CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette Twist and Spray

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CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette Twist and Spray is a convenient purse-sized spray that features the fruity and floral Chance Eau Tendre fragrance for convenient use throughout the day.


CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette Twist and Spray


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While I adore Chanel fragrances, I don't usually like their spinoff versions.  This one is the exception because I actually prefer it to the original Chance.  Chance is one scent that I'm on the fence about.  It's one I could take or leave.  It's nice, but not exciting.  The Eau Tendre version is exciting to me.  I love the bright floral take on the fragrance and find it a sweet, lively, feminine scent ideally suited to spring.  I prefer this refillable version over the large bottle because it's cute, great for travel or on the go and breaking it up into three small bottles versus one big bottle means it stays fresh longer.
This perfume here is very cute & adorable in relation to it's packaging ! I absolutely fell in love with the perfume when it was first launched After using this perfume i felt so girly and feminine. Got many compliments and it's just so cute ! Satisfied with this product ! Pros: Fits in hand bags and small clutches -very citrisy but more floral like scent -smell isn't too strong, so therefore it's suitable for everyday use or even on special occassion events. Cons:  although the perfume smells can draw attentions, it doesn'5 last for the whole day so maybe some touch ups would have to he done.  Recommended for: I'd recommend this for all girls and womans who love floral and citrisy scents that are not too strong. 
I purchased this from duty free on my way back from a holiday as the travel size appealed to me. I own this scent in the 50mL size and I love it. It's a feminine scent that's great for all ages. I know this because I am in my twenties and love it, my mother-in-law in her late fifties loves it and my friends in between these ages love it. It's a versatile scent perfect for all occasions. The scent is a fruity floral, subtle but enough to notice. It really depends how many sprays you use but I find that three sprays is enough for subtle and up to six if I prefer to have a more distinct scent. But because it is EDT, it won't last all day and that's why this little bottle is handy to have in your handbag. To use this particular design, you just hold the bottom with one hand and twist the top half with your other hand and the spray nozzle appears. To store it, twist it the other way and the nozzle will disappear. It fits in any handbag and would even fit in a clutch. It comes with two refills but I wouldn't use this while at home because it will run out so quickly. I suggest you purchase a 30mL, 50mL or 100mL size to keep at home and use this twist and spray only for touch ups throughout the day. I loved this scent from the moment I picked it up and you will too! Pros -feminine and subtle -great for summer -great for all occasions -fits in all handbags and clutches -beautiful design Cons -doesn't last all day -this particular size won't last you long -refills are not available at many retailers