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Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm

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Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm is a nourishing lip balm, clinically proven to offer four hours of long-lasting moisturisation. The formula is infused with kokum, shea and cocoa butters to leave lips soothed and hydrated.


Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm


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Having very dry lips I was very happy when I spotted this in the lip balm aisle. This Burts Bees balm is as hydrating and conditioning as it says. A clear, almost translucent blend of several vegetable oils and butters - coconut, avocado, olive, sunflower oil and cocoa, kokum and shea butters -  it is like a solid stick of oils. It has  wonderful softening and protecting properties, and  has a more moisturising texture than other Burts Bees lip balms I've tried. One of the many things I appreciate in Burts Bees lip products is their lack of yucky, chemical "chapstick" taste and this one has even less scent than usual, and no colour - so no mirror needed. I recommend this affordable lip balm which has earnt a place in my lip collection.
I find this balm a bit of a weird texture once it's on my lips. It does feel nice and soft and smooth, yet it feels like a layer or mask that's on top of my lips, rather than a moisturising or hydrating effect absorbing into my lips.  The smell is nice, yet that is all I like!
Burt's Bees products are very good.  l wear lipstick throughout the day at work but still find at certain times of the year my lips need an extra supply of hydration and protection.  This is when my Burt's Bees lip balm comes into action.  Sometimes l apply it under my lipstick but mostly l use it  at night to let it effectively work without the worry of it coming off due to eating and drinking. The ingredients used in the lip balm are known for their moisturising effects.  Another great feature of the lip balm is the price, at this price you can have one in your handbag,car, desk and bathroom.
I am the ultimate fan of Burts bees and have just about tried every single flavour. I was initially drawn to this because of its claims of ultra hydration and nourishment. I think the other flavours are better, I found this to have a bit of a grainy texture and tastes a bit meh. But having said that burts bees is still the best of the best for lipbalms so I would still give this 4 stars, just not as good as others!
I adore burts bees lip balm and this one doesnt disappoint, super hydrating and nourishing, it protects my lips beautifully from wind and sun and prevents them from drying out and becoming chapped and split. Once applied it lasts for hours and is super conditioning and soothing. At such a great price point its excellent value for money. This balm has the added bonus of smelling gorgeous and it doesnt feel tacky or sticky on which I love, a great balm that i highly recommend buying
Love it super moisturising I've just taken this on holidays to Egypt with me. It kept my lips nicely moisturised and plump looking on the trip I even used it under my eyes to hydrate once or twice as we were in extreme desert heat. It's not sticky at all which was great  Loved it would buy it again and would try other products in this range without hesitation. 
I adore this lip balm! It is a must have for me, and I tried so many products to find something that actually worked. It is smooth and easy to apply, good packaging, and actually hydrates and keeps the lips conditioned for hours. I can use it twice a day and it'll last 24 hours for me, with no dryness or cracking. Great value for money, and it contains good quality ingredients.
This lip balm is amazing for its price point and is definitely the most hydrating lip balm offered by Burt's Bees. Applies smoothly on the lips and leaves quite a shiny tint behind. I love using this in Winter for my dry lips however avoid it in Summer as I found that the shiny tint makes my sweaty face look a bit too oily. I have the original one, which I think is supposed to be the most neutral in scent but get a waft of lemon every time I apply it.
The Burt's Bees lip balms are my favourite lip balms ever! They are not sticky on the lips, very hydrating and enhance your lips natural colour. They all smell amazing too (I have coconut, pomegranate and natural, and personally coconut is my favourite flavour). Love love love this product.