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CHANEL Gabrielle Eau de Parfum Spray is a soft floral fragrance inspired by a bouquet of four white flowers. The perfume combines notes of jasmine, ylang ylang, orange blossom and Grasse tuberose.

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CHANEL Gabrielle Eau de Parfum Spray


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I used a tester for this product and everybody asked about it or complimented me! It smells absolutely divine!! The only con is the price and I’m still very tempted to just buy it. I love the floral notes in this perfume, it’s a soft scent but not subtle. The lasting power is pretty phenomenal too.
This is my favourite out of all the Chanel perfume that I have smelled. It smells sexy and beautiful. This gives a very deep and dark smell which is great for evening events, if it makes sense, but since I love these scent, I would wear it for every day basis too. It also last me the whole day and I do not need to spray more than once. It is in the pricey side but I'd say it is worth it!!
This perfume is signature CHANEL in a bottle. The classic golden honey colour, simple but intricate bottle and the sweet sophisticated smell. whenever I wear it I feel more grown up, which last through the day as the perfume stays on well. CHANEL Gabrielle Eau de Parfum Spray is inspired by a bouquet of white flowers which is reflected in the design and the smell. It has notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom and Grasse tuberose. I love this perfume so much and continue to raise my expectations high for other sophisticated perfumes in the CHANEL range.
A classic Chanel fragrance. Except it’s unoriginal in the market, and overwhelmingly underwhelming in its desirability. It is commercial, and driven by a marketing campaign and brand name. Without surprise, comes with a hefty Chanel price tag without substance for the money paid. Time will tell whether the initial buzz is able to be maintained with this uninspiringly and non-unique perfume.
This fragrance has an inviting warmth to it, it draws you closer for another whiff. I love wearing this fragrance because to me it smells clean, floral and feminine. I adore that fact that this fragrance is not like any other, as many on the market smell quite similar. The packaging is very "Chanel", a classic bottle, that speaks luxury. The pros: An original scent, with luxurious floral notes.                   Has lasting power.                   Because of it's high price tag, you won't smell it on everyone. The cons: It's expensive. Even after wearing this fragrance a few weeks, I am not getting sick of this beautiful fragrance, in fact the opposite is true, I'm drawn to it even more. I would recommend this fragrance to both young and old that love an expensive smelling, warm, floral perfume. Expect compliments when wearing this. 
As I am getting older, I am drawn to more mature fragrances such as Gabrielle by Chanel. This fragrance is much stronger than all of the other floral fragrances I’ve ever worn but it’s not too overpowering that I will get a headache. I love the packaging. The bottle is stunning. It reminds me of timeless elegance. It’s definitely something you can show off. The fragrance is long lasting. It lasts until the evening when I get home so that’s great. I would prefer to wear this fragrance in the evening because I feel so elegant when I spray it on.
This is an absolutely stunning fragrance. The bottle and labelling is beautiful and classic. The scent lasts very well. It has a beautiful floral and fruity scent. As it is Chanel, the perfume is quite expensive to buy, but I think it is a luxury worth having! This might be my favourite Chanel fragrance yet.
I recently came back from a trip overseas and the duty free area at the airport had a huge section dedicated to promoting this product so I couldn't help but give it a try. It has quite a bold floral scent that hits you like a freight train when you first spray it but late becomes quite subtle. I had a 15 hour flight home post putting it on and when i was picked up was asked what fragrance i was wearing! The packaging has not differed from previous bottles making it just as instagram-worthy as before. I work in health care so i wouldn't be able to get away with wearing this at work as it would be smelt to easily (sad face) but this would be amazing for an elegant night out.  PROS long lasting scent (as in 15 hour flight long!!) subtle floral tones very feminine scent packaging would look v.good on instagramm (spesh on a marble table haha) CONS as all chanel comes with a price tag $$$ initially very strong scent (but dissapates quite quickly) so maybes don't spray in confined spaces unless you want death by chanel (although maybe that wouldn't be a bad way to go) would i purchase? sad no one told me they could still smell it before i left duty free on arival or i would have bought it then and there!  will wait until myer/david jones have a sale and will purchase then :)
This was definitely love at first whiff, and I'm still enamoured. I had a long layover at an airport, and with time to kill, I hit the duty free. Little did I suspect when I picked up that glimmering gold bottle that my heart and olfactory senses were about to be stolen. But a whiff of the feminine, ethereal scent sent my heart soaring and my imagination running to happy, blissful moments. I was surprised to later find out that citrus and blackcurrant make up the top notes, because I find the four white floral notes take over almost immediately, so I only get a hint of citrus. Let's speak about those four white floral notes, though. The heady sexiness of jasmine and tuberose is so beautifully balanced by the freshness of the orange blossom and the green but rich notes of the ylang ylang. The result is an uplifting but sweet scent. Then comes the dry down. Ten minutes in, the musk kicks in. It's almost reminiscent of The Body Shop's White Musk at this point, which I adore. But wait, it's not done yet. One hour later, the sandalwood starts kicking in. And oh, my, god. The final scent is rich and velvety, and yet feminine and light. This lasted at least six hours on me, and honestly, it got better throughout the day. That level of complexity in a perfume is rare. So while Mademoiselle may not be as iconic as No. 5, which I personally don't love, it is definitely not generic. Gabrielle is also not overtly sexy, unlike Coco, which has an alluring, erotic fragrance, reminiscent of young Gabrielle before she became Coco. The Mademoiselle woman is confident and strong in her femininity. This timeless, luminous scent would make a sublime bridal fragrance.
