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Calvin Klein CK One Summer

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Calvin Klein CK One Summer is a refreshing, energetic and playful fruity unisex fragrance inspired by summer. The scent features notes of lime mojito, fresh lemon and guava on a woody base of cedar.


Calvin Klein CK One Summer


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This is a great one and just as the name suggests, perfect for summer. It is so light and just reminds me of endless summer days. It is not overpowering and is so light and is so fresh too. It reminds me of clean, fresh and fruity fragrances. And since its so light, I dont have to worry that its too overpowering. It is a great fragrance, which isnt too expensive, and can be found in most of the chemists at a much cheaper price. Overall, this is a great light and refreshing scent which I love to wear in the summertime or whenever I want to think of summer.
This fragrance is a great summer take on the original ck one, a scent I often have bought for my son.A great unisex fragrance that is fresh and citrusey at a great price point of $59.00 it makes a great gift. this reminds me of a holiday with apple, lime, coconut, lemon and guava it is youthful, playful and sexy, just splash on and go, a great summer scent i recommend
Unisex fragrance are CK's strength. I find "One Summer" sexy, edgy and perfect for any occasion. I totally fell in love with "One Summer". It say's it all, heat, palm trees, cocktails by the pool, cheesecloth dresses and romantic kisses. I love to splash it on and feel so fresh and alive.
Fragrance is an amazing holder of whiff of a scent can take you back to a place long since thought forgotten. This fragrance by Calvin Klein does that each time i wear it. Bought first from a little store on the isle of Santorini on a hot summers day,i felt this was the perfect scent to represent the days spent there.. me on  clear blue seas,surrounded by volcanic hued sand,drinks laden of mint  and a light spritz of coconut - all the best parts of Summer rolled neatly into one bottle (that,as a sidenote,comes in an annual,Ltd Ed version that always suggests the summery experience that lies within) .The basic  note composition features: green apple, lime mojito, green ginger, guava, coconut milk and moss....that is ever so slightly tweaked every year to accompany the newest artwork.Honestly,you will be hard pressed to find anything nearly as refreshing within the fragrance world at the moment (or as versatile...this is,as many of CK's fragrances are,totally both you and your other half can experience the magic together. If you find yourself yearning for that "One Summer" all year round (don't we all ? ),then this is a must have in your fragrance wardrobe (one of the more economical scents you will find to do this....many times,you can find this for under $50.Combine that price,with the huge 100ml bottle,and the fact it is cpmpletely wearable by both sexes,and you have a total winning combination. TIP:Break this out in the depths of remind you that it is only a short time until summer once again (and lift your spirits0.
I asked my husband to get me some CKOne for my birthday but his listening skills failed him (once again!) and I ended up with CK Summer.  I have to admit that I was rather pleased with his faux pas and really loved this refreshing, light and summery scent. It is not too expensive so can be used as a everyday fragrance that you can douse yourself in!  I got some really nice comments whilst wearing this............ plus they thought I smelt nice ;o)
Truely one of the best fragrances I have tried this year.  During the cold winter mornings, this fragrance perks me up no end.  It is absolutely divine and I would recommend it especially at this time of the year!
I absolutely love this product!! It smells like all the exciting summer adventures possible, all compacted into one bottle! If only winter smelt as good as summer and if only summer smelt as good as Calvin Klein!! xx
This is so fresh and clean, its a beautiful happy fragrance! Its incredibly unisex and I think that's part of the charm, it appeals to everyone! Just lookout when you wear this, its a thrill and a hoot of zing and summer! Love this as a winter cheer me up fragrance too!!!
I've been wearing the various offerings of CK for years - Eternity, Escape, etc.and they are always fresh and magnetic. When I say magnetic, I mean that they drag stranger's noses to my neck - which is an intimacy I am supremely comfortable with. But it's exhausting! I need a holiday! Fat chance, though. My boss insists I am indispensable! The next best thing is a good drubbing of Calvin Klein CK One Summer. I mean it smells like a mojito, for goodness sakes!