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CeraVe Moisturising Cream is a body moisturiser for sensitive, dry and very dry skin types formulated with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which helps to restore the skin’s natural protective barrier. The rich cream is fast-absorbing, non-greasy and provides skin with 24 hours of hydration.

170g / 340g / 454g

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CeraVe Moisturising Cream


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More occlusive than the lotion

This is Cerave's general purpose moisturising cream that can be used on the face or body. It comes in 170g squeeze tube, 340g tub or 454g tub. I have combination skin and absolutely love the Cerave's moisturising lotion in a pump as a face lotion. This cream has a similar formula to the lotion, but it does have petrolatum in the formula which makes it slightly thicker. Petrolatum is an occlusive agent that prevents transepidermal water loss, making it excellent for dry skin. Even though it is a bit thicker, it still isn't greasy at all and still absorbed nicely. It works quite well for me as a night cream, and works a treat when my skin is unusually dry, such as on a long flight. It does not clog my pores. For day time I still prefer the lotion which is lighter and suitable for layering under sunscreen and make-up. My husband has permanently dry skin and this cream suits him well - it keeps his face moisturised, and doesn't cause irritation even after a shave. Overall I highly recommend Cerave moisturisers. They just work even on sensitive or irritated skin. There is no fragrance and there are ingredients that support skin barrier health.
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Lives up to the hype!!

I have only good things to say about this product! I'm absolutely loving CeraVe Moisturising Cream this winter. It always quenches my skin's thirst and I don't feel so dry and stiff anymore. This is a flexible product and I loved using it on my body as lotion and the leftover product on my hair to tame the frizzies. It's super effective with no annoying fragrance. It provides the perfect amount of hydration without going overboard and is a wonderful option to have in this colder season. My mum who struggles from really dry skin absolutely loved this as it didn't irritate her sensitive skin and she could go a whole day without feeling itchy. This is a gamechanger product and I'm so glad it's a part of my routine now! I don't know what I'd do without it. I can't recommend this product enough. It definitely lived up to its hype and I can't wait to try other things from this brand.
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simple affordable cream

As a lover of thick creams in winter times (since I love hot showers and then lead to drier skin ... my bad), I was so excited to try when @beautycrew sent me this. I absolutely love this cream. I personally use it on my body. It is super moisturising, the moisture or the cream will stay in the skin for much longer if I put it on straight after shower you know when is locked in with the moisture from the shower water ... The cream is just with simple ingredients, it is a really nice, affordable moisturiser. The formula is fragrance free, just like everything else from Cerave.
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My skin saviour

A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO I received a divine parcel from super crew as part of beauty crew to review CeraVe moisturising cream. I was especially excited to use this cream as I already adore this brand. Now I have extremely sensitive eczema prone skin and currently I’m in the middle of an episode! I’ve used this cream before with my eczema and successfully treated it relatively quickly but I didn’t have any left so this parcel was perfect timing! This cream soothes and heals the skin which is especially brilliant at night when my skin goes crazy itchy like I’ve had to cut back my nails and wear gloves to bed before as I scratch hell out of my skin in my sleep!. It’s thick, dreamy creamy and sinks into the skin easily locking moisture in so decreasing irritation. With CeraVe, I don’t scratch as my skin is less irritated, deeply hydrated and comfortable. The texture is also not heavy on the skin or greasy and doesn’t have irritating scents or products In there to further anger my already angry skin. It’s also approved by the American national eczema association. A little also goes a long way, can be used on Face or body (avoiding eye region as I use CeraVe eye cream) and can be used under makeup. Overall a winner of a product for me. Thanks supercrew for this beautiful parcel and product that really made me feel special!
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Lovely on skin but I prefer a different packaging

