CHANEL N°5 L’eau Eau de Toilette Spray

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CHANEL N°5 L’eau Eau de Toilette Spray is a fresh and floral fragrance that combines top notes of lemon, mandarin and orange, middle notes of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang and base notes of vetiver, cedar and soft musk.

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CHANEL N°5 L’eau Eau de Toilette Spray


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The Chanel N°5 DNA of sophistication and shimmer is here, but, L’Eau is brighter, cleaner, lighter. This is N°5 with wider appeal. Like N°5 before it, L’Eau opens in an immediate cloud of shimmering fizz. Not Chanel’s typically aldehydic rose/ylang-ylang/jasmine fizziness though! No, this is searing citrus fizz with plentiful bergamot, mandarin and neroli. The aldehydes are there too but they’ve been dialed back. The opening, which at first appears sharp, soon mellows to become a sheer veil as rose, ylang-ylang and clean jasmine make themselves known to the nose. As L’Eau evolves, its individual floral notes become less discernable as they synchronise to form an exquisitely velvety white floral bouquet. Vanilla and a soft woodiness hide in the shadows to provide depth and interest. The eventual dry down is a soft, airy musk with a delicately spiced floral accord. A fan of the Chanel N°5 Extrait, I’m not convinced this is N°5 for a new generation. Instead, L’Eau feels to me to be N°5 for a different time or occasion. The jasmine has been cleaned up, and the scent as a whole is more radiant. This is N°5 for a hot spring/summer’s day. More unisex too thanks, in part, to the citrus heavy opening.
I am already a huge fan of Chanel No 5, so it was not a tough sell for me to try Eau Premiere and L'eau versions of my beloved fragrance.  The are both equally fantastic tweaks on the classic.  Eau Premiere is slightly more powdery and warm and L'eau, with its citrusy floral twist is more of a summery vibe.  I absolutely love all 3 versions!  As we head into spring/summer, L'eau is my current go-to.  It's fresh, youthful, vibrant and still possesses the sensuous glamour appeal of classic No 5.  I think of this trio as the holy trinity of fragrance - a superb fragrance for any occasion and every season.
I love chanel fragrances, they have long been a favourite, my mum always wore it so did my nan. This one is so pretty, light and fresh with gorgeous floral notes that are not too overpoweringly sweet. The bottle looks divine on my dressing table and I feel special wearing it. The scent lasts and lasts, probably why chanel is a little more expensive, so well worth the price, especially as it makes me feel so special
I have to admit I've never loved Chanel No. 5 so I was really surprised by how much I adore this perfume, it's light, elegant and sophisticated. The perfume itself is long lasting and I find is still noticeable for upto 6 hours without being over powering.  It has quickly become my signature scent and I can see myself wearing this for years to come.
Chanel has always been a favourite of mine. Sophisticated, uncompromised, and iconic this latest addition is absolutely amazing. Lighter than the original, it still has the oomph that the original fragrance has but it smells lighter, fresh, whilst still being classy.  I cannot give this a high enough rating, it is perfect for day or evening, and lasts what seems like forever on the skin!!
I was so excited to try this when I saw this In David Jones. Before I continue, let me just express how much I love Chanel fragrances, they are simply beautiful (aesthetically and scent). Any of there fragrances look great on your vanity. I was a bit taken back by the smell and then I asked a girlfriend who was with me at the time and she said it reminded her of the bathroom air freshener at work. I didn't particuarly like it myself. I had sprayed it on