CHANEL Chance Eau de Parfum Spray

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CHANEL Chance Eau de Parfum Spray is a floral scent that combines notes of vanilla, exotic jasmine, iris and white musk.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 35mL and 100mL.


CHANEL Chance Eau de Parfum Spray


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I recommend this product for those who like a sweet, heavy scent that lasts throughout the day. I received lots of compliments when wearing this perfume- it's very feminine and the bottle lasts quite a while (however I ran out within a year because I wore it most days). The bottle is simple and refined, and quite easy to carry around. 
One of my favorite perfumes which became my signature. I'm using it now for about ten years and still. I know some find it a little bit heavy and overwhelming but what can I say I love it the way it is. It is fresh, sophisticated, classy, seductive and the scent lasts for the next day and the day after it. I love it. 
This has been one of my favourite fragrances for years. You can't go wrong with Chanel. It wears beautifully and lingers without being overwhelming. Love!
Fresh, Flirty and French. This gorgeous perfume adds another dimension to what we think of as classic Chanel perfumes. Its just lovely and suitable for any age. It is perfect to wear anytime anywhere and is not over powering. It has the amazing staying power of all the Chanel perfumes and a little goes a long way. Chance is a head turner and I have been asked many times "Oh wow what are you wearing"? The bottle is classic and elegant and also looks amazing on your dressing table. Price is always a factor but as I have aged I have found that I prefer to save for and have a couple of classic perfect items that I know will never let me down than a large assortment of just okay products.
My best friend gave me this perfume as a gift as I love chanel. It was a beautiful surprise and unexpected as I usually wear coco mademoiselle as my signature scent. However after using this I am converted, I will still wear my old scent but this one is lovely, light and fresh and floral, I felt really special wearing it and will be saving it for special ocassions
I love this perfume, it smells utterly devine and very special. I only wear it on special occasions so it makes me feel very royal indeed :) yes it is very pricey but because of that I use it sparingly so it lasts me forever. This is my favourite from Chanel so far.
I am a long time lover of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but ever since I picked up 'Chance' I haven't looked back! I had been lusting after this perfume for quite a while, but well let's not beat around the bush, it is quite a spendy purchase but I have decided after a couple months of use, it was definitely worth it...However, as with most beauty products everything is not always perfect so I will weigh up with my pro's and cons and let you decide for yourself if it is worth it for you! PROS: SCENT- For me, the scent is an obvious pro however obviously everyone has different tastes when it comes to scents so I always recommend taking a sample from a local counter and seeing if it is really what you want. (I also find that some scents can smell different of different people as the perfume mixes with your skin- which is always important to note). I find that this scent is rather sweet, however not overpoweringly so- if you have smelled Coco Mademoiselle it is not quite as sweet, and I find it has slightly more layers so the overall scent smells more complex. It is still a floral scent, so I find it works better for daytime if you are one that likes to switch up their scent for night time and likes a deep musky powerful fragrance, I would probably not recommend this for you. However, as an everyday light perfume I find this works an absolute treat! LONGEVITY- Honestly, I do not think I have ever purchased a perfume that lingers this long on my skin. This may be rather strange (but a handy little tip that I've found works well with this perfume in particular), when you spray- only a single spray in necessary- into your hair it makes the scent last extra long! The other day, I am not even kidding I could smell this in my hair even after I had washed it! And on the skin I find that it lasts all day with no need to reapply! AMOUNT REQUIRED- When I put this perfume on in the morning I tend to spray 2 sprays (hitting the pulse points on the wrist, neck) and as I was saying before, it lasts all day! The only two sprays in combination with the fact you do not need to reapply means that you are not using an obscene amount which is great, because the perfume is rather expensive and the longer it lasts the better... I've been using it for around 2 months and I've barely made a dint in the bottle! PACKAGING- Oh its bad, but I mean who isn't a sucker for luxurious packaging? Chanel has absolutely hit it on the head with their design for this bottle, it looks so pretty sitting on my dressing table! It is so simplistic the packaging but I think that is what makes it so beautiful this perfume really is a special treat and so lovely to use... CONS: PRICE TAG....Unfortunately as aforementioned this perfume caries with it a hefty price tag however apart from that I honestly do not have a bad word to say about it... I think if you are in the mood for a luxury buy (or perhaps a sneaky item for the Christmas wish list) and you love the scent as much as I do I really do not think you can go wrong with this perfume, and I am happy to say I have no regrets! 
Although the name is "Chance" you can be sure that you won't be taking a "chance" when you use this Eau de Parfum... LOVE IT.
Chanel is known for luxurious fragrances and Chance is another spectacular addition to its fragrance library. Paired with the matching body cream and it is a scent which stays strong all day. It also works across all seasons - in winter I tend to pair it with the matching moisturiser, but in summer I just spritz the fragrance. Highly recommended. The bottle also looks lovely on the shelf.