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BYS Contour Trio is a makeup palette with three shades for contouring and highlighting. The blendable and lightweight powders come in a cheek, highlight and contour shade to help enhance skin tone and facial features for a ‘no makeup’ look and feel.

Available in two shades.


BYS Contour Trio


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This is a good product if you're new to contouring/wearing makeup, as the powders are lightweight and simple to apply and the price is very attractive. I prefer a highlighter that is a little more pigmented, but I like the shade of the blush and think it would suit most skin tones. The powders are matte, so they're good for oily skin and produce quite a natural effect. Overall, this is worth purchasing if you're not looking to spend too much on contouring or just want to give it a go.
This product left me surprised and what I love most about it is how the colours are matte - there is no sparkle in these and they go on very smoothly and have a silkiness to them too.  I was impressed at how useable they are.  They have a really good feel to their texture for a powdered compact and they are very useable colours too.  I like the darkest colour as a contour shade just below my cheekbones and the bronzey colour (with the word 'cheek' written above it on the palette lid) as a bronzer for both across my cheeks and at the top of my forehead.  The lightest colour makes a great highlighter both for on top of my cheek bones and just a little bit of it in the arch of my brow - giving me a nice lifted look.  The fact that these colours are also labelled really makes it easy to know exactly where to put and use them even for beginners.   On the back of the palette is a diagram also of suggestions of where to put the colours.  There is no scent to these colours.  Overall this palette continues to amaze me at how it impressed me and that I can find something that feels like a good quality product in a low price point.
I actually picked this up since I thought the price is really affordable and wanted to see how it works. I am pleasantly surprised with the quality! Out of the three, I love the blush the most! It is rather pigmented for me so I have to be a little light handed. I also really like that it is a matte highlighter! It is really hard to find a not overly shimmery/glittery highlighter in the drugstore. I'm not a huge fan of bronzer so I use it as an eyeshadow contour instead. For the price, the quality is pretty good. The colours lasted pretty well on my skin and fades away nicely by the end of the day. The packaging looks simple and sleek although it is not too sturdy. Overall, I have to say I am quite curious about other BYS products since they are all really affordable.
I purchased this palette and was pleasantly surprised by the quality for the price. The powder isn’t as fine as other high end brands but for under $9 it’s pretty good. I personally prefer a cream contour but when I want a matte look this colour palette worked well. The colours built up well. The blush colour isn’t as well suited to my skin tone during the cooler months but is perfect for summer as I find it has some peachy golden undertones which suit me when I have a more sun kissed complexion, but the warmer months I don’t tend to wear contour or matte products as I prefer a dewy and light finish. The highlighter is lovely and matte without overbearing shimmer which i tend to find comes with the cheaper contour kits. As with all contour start light and build up. A great product for the price and a great kit to get you started while you practise and perfect your look.
I sometimes buy bys products simply for the price for everyday casual wear. They are often of a pretty good quality for the price as is this contour trio. The colours are nice and it is easy to highlight and sculpt the face with a quality brush for a great result. The powders are soft and easily blendible for a natural look, I loved the contour and cheek colours to highlight cheekbones and the highlighter is matt and gives a nice illumination. This comes at an amazing price point of $8.95 so wont break the bank. This is a great product for the price and I would recommend it
BYS are trend setters who have the newest products and colours for ridiculously cheap prices. Some of their products do have that dollar store feel, but others feel and work like more expensive products including some of their lip sticks/glosses. I bought the Contour Trio in Sweet a couple of years ago when contouring was starting to be all the rage. This contour kit was one of the first of its kind back then and I was over the moon to find it and pay peanuts for it. My favourite shade in it is the matte highlighter. To this day I have not found a better one. It's the right colour and consistency for me and still my go to highlighter. The blush colour is nice and the bronzer average, but the reason I repurchase is for the highlighter in this kit. My normal nose has never looked more dainty and slim in photos as it has with this product! Pros 3 colours in one Well priced Good quality for the price point Highlighter is smooth, subtle and matte Cons Bronzer a little patchy/artificial looking on me This product, on the whole, is excellent for the price, but not as good as some medium to higher end products (this is logical and to be expected) Packaging has a slightly cheaper vibe to it (again fair enough for the price)