CHANEL Chance Hair Mist

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CHANEL Chance Hair Mist is a light mist that envelops the hair and leaving it scented with CHANEL’s signature Chance fragrance, which features notes of vanilla, exotic jasmine, iris and white musk.


CHANEL Chance Hair Mist


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Chanel hair mists are the best under the radar beauty buy.  They're affordable luxury when you compare them to other fragrant hair mists.  They smell very true to the perfume and the bottles look just like their corresponding perfume bottle.  They're quite long lasting too, making them great value, which I never thought would be two words that go together - "Chanel" and "value".  Chance is the one Chanel fragrance I'm on the fence about (I've got mad love for the others!), so I opted for the hair mist in this one over the perfume.  It's a great way for me to try it out to see if it grows on me.
I've always loved the idea of leaving a subtle, floral trail wherever I walk, and so I finally bit the bullet and invested in this Chanel hair mist. As soon as you open the bottle you'll realise that you've made the right decision - it honestly smells incredible!! It's a blend of fruity, floral and musky, and is so so so enticing. If I smelt this on someone else from a mile away I'd definitely want a closer sniff! I love spraying it on my hair when I'm in an exceptionally good mood or needing a little pick me up, and it never fails to make me feel confident and pretty. After I've spritzed it and I move my head or swish my hair, I get a delicate hint of sweet vanilla, jasmine and something delicious and fruity at the same time. I also really dig the frosted glass bottle - soo classy and stunning. This sweet and fresh feminine scent definitely makes a statement, and you absolutely won't go unnoticed! The one and only downfall would be that the scent isn't as long-lasting as I would have hoped. Nevertheless, it is worth every cent and I would 100% recommend to any woman wanting to spoil themselves!
This stuff is amazing! a little spritz of this through your hair will leave you feeling like you've just walked out of a chic little Parisian hair salon! Sometimes I spray this in the morning and I'm left with oh-so-fresh and feminine smelling hair all day at work, or if I'm heading out after work, this is the perfect product to give you a quick pick-me-up and transform your hair from day to night. You'll be the woman who makes a statement, leaving the most subtle yet exquisite trail of fragrance as you walk around. I find the size of the bottle is perfect for on the go and fits nicely into my bag. The price on this is also quite reasonable considering it is Chanel and a little goes a long way. Definitely a must have for all you fierce and fabulous ladies :)
I am hair mad and CHANEL Chance Hair Mist is the stuff that dreams are made of. With notes of vanilla, exotic jasmine, iris and white musk this scent is just heavenly.  I don't want to smell like what I cooked for dinner and washing my hair daily doesn't come highly recommended by hairdressers, so I cheat and spray. Chance Hair Mist meets me halfway, I don't want to be the lady walking down the street with the overpowering scent trail dragging behind her and everyone is coughing but I do love my hair smelling pretty. All I want is a subtle scent when I move my hair and Chance smells divine! Two quick sprays and my hair smells like it has been freshly washed, who doesn't love Chanel!  I recommend this Hair Mist, it may appear a little expensive but it is going to last a very long time so it's worth it.