I’ve tried Cerave cleanser so my expectations were high on this. Well, this didn’t fail me. It is so moisturising, gets easily absorbed and fragrance free. I believe this goes well with all skin types. The only concern I encountered was the packaging. I searched and there’s a separate lotion that is meant for body use only and it’s in a pump bottle. While this cream, it is meant to be used on face and body but it’s in a tub. At first I’m confused if i will dip my fingers in or find a small spatula for this. I would have preferred that this came in a pump bottle or tube bottle so it’s neater to use.
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My go to moisturiser

Cera ve Has been my fav from years now .. This cera ve moisturising cream is so hydrating .. i am keeping it on my bedside .. so handy for me and kids .. have a thick texture and doesnot have any fragrance which i like because in winters skin get dry and we often apply moisturizer and if u keep applying the fragranced one frequent time skin get irritated.. So this is my go to this winter .. its very buttery on skin .. absorbs quickly and leave it so hydrated n nourished .. My skin has improves so much and it is lovely to use it under makeup as well.. Skin doesnot feel greasy and sticky at all Love cera ve products..
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My legs have never looked better

Unfortunately I have a bad habit in winter of sitting too close to the heater for warmth and as a result the skin on my calves are considerably dry. I've used quiet a few moisturisers on them in the PM, only to wake up in the morning with the skin looking dried out again. Happy to say the CeraVe moisturising cream not only maintained the moisture levels overnight, my legs were considerably smoother and soothed any irritation from shaving. I'm kicking myself for not using this earlier. The tub sits happily on my bed side table. I'm also very happy there is no fragrance as I sometimes get very sensitive reactive skin. This is very soothing where heavily fragranced body lotions, although smell nice, are not ideal for compromised skin!
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A winter staple cream

The perfect and staple cream this winter season. This cream is just packed with all the good stuff to strengthen and maintain the skin's barrier. Despite having oily skin, this didn't feel greasy at all every use and my skin just feel hydrated and moisturised all day. My skin gets dry during the winter season, so this is just a great moisturiser for this weather. I use this alongside my azelaic acid skincare product, and it just reduce that dryness that the azelaic acid brings. It could be a standalone product that will provide enough hydration and nourishment to the skin, as it contains the most hydrating and nourishing ingredients, such as ceramides (,3 and 6-11), and hyaluronic acid, That's how moisturising and protective it is with my skin. A staple for sure during this drier/winter season. So, if you're looking for a no fuss kind of routine that delivers hydration and delivers result, this is a great option for you.

My Saving Grace

6/5 if I can vote that highly? I'm going to regardless! This saved my skin! Literally! I was having a terrible time with eczema and this was my saving grace! My skin was cracking and red raw all over my body, literally from my face to my ankles :( my self esteem was at an all time low because of how I looked. I was at my wits end, crying because of how much pain I was in. Even steroid cream wasnt working for me anymore. We were ready to change the shower head and spend thousands on a new water system for our brand new home. I will not use anything except this brand now, particularly this product! I can't thank you enough CeraVe for saving my skin.
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Perfect for dry skin

My skin has become super dry because of the cold weather and this has saved my skin. It gives the hydration that my skin needs. I use on my face and my hands or wherever I need more hydration. I have super dry hands and this is one of the things that helped me managed my eczema. I have been using this ever since before the product was sent for review. My sister has uses this too. It is amazing that it contains hyaluronic acid which helps retain skin’s moisture. If you need intense hydration, this is a product I recommend.

Finally a solution for sensitive dry skin

I picked this moisturiser up because I had read that it is fragrance free. I prefer a moisturiser without a fragrance because I find that my skin reacts better and is happier with no scent. Note: my skin type is normal to dry. The moisturiser itself is white and very thick. Thicker than most moisturisers I've previously used. It feels very silky and luxurious. I apply this after I've cleansed my skin, toned and applied a serum. It is my last step. Going on my skin it feels cooling, calming, soothing and hydrating. It absorbs with in a few minutes and doesn't leave any residue or stickyness. I've the past few weeks that I've been using this moisturising cream I have noticed a change in my skin. My skin has become happy looking. And by that I mean that it looks glowing and hydrated. It is less reactive and irritated. And no longer showing any redness. My skin tone and texture is more even and my skin is also supple and plump. The formula is fragrance free, paraben free and oil free. I love that is has the Eczema Association Stamp for that anyone suffering from Eczema can see straight away on the front of the product that it is suited to them. I have a toddler with sensitive skin so I apply this to his skin after bathing and have also noticed a huge improvement in his skins sensitive and irritation. He seems more relaxed as he is not itching his skin as much. His skins become less agitated. I highly recommend.