This delightful new Chanel gem is fabulous for all ages as it’s not too overpowering and all of my coworkers are now in love with it too! Chanel rarely puts a foot wrong on their path to the perfect scent and I think this one has arrived at their desired destination. This would make a fabulous gift as I can’t think of any woman I know that wouldn’t be delighted to be on the receiving end.
I absolutely love this new fragrance. My partner bought me the big bottle for my birthday and it is very luxurious. The scent develops over time and smells better after drying. The bottle is gorgeous and is my favourite of all perfumes. Before this I always favoured Coco Mademoiselle but I think this is fast becoming my new favourite. It has a familiar scent that I still can't define. I would definitely recommend it as a classy signature scent.
I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Chanel’s newest perfume Gabrielle which did not disappoint. It is something a bit different, more personal reflected in the name - Gabrielle. A scent which is more intimately entwined with Chanel. It is a classic fragrance which will stand the test of time, with a unique twist. A white floral, it has notes of Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Grasse Tuberose and Ylang-Ylang.  I highly recommend trying it out, as it has all the hallmarks of Chanel DNA, but also a fresh, sparkling twist. The elusive, mysterious quality, which sets Chanel fragrances apart. The bottle also reflects the luminous quality of the fragrance. It is in a undeniably luxurious, glass bottle.  Whether you are searching for that everyday signature scent or a fragrance to wear for special occasions, you will be inspired by Gabrielle!
I got a sample of this from Myer and it has definitely made it to the top of my birthday Wishlist. It smells deliciously fruity but not in a sickly teenager way. It's light and the perfect scent for at first spray! My four year old gave me a big cuddle and said 'mummy, you smell so nice.' Children are the best reviewers because they tell you the brutal truth.
I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this from a kind lady at Chanel recently.  Naturally I was excited to try because well...Chanel!  I did hover by the makeup counter a while though, picking up the tester bottle and spraying myself liberally, eyes closed, shrouded in a haze of loveliness, feeling the weight of the glass bottle in my hand, sizing up the luxury.  Remembering the measliness of my bank balance and then returning with a sigh the bottle back to its shiny shrine on the counter.   The bottle I might add is scrumptious.  Square,solid, gold-capped and elegantly minimalist.  I want it immediately adorning my dressing table - announcing to the world what a classy kind of dame I in fact am.  But balance.  I know I have to get out of there and fast before the last of my resolve fails me.  But not before I receive my own little precious vial of liquid gold to take home and spray on myself to my hearts content (well for as long as 1.5ml lasts anyway). So lets get to the nitty gritty.  What is so special about Gabrielle you say?  Well now I'm at home and thoroughly drenched in it I can say that it is totally and completely divine.  I smell like a Chanel LBD looks - sophisticated, elegant and not at all like someone with bank balance issues.  There is effusiveness of jasmine - sweet and heady and the sultry muskiness of tuberose and the clean soulfulness of orange blossom.  Then there is that mystery that can only be imparted by ylang ylang (ok I don't  know what ylang ylang actually is) but I'm  sure it smells lovely too. This is all together beautiful.  It's  what I want to wear to that job interview (you know the one where I score myself that top position and can buy myself a gazillion bottles of Gabrielle).  It's  how I want to smell on a night of wining and dining and romance and such things.  I want to wear it in a spring garden barefoot and breezy.  The possibilities are endless...unlike my sample.   Guess I'm  just going to have to save my pennies until that blessed day when I can walk out of Myer clutching my very own bottle...trails off into reveries and dreams of things to come...
I was lucky to receive a free sample of Gabrielle and after trying it I just had to buy it.  It's classic Chanel but with a more floral scent, the perfect Spring fragrance. It is so feminine capturing the essence of Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Ylang-Ylang and Tuberose with a sandalwood base. After the initial spray it sweetens into a more vanilla musk scent which lasts nearly all day and is so heavenly. The packaging is beautiful and it comes in both a 50ml and 100ml and is great for all occasions but is particularly decadent for that special night out. Whether you are a fan of Chanel or a novice, this is truly a fragrance that will win nearly everyone over and is definitely worth buying.
