CHANEL Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

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CHANEL Le Volume De Chanel Mascara is a plumping mascara the works to create instant volume for thicker and longer lashes. Its quick-drying fluid formula enables buildable thickness and the film-forming agents work to preserve the softness of lashes and allow for an even coating of mascara.

Available in four shades.


CHANEL Le Volume De Chanel Mascara


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Not a fan, I find the bush too thick for most people lashes. It also dries out VERY quick (like ALL Chanel mascaras) as a makeup artist it is one product we use the most and this is far too expensive to use and have to replace all the time. I also find it a grey black not a true black. The polymer head does allow the lash to grab better but the bristles are then not long enough to actually do the job.
I recieved this mascara as a sample and I really enjoyed it! It gave such lovely volume and drama to my lashes, which is what I love! The brush is plastic and has very little bristles so it coats the lashes pretty fast with product and wiggle the brush through to separate and coat the lashes evenly.  This mascara formula is probably one of the types that really hits its stride about a month or so after opening as it dries out a little and becomes less wet, in the first month things can get a little clumpy as the formula is wet and brush is short so not a whole lot you can do but once you get past that it’s wonderful. I would definitely purchase this again!