing it. I think there are much better products on the market than this one, which hurts me to say because I love Burt's Bees so much.
This is such a great product! It is very comfortable to wear on the lips and does not provide a dry or flaky residue. It gives a great sheen of colour and perfect for everyday. I love the lip balm application as it is perfect for the day whilst being easy to apply without needing to be in a bathroom or use a mirror. The scent is not my favorite but it is definitely not a deal breaker. Great product and always have one in my handbag!!
I’ve been using Burt’s Bees lip balm for many years now and couldn’t be happier. This balm makes my lips feel buttery and delicious! My favorite shade is Pink Blossom. It’s a sheer pink and looks great on all skin shades. I’m a lip balm junkie and have tried many different brands. I always find myself coming back to Burt’s Bees.  You can’t be the price for such a wonderful product!
I love the Burt's Bees tinted lip balms - they're possibly my favourite lip balm on the market. Its fantastic not having to wear a full lipstick, i can just chuck some of this on and it stays, looks great and is so easy to apply! Just love it.
Love this lip balm. This is one of the only lip balms that I feel actually help to hydrate my lips, especially in the dry winter months. The added colour in there is just perfect - whether you are using it without makeup so you only need a tint, or if you are putting it on top of lip colour, it works both ways.
I purchased this in Red Dahlia and absolutely adore it. I am a fan of the lip balm so thought I would give it a go. It moisturisers lips while adding a lovely hint of natural colour. Perfect for minimal or no makeup days because it makes lips looked refreshed and bright. The best part about it is it does the job of both a lip tint and a lip balm so every time you reapply it gives your lips a moisture boost too.  Huge Fan! Highly recommend it to everyone and anyone. Love that it's natural as well.
Got this tinted lip balm in Hibiscus shade as part of a Burt's bees gift pack. What an amazing treat it has been to go through each product and fall in love with Burt's bees all over again. This tinted lip balm doesn't have any particular flavour, fragrance or added sweetness. Glides easily and looks very natural. Although not as moisturizing as their regular lip balms , I love how it is on that sweet balance line between shiny and matte. It's just perfect for the days when you don't really want to wear makeup but add a little color to lift the mood. I also tried dabbing it as a blush and was quite surprised to see how easily it just blends. Will be definitely keeping it in my bag as an emergency rescue beauty tool now.
Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm applies beautifully and the Hibiscus shade provides a goregous subtle pink colour that would suit any skin tone.  The balm is lightly moisturising, and wears well even after a few cups of coffee or a light lunch. This balm is always in my handbag and is my go to for a quick pick me up when I am feeling a little dull. Although this is moisturising sometimes I do need to reach for something richer when my lips are feeling exceptionally dry, as I don't find it gives me enough when my pout is in need of some extensive TLC and hydration.
Love the Burt’s bees tinted lip balm! My tint is a really natural colour but you can still tell that you’re wearing the product. I also love the fact that it is so hydrating for your lips and leaves them feeling really nice and soft. Not something you’d find with many other lip products so I think this product is definitely a winner.
Beautiful everyday balm! It leaves some subtle shimmer and colour. It is easy to apply and the colour lasts about 2 hours without a touch up and keeps the lips soft and moisturized. The packaging is very easy to open and there is a good range of colours for every skin tone.
Burts Bees Tinted lip balm is a wonderful.product that is natural.  I have a couple of shades from a darker red to blush pink.  Surprisingly they are true to form with their colour stain.  They are rejuvenating for dry lips and do provide that colour.  I would highly recommend Burts Bees Tinted lip.balm to anyone needing a multipurpose gloss/balm. For the price is it really affordable.   It makes a lovely gift too.
I have been facing a problem of dry lips all my life. But these lip balms are life changing. From the day I started using these, haven't had dry lips. The shades are beautiful and gives a natural hint of colour to my lips. The best part is it's natural and free from chemicals.
I purchased this in the shade hibiscus. What I love about Burt's Bees is their products are free from any nasty bad for you ingredients. This balm provides a very subtle tint and sheen and is very moisturizing. It lasts quite long before requiring any touch ups. I am not particularly fond of the scent though. It smells kind of waxy and is off putting but isn't too strong at least. The tinting is quite subtle and may not work on darker skin tones. Still a fantastic product and is full of natural ingredients that will keep you looking & feeling good inside out.
I purchased two of these after reading about it in a magazine. There were lots of colours to choose from so I had a chore choosing the two I liked best. Not expensive at $12.99 but thought it was excessive to buy the four colours I liked. The the following week they came of sale for 1/2 price. I use the reddish one most as it matches more of my clothes, then the mauve and the orangy/brown.  The pink I am not too keen on. They all have the same great coverage and make my lips feel very nourished. It is like a lip tint rather than a lipstick, so is quite light. The colour in the package is a lot darker than it ends up on your lips. I would have like it if they came out darker which is why I give it 4 not 5 stars.
The hibiscus colour is perfect on my fair skin, very similar to their lip crayon colours which makes it perfect if you just want a moisture hit during the day. The colour is very light and natural looking, it doesn't appear as dark as a lipstick or crayon.  My lips felt hydrated for quite a few hours which is a big plus for me, not having to reapply continuously makes it a must have.  As with all Burts Bees products, there is actually a very decent amount of balm in the tube which to me makes the $14.95 price tag justifiable. 
I love Burt's Bees lip products and their tinted lip balm series is absolutely fantastic! The shades are so versatile and they look and feel great on my lips. I love how much moisture and hydration they provide while also adding a lovely colour to the lips. They are so affordable and are a must-have for my make-up bag at all times.
These are amazing lip balms to have in your purse to reapply on the go, when you can't face the hassle of a full-on lippie, but still want something to brighten up your lips. The texture is beautifully creamy but not sticky, slightly satiny but not glossy. I love how soft my lips feel when I use this. Like the non-tinted lip balms, beeswax and shea butter are the star ingredients, but thankfully unlike the original lip balm, this doesn't contain peppermint oil, which dries out my lips. I think I like the formula of these more - it could be the added botanical waxes. Having said that, I don't think this is a replacement for more intensive lip treatments, especially in the winter or if your lips are prone to dryness, as mine are. The colours, on the other hand, are very wearer-dependent. Being sheer, I would expect my own lips to affect the resulting colour; what I didn't expect is how different the colours look even when swatched on my hands. For instance, 'Hibiscus', which looks rosy on the stick, applies peach on me. Odd. I love when an ethical, cruelty-free company creates effective and affordable products. I also like the fact that while 100% natural, this lip balm doesn't add frilly ingredients that serve no purpose. I highly recommend these balms, but test out the colours on yourself rather than relying on what it looks like on the stick.
Burt's Bees tinted lip balms are probably my favourite product from the brand. These are really soft, buttery and lightweight but still last a decent amount of time on the lips, roughly 3-4 hours. They do smell a bit weird and waxy, but aren't too noticeable once on the lips. Packaging is just standard chapstick packaging, but a tiny bit nicer. Formula melts effortlessly on the lips to keep them moisturised throughout the day. I got the Violet shade and it's a really nice berry shade. I know some of my friends also use this too, as a daily, no-fuss tinted lip balm.