No stretch marks

Fantastic moisturiser light & hydrating, great for sensitive skin! I used this for my baby bump during pregnancy and happy to find that I did not get any stretch marks!
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Simple, gentle & effective moisturizing cream

I received this to review from BeautyCrew and I was really hoping to try out the Cerave Moisturising Lotion instead since I prefer more lightweight textures. Overall, this is a thicker cream moisturiser with minimal ingredients, without added fragrances so it is suitable for those with sensitive and normal to dry skin types. It is affordable and a little goes a long way. It doesn't take long to sink into the skin, especially if you apply it on damp skin but if you applied too much, it did leave a slightly tacky feeling on the skin. I find my skin to be smooth, plumper and more moisturised after using it consistently for a couple of days so it definitely worked in terms of keeping my skin moisturised. Because of the thicker texture, I personally like this product more during the colder winter when I need more heavy duty moisturisation. I have tried a couple of Cerave products and I have to say they do a good job in moisturising the skin without causing any irritations to sensitive skin types. I'll definitely be getting their Lotion version for the summer and I would easily recommend this cream to anyone who wants a creamy moisturiser.
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Love Love Love!

I absolutely love this product! It’s so smooth and creamy and moisturises so well! My skin feels so soft since starting to use this cream and I’ve had no issues of dryness or itchiness, it’s taken all of those issues away!
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Freaking amazing!

Freaking amazing! When I first opened my pacel my reaction was "oh, ok....well, I guess I will see how ot goes". And omg! This is better than alot of high end, expensive moisturisers I've used. It is super hydrating, absorbs quickly, isn't greasy and does not have an unpleasant smell. Will definitely be purchasing in the future.
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Amazing for sensitive skin.

I am obsessed with this moisturising cream! From someone who has the most sensitive skin in the world, this cream does exactly what it says. Majority of creams for sensitive skin are super thick and feel like they never absorb properly into the skin. The CeraVe cream hydrates instantly without leaving a sticky feeling. There is no fragrance to irritate the skin which is an added bonus. I suffer from hives outbreaks a lot on my body and I feel comfortable applying this cream to settle any irritations. I also love that this product has ceramides to protect the skin barrier. I would definitely re-purchase and I would love to see what other skincare products CeraVe have!
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This product is a must!

My skin has been incredibly dry since the cooler weather stared and nothing seemed to be working until I tried this! My skin has never felt so hydrated! I was a bit worried at first as it seemed super thick in the tub but it doesn't feel thick once it hits your skin at all. And best of all - you're not left feeling greasy.
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Gorgeous hydrating moisturiser

Gorgeous hydrating moisturiser perfect for winter dry skin. It has a really lush feel to it but doesn't leave any sticky residue which is great. I agree the packaging could definitely do with a makeover, it looks like something pharmaceutical, but if you can get over that you will not be disappointed!
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Family friendly!

The packaging didn’t get me excited to use the product but, after the first use it really didn’t matter what it looked like because it felt luxurious and came in time perfect for winter. It is so moisturising and perfect for me with normal/dry skin and my husband who is prone to eczema, so it is such a bonus that we can both use it! I will definitely use again and so can my whole family!
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Best moisturiser I've ever used

Hands down the best! I'd heard good things about this brand from various beauty media but hadn't tried it, sticking to my somewhat faithful Nivea. This is non greasy, sinks in quickly, super hydrating and feels like a protective coating almost. Perfect for winter! And such good value too.