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CeraVe Moisturising Cream is a body moisturiser for sensitive, dry and very dry skin types formulated with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which helps to restore the skin’s natural protective barrier. The rich cream is fast-absorbing, non-greasy and provides skin with 24 hours of hydration.

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CeraVe Moisturising Cream


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No stretch marks

Fantastic moisturiser light & hydrating, great for sensitive skin! I used this for my baby bump during pregnancy and happy to find that I did not get any stretch marks!
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Simple, gentle & effective moisturizing cream

I received this to review from BeautyCrew and I was really hoping to try out the Cerave Moisturising Lotion instead since I prefer more lightweight textures. Overall, this is a thicker cream moisturiser with minimal ingredients, without added fragrances so it is suitable for those with sensitive and normal to dry skin types. It is affordable and a little goes a long way. It doesn't take long to sink into the skin, especially if you apply it on damp skin but if you applied too much, it did leave a slightly tacky feeling on the skin. I find my skin to be smooth, plumper and more moisturised after using it consistently for a couple of days so it definitely worked in terms of keeping my skin moisturised. Because of the thicker texture, I personally like this product more during the colder winter when I need more heavy duty moisturisation. I have tried a couple of Cerave products and I have to say they do a good job in moisturising the skin without causing any irritations to sensitive skin types. I'll definitely be getting their Lotion version for the summer and I would easily recommend this cream to anyone who wants a creamy moisturiser.
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Love Love Love!

I absolutely love this product! It’s so smooth and creamy and moisturises so well! My skin feels so soft since starting to use this cream and I’ve had no issues of dryness or itchiness, it’s taken all of those issues away!
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Freaking amazing!

Freaking amazing! When I first opened my pacel my reaction was "oh, ok....well, I guess I will see how ot goes". And omg! This is better than alot of high end, expensive moisturisers I've used. It is super hydrating, absorbs quickly, isn't greasy and does not have an unpleasant smell. Will definitely be purchasing in the future.
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Amazing for sensitive skin.

I am obsessed with this moisturising cream! From someone who has the most sensitive skin in the world, this cream does exactly what it says. Majority of creams for sensitive skin are super thick and feel like they never absorb properly into the skin. The CeraVe cream hydrates instantly without leaving a sticky feeling. There is no fragrance to irritate the skin which is an added bonus. I suffer from hives outbreaks a lot on my body and I feel comfortable applying this cream to settle any irritations. I also love that this product has ceramides to protect the skin barrier. I would definitely re-purchase and I would love to see what other skincare products CeraVe have!
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This product is a must!

My skin has been incredibly dry since the cooler weather stared and nothing seemed to be working until I tried this! My skin has never felt so hydrated! I was a bit worried at first as it seemed super thick in the tub but it doesn't feel thick once it hits your skin at all. And best of all - you're not left feeling greasy.
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Gorgeous hydrating moisturiser

Gorgeous hydrating moisturiser perfect for winter dry skin. It has a really lush feel to it but doesn't leave any sticky residue which is great. I agree the packaging could definitely do with a makeover, it looks like something pharmaceutical, but if you can get over that you will not be disappointed!
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Family friendly!

The packaging didn’t get me excited to use the product but, after the first use it really didn’t matter what it looked like because it felt luxurious and came in time perfect for winter. It is so moisturising and perfect for me with normal/dry skin and my husband who is prone to eczema, so it is such a bonus that we can both use it! I will definitely use again and so can my whole family!
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Best moisturiser I've ever used

Hands down the best! I'd heard good things about this brand from various beauty media but hadn't tried it, sticking to my somewhat faithful Nivea. This is non greasy, sinks in quickly, super hydrating and feels like a protective coating almost. Perfect for winter! And such good value too.
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To be honest I judged this little beauty by the packaging before trying. “But as they say never judge a book by the cover” Because this product has done wonders for my skin! I’ve always suffered with dry dry skin and its especially bad during the winter. But since using this moisturising cream daily, my skin has drastically improved. Previously with other moisturising products I’ve tried I’d moisturise just before bed and in the morning my skin would feel tight and dry. But since using the CeraVe cream my skin is feeling super soft, and full of moisture. This product is of a thicker consistency for a cream, but it’s not greasy at all, it absorbs fast into the skin and I couldn’t recommend enough
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Sometimes basic is best

