CHANEL Le Blance De Chanel Mutli-Use Illuminating Base

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CHANEL Le Blance De Chanel Mutli-Use Illuminating Base is a primer that contains witch hazel extract to reduce the appearance of pores, silica and mica powder to mattify the complexion, liquorice extract to even skin tone, and a moisturising complex to leave skin smooth and soft. The skin is illuminated and prepped, allowing easy foundation application and longwearing hold.


CHANEL Le Blance De Chanel Mutli-Use Illuminating Base


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One of the BEST primers I have ever used! Chanel's Le Blance De Chanel Mutli-Use Illuminating Base has a gorgeous rich and thick texture, and smells beautiful. It has an easy pump bottle, and the thick white cream absorbs quickly into the skin and instantly reduces the visibility of pores and evens skin tone. It makes any foundation blend perfectly and really extends the wear of your foundation. Don't hesitate, you really need to buy this primer, and the price point is excellent for the quality and quantity of this product!
Chanel has always been a name that leads rather than follows in the fashion and beauty world...think LBD's / pearls / chain straps on quilted bags and of course,a mere number to name a fragrance that is still seen as the epitome of glamour some 98 years later,and this product,the Le Blance De Chanel Mutli-Use Illuminating Base,is very much in that cult like realm. You may not know,but this product is one of Chanel's first forays into makeup,and has seen it become a staple in many a makeup artists arsenal to create an almost ethereal glow,whilst also caring for the skin,thanks to some beautiful ingredients.So, what is this almost liquid paper white looking fluid all about ? Good question beauties. Well,it is how It looks.... a milky white,"rich but not overly so" lotion that has a delicate "sheen" rather than an "in your face" glitter look that you can use either on it's own to even out and perfect the skin tone,mix with foundation to give a "lit from within" glow to an otherwise matte look,OR apply as a delicate "carn't quite put my finger on it,but there is a definite halo of light there" effect to your browbone / cheekbones / cupids bow....this is glow done grown up,not millennial "overdone". Now i know that this product LOOKS a little scary (Casper coming to mind ?) ,but this liquid blends into the skin, leaving a subtle pearly sheen,and not that "sunscreen white" you may be expecting,and that effect lasts for a good 6+ hours (i tend not to wear a lot of product on my face in summer,so i carn't say how this would fare in a Sydney summer,BUT i suspect it will be like any other product and not survive 40 degrees and 70% humidity,BUT that mica does go a long way to help with keeping the greasies away in normal,everyday wear)and it does make your base cosmetics go on a lot more smoothly and evenly,whilst also helping it to last the day (my BB cream did seem to wear a little better with this).Along with that delicate pearly glow ,witch hazel extract is added to reduce the appearance of pores,silica & mica powders help to eliminate oil (and that mica is what helps give you that glow BTW),whilst liquorice evens out skin texture and soothes the skin.One thing that i must add,as it will be an issue for some,is that this DOES have a delicate,light floral scent that is noticeable,and whilst i personally love it,those who have a sensitivity to these things may want to avoid even looking at this product,but for those of us who adore a little scent in their products,you will be pleased (but it doesn't linger,so no chance of clashing with your chosen scent).Another plus is the packaging...beautiful frosted glass with the unmistakable minimalist Chanel wording and heavy feeling,gloss black cap with the interlocking "C's" and a handy pump top (one pump to do your entire face,so even though it may seem like a splurge,it pays off in "cost per use" thinking),and when you have finished the bottle,you can fill it with another lotion to add a little luxe feel to even the most basic of product (and it is recycling,so you can add feel good vibes with that knowledge). All in all,i cannot recommend this enough if you want to treat yourself to a little luxe,or want a primer that can be used for a lot more than just the conventional way. TIP:Mix with a little powder blush to create a stunning,sexy glow that lasts better than a regular cream blush and has a glow that means no highlighter needed.
This is a fantastic skin primer!! It feels so light on the skin. It helps to hide imperfections and smooth out texture. The product also works to illuminate skin. I find that it calms any redness in my skin and just makes me look so much brighter. It also helps to conceal dark circles under my eyes. Love this product!
This should be in every makeup bag.  I worked for Chanel for many years as a Makeup Artist and from the heart their products are sublime. The Le Blanc De Chanel is a great product for anyone who has redness, dull skin or just like to look as if they are 'lit' from within.  The solution is a light weight product to use as a base to add light to the face. Because of the colour (no you don't end up looking white) it alters the skin tone to calm redness, bring life to dullness and to anyone else make you look fresh and alive.  I love the product so much, I still suggest it to many of my clients as I work as a Makeup Artist.  The packaging from Chanel always makes you feel special. And their products are not as expensive as you think. Sure they are pricey but not unattainable. And why not treat yourself now and again right?  This product can be applied with your hands (which warm it and mould it into your skin) with a wet sponge or even a foundation brush. I prefer the sponge when I work with clients purely from a hygienic aspect and also preference.  Because there are Chanel stores everywhere now why not go in makeup free (I know! The insanity!) and get one of the counter staff to trial it on you, you are allowed to do that you know. To be honest I think once you see it on, you will fall in love.