Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

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Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser is a gentle cleanser for oily, combination and blemished skin. It reduces sebum levels by up to 60% without over drying the skin. The cleanser’s foaming action removes surface oils, dirt, skin debris and makeup, without leaving skin feeling dry.

Price above is for 500mL. Also available in 235mL.


Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser


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This is a no nonsense cleanser that will not irritate or strip the skin. I use this after a cleansing oil as I don't find it's the best for makeup removal. It works well after the oil and leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated, which is amazing for a product targeted at oily skin. It's affordable and you can purchase it at any supermarket and chemist. Accessibility and affordability are two criteria which this passes with flying colours. The added bonus of it being gentle on the skin is just another tick in the awesome column.
I love love love this cleanser. So simple to use and I just leave it sitting in my shower caddy. The pump applicator takes the guess work out of how much to use as you don’t need a lot. Leaves your skin soft, hydrated and oil under control. Can also be used over the body especially if you get pesky breakouts on your back.
I find that the cetaphil oily skin cleanser is great for not only removing my makeup but also removing excess oil without making my skin feel tight or dry.  It's very similar to the other cetaphil cleansers in that it's very gentle and it lightly foams up.  I like to use it with my Clarisonic for a deep clean and I find that my skin always feel so fresh and clean after washing my face.  It does help with removing makeup but I wouldn't recommend using just this.  You might have to wash your face twice to remove everything or follow up with some micellar water.  It's a simple product that works well for all skin types!
This is my favourite cleanser because it is gentle and does not make my skin react. As I have sensitive/combination skin I am really picky with products that I use. I use this as a first step, pre-cleanse before I use the dermalogica superfoliant to finish up the cleanse to ensure my skin glows. Love it!
I have oily/combination skin and this is my go-to daily cleanser. After trying different types of cleansers, I always find myself returning to this classic.   I use it in the morning and at night, by applying a small amount onto damp skin. At first, I was surprised that the cleanser does not foam up as much as other cleansers. However, the clear gel is a very effective cleanser and you still get the feeling of oil and grime being removed. After rinsing with water, my skin feels refreshed and well hydrated. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue, or my skin feeling too tight either.   It is really gentle to use on my sensitive skin. It is soap-free and fragrance-free, so doesn’t cause any irritation. My only flaw would be that it doesn’t remove makeup completely, so I tend to either double cleanse, or use makeup remover before using this cleanser at night. It is still a really great trade off, because my face doesn’t feel dry at all.   For the quality of the product, it is very affordable and a bottle lasts a long time. I can easily use a bottle for a couple of months, using it day and night.   I would highly recommend this cleanser for people with oily/combination skin. It isn’t a quick fix for acne or blemishes, but by using it consistently over several months, it has improved the overall quality and settled the oiliness of my skin.    
I always use this cleanser at night to remove makeup and the day's dirt and grime. It leaves skin fresh, clean and oil free without harsh drying. Gentle enough to use everyday I cant be without it for makeup removal. I tend to have oily skin so this product is just right for me and its a great price, especially as you dont need to use a lot for clean clear skin. An amazing product
I was recommended this product 12 years ago by a surgeon after having laser surgery on my face and I still use it.   It is gentle at removing makeup and leaves your face smooth and soft.   Super affordable and easy to find on the shelves.
I have acne-prone, oily-combination skin. Before using this, I've used all sorts of cleansers from high-end to drugstore. However, when I use cleansers targeted for oily/acne-prone skin, my skin gets really sensitive . I was first introduced to this product from my doctor.This product is fragrance free and doesn't irritated my skin at all but I can tell that my skin is clean after using, which is good! I've used this for a while and this is has not caused any problems for me. The only thing with this product is it wouldn't remove makeup but I personally wouldn't mind it. Makeup-removing can sometimes irritate my skin (and many times, they don't even remove all the makeup so i have to go back and double cleanse). Pros - low cost - suitable for sensitive, oily skin types - gentle but cleans effectively - fragrance free (won't cause irritation!) - no weird 'tight' feeling after cleansing Cons - doesn't remove makeup - wouldn't treat acne (but it certainly doesn't cause any breakouts! )
For years I saw this cleanser in stores but never truly thought it would be suitable for my skin. However, upon the recommendation of my derm I tried this cleaner and regret that I didn't switch over to it earlier.  The Cetaphil oily skin cleanser is a clear gel texture and is fragrance free. I just mix a 5 cent amount of the cleanser with a few drops of water and gently massage it onto my face for 30 seconds. This gives a gentle cleanse and my skin doesn't feel tight or taut after I rinse off the cleanser. I also really like how soft and supple my skin feels after cleansing.  This is a gentle cleanser and doesn't really remove makeup. For that reason I use micellar water before cleansing with my Cetaphil. The Cetaphil cleanses any residual makeup or sebum that might remain on my face after using micellar water. I just find it really effective for removing sebum without stripping my skin of its natural moisture especially in the winter months when my skin is drier.    I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a gentle cleanse. 
I have been using all high end skincare because I thought more expensive the price is the better the product is. I have combination skin. I am going through a breakout phase that's unstoppable at the moment. So I had to stop my current regime. I was so lost choosing a cleanser and very reluctantly chose the Cetaphil oily skin cleanser. Let me say that I am loving this cleanser right now.  I am on to my 2nd bottle now. This cleanser is so gentle, clear/see through product and has no overpowering smell to it. It does not leave my skin feeling tight or dry my face out and has been helping with my prescribed medication skincare routine. Somedays I use this cleanser with my clarisonic too. Overall its a great product and I have nothing negative to say about it. Value for money and does what the product claims.
I have oily skin and i can not very often find a face wash that isn't putting more oils in my face and not drying, but this product is really great at the balance of oils to drying! No smell to it and is really great for sensitive skin!!! the only thing i would say is it isn't great for just removing make up i would recommend taking make up off first (wipes) and then wash the rest of your face with the product.