CHANEL Dimensions De Chanel Mascara

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CHANEL Dimensions De Chanel Mascara is a lengthening, curling, defining and volumising mascara that intensifies and defines the eyes. The formula has been developed with paraffin wax, which has elastic properties to lengthen lashes, a lupin extract derivative to nourish lashes, and hydrophobic agents to resist humidity, perspiration and oil.

Available in three shades.


CHANEL Dimensions De Chanel Mascara


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When you read the description of Dimensions de Chanel mascara you can't help shaking your head. Really? It does all that? Sometimes I think that make up producers must have fallen on their heads before writing that the mascara will lengthen, thicken, curl, define, intensify, hold all day long... It looks like you have just found that precious all in one, one does everything product and you will never have to search for it again. I always thought that if something is good for everything, it might as well be good for nothing. HOWEVER! There are exceptions and DIMENSIONS de CHANEL IS THE BEST MASCARA I have ever used in my whole life ( and believe be, my lashes have worn tens if not hundreds of them). Yes, this mascara does everything. And it does it in the best and most professional way ever. To be honest, my lashes have never looked that good and I thought that after Diorshow and Volume de Chanel not much can be invented. First, the packaging is black and sleek with the touch of gold ( well, hello Chanel!). The wand is incredible, in my opinion, this is the wand that makes or breaks any mascara. This wand looks very simple and very standard. It is cone-shaped with standard ( not silicone) bristles thickly packed next to each other. It picks up the right amount of the creamy, perfectly balanced ( between too runny and too thick) and extremely black (10 Noir) formula. The application is easy as this magical wand reaches each and every lash easily and coats them with that special formula that converts them to long, thick ( but not clumped), curled and defined black lashes that are still silky soft to the touch. The mascara is also long lasting and HIIT sessions proof. What is more, it can be easily removed with any micellar water in a few swipes. It doesn't flake, it doesn't smudge. Yes, I know it sounds to good to be true and it looks like I am going to describe the rainbows and unicorns eating fairy dusted cupcakes now, but this mascara is out of this world. I was in love with the Volume de Chanel that by the way does all that, but I am not the biggest fan of the wand. This one however ticks all my boxes. I have been using it for more than for months now and although the formula got a bit thicker, it still provides wonderful results. The lashes look like false, but better. This is the one for me.  I am sure that if anyone decided to try Dimensions de Chanel, then any other mascara trials opportunities will go to their mates. Well done Chanel.
In my opinion this is a good, not great, mascara, but for me the price paid does not measure up in quality. The mascara is a strong black colour, and applys quite well. The brush is really quite standard, doing a fair job to coat each lash. I feel like the brush could be a little more defined to really ensure each lash is separated properly. I've used much cheap mascaras which have higher quality, better adaptabe brushes.  In terms of the actual mascara, it adds a moderate amount of volume and length to my lashes, but the most standout quality is how the black colour is so bold, making my eyes quite dramatic looking. A negative to this mascara however, is that after a couple of weeks the mascara qaulity dramatically declined! I found my mascara coming out clumpy and gluggy, so i guess this product really does not have a good lifespan, considering the price, it really let me down. Although quite glossy and smooth when initially purchased, the declined state made me immediately switch back to my old, cheaper yet trusty mascaras.  Some tips i have when using this mascara are to pre-curl your lashes, the mascara brush doesn't do much to curl them. A quite good quality of this product is dosnt seem to smudge and lasts quite well, so it will hold up even if you can't get your hands on a setting spray. Another tip i have is dont overapply!!! I feel like this mascara can start looking a bit too thick, when using too much. Overally this product doesnt have the best lifespan, all i can say is store it properly, away from direct sunlight and hot temperatures, and hope for the best!! The colour quality is superb, and it is a long lasting mascara for all night wear. It is quite an expensive product and i just feel like you can get more affordable mascara of the same or even better quality.