CeraVe Moisturising Cream is the perfect moisturiser for winter, It's super nourishing, creamy and just melts into the skin. I've suffered from dry skin & eczema for years, and this really helped make a difference and soothe my skin. It's so simple and gentle, no fragrance (which is a big bonus!), and does the job better than products twice the price! It's a big tub too, so great value for money when you're getting a product this good. Would definitely recommend!
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Love it.

I am actually in love with cera v moisturising cream ! It is so rice and thick which gives you an instant layer of moisture on you skin. It easily gets absorbed in skin without leaving any greasiness or stickiness on the skin. I have been using this moisturising cream for almost 4 weeks now and have loved it every single time ! I would Recommend to everyone.
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Hydration Station

This little beauty is great for those who have sensitive, dry skin that needs a little TLC. A little goes a long way with the Cerave moisturisng cream, it is super lightweight, yet super hydrating! The best thing is that there is no oily residue left behind on your skin after application. Definitely a great little addition to add to your winter routine.
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I want to bathe in a pool of it!

It looks a bit medical/clinical but don't underestimate the luxury of this cream. I want to bathe in a pool of it! It is delightful to scoop out of the tub and slather all over. I'm not sure if it's meant to be for the body but my poor dry winter legs drank it up. The scent of some moisturisers irritate me even if they are fragrance free but this was fine! I had the oppprtunity to trial this but I will continue to buy it. (Although the tub will probably last me a year!)
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Holy Grail Moisturiser!

I was quite sceptical about using this product at first due to the plaines of the packaging and that i normally use beauty branded brands such as The Ordinary, Estée Lauder and Paulas Choice but it is my new holy grail. I could not be without it. I have been suffering for months with dry skin on my face, even when I apply foundation it soon starts to flake. Not anymore! Ever since I’ve been using this my dry skin has improved and my foundation goes online a dream.
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This cream is an absolute must-buy

I have dry skin, and this cream was so luxurious to use, absorbing beautifully and making my skin so soft and hydrated. But the really impressive results I saw were from my friend who has severe dermatitis on her hands that she has been unable to fix. Cracked, red and sore, she tried some CeraVe moisturising cream and went to get some for herself. Amazing results, with continued use her hands are smooth and irritation-free. Highly recommended product.
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great moisturiser

Great product! It was very thick but absorbed well into my skin and didn't leave me feeling sticky. My skin felt much smoother after using it. I would definitely recommend.
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Perfect for the winter dryness!

I absolutely loved this cream. Upon opening it was extremely smooth, like a whipped mousse/cream. It doesn't really have a fragrance, but smells pleasant. The cream was the perfect product to trial as the weather started getting cooler. My skin was getting extremely dry and scaly. One use of this cream and that went away completely. It was so smooth that I enjoyed applying it. I used a little on a patch of eczema behind my knee and within a week it seemed to have faded away. I highly recommend this cream.
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Left feeling amazing!

I used this product on myself and my toodler who has patchy of dry skin. WOW! I'm surprised how well it left my skin feeling as well as my toodler. The texture so thick but absorbed into our skin so fast! We used at night and still till the next night our skin was feeling amazing! JUST WOW! I'm really happy with this product and so amazed how it works so well! If anyone with dry skin I recommend it! You can even use on kids! 5 STARS!!
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Silky smooth skin

When I first saw the product I thought the packaging was quite basic however after applying the cream on my skin I was super impressed. It deeply moisturizes your skin and has a non greasy texture. What I loved most about this product was that it was super light but left my skin super soft. It felt like I had nothing on my skin. Very impressed!