This perfume is really nice. It has a sweet subtle aroma that I just find irresistible! I only borrowed a small sample of this perfume and I'll be really sad when it runs out. I love wearing this perfume. I wish I could wear it all the time but 1. it isn't mine and 2. It might not last forever.
Beauty is everything to me, it's my identity as a female, and beauty can have the power to change your mood, style, and your life. It's pretty powerful stuff, and fragrance is my favourite beauty category, after skin care and makeup, because scent, and the feelings, emotions and memories it invokes, is the most powerful and beautiful thing. I am forever finding and adding new perfumes, from all different brands, to my rapidly growing fragrance family, or as I think of them, my little army of coloured glass soldiers. Chanel is a true favourite beauty brand of mine, and Coco or, Gabrielle, Chanel, is my all time favourite style icon. When I saw this new Gabrielle perfume, with the lovely Kristen Stewart as the face of the ads, I just knew that it was my next addition to my coloured glass bottle perfume army. The scent itself is heavenly, and truly Chanel through and through, with the heady, strong scent of those beautiful white flowers, my beloved jasmine and orange blossom amongst the floral notes of this fragrance. The scent is feminine, beautiful and perfect for any true girly girl like me. It is perfect for both day and night, as it lasts for so long, it's ideal for any occasion, such as a job interview or a shopping trip, and the bottle is as beautiful as the scent, gorgeous in shape and colour, and once again very reminiscent of Chanel herself. I apply a tiny spritz, a little goes a long way, to both wrists, behind my neck and other pulse points, and my mood changes instantly. Suddenly I am overwhelmed with feelings of femininity, girly glee and my mood lifts and I get an instant boost of power and confidence, and that is the true power and beauty of fragrance. I use this most days now, when I feel the need to feel happy, girly, and totally feminine, and I need so little each time, and one or two squirts is all I need to get that instant, confidence inducing feeling of French chic beauty, of feeling like Gabrielle herself perhaps. The bottle sits firmly beside my other members of my perfume family, fitting in perfectly and happily, just another little coloured glass soldier Beauty has many layers and categories, each one powerful, beautiful and mood boosting in their own, personal ways, and fragrance is one of the most powerful, and my favourite, category of all. Don't hesitate to part with $174, because with each spritz of this beauty, and each feeling and emotion you get of power, confidence and happiness, you will soon find that it's so worth it, in more ways than one.
First of all, I must say that like a lot of perfume freaks I had been waiting for this Chanel release impatiently from the very moment it was said something is coming out. Finally Gabrielle is here and I regret to say that I am not overwhelmed, not even slightly blown away. Yes, Gabrielle is pretty, light and youthful, smells like spring and summer as Gabrielle is flowers all the way, mixed and squished together. The first impression is od cold citrusy scent, then the flowers appear, lots of tchem, white and yellow, The scent gives an impression of being constant, lacking evolution and change, it does dry down to some musky base. In my opinion Gabrielle has no main character, no single flower stands out, they are walking there altogether, I am not trying to say that the perfume is bad, no, it is very pretty, but to me it lacks that something special. Knowing it is CHANEL, I expect some Chanel magic that will bring me the world of luxury, highest end fragrance and the feeling of being special. In this case I have an impression that Chanel fairy forgot to sprinkle her Chanel fairy dust into her new concoction. I am sure Gabrielle will find a lot of lovers, as it is a decent quality fragrance. The bottle made of a thin glass looks pretty posh too. This fragrance shall appeal to younger consumers as it is not too demanding. If gifted I would wear it. However, I have a feeling that I have smelled that before...... ( and for Chanel that is a real faux pas).
I was given CHANEL Gabrielle Eau de Parfum Spray as a gift, its not my usual so wasn't sure. Was pleasantly surprised it smells divine and even better the scent lasts all day.  Its my new favourite, I wear it every day,not too heavy and looks pretty too
This pungent floral fragrance feels more Calvin Klein than Chanel.  While it is quite pleasant (if you like a sharp floral fragrance), it lacks the sophistication of a Chanel fragrance.  In fact, my first impression was that it's an exact replica of a Calvin Klein fragrance whose name I can't recall (Eternity, perhaps?).  I would have liked the ylang ylang, jasmine and orange blossom to show up a bit more to soften the bouquet, but they get a bit lost amongst the tuberose.  Also lifespan is not great.  I got two hours out of it.  Even Chanel can't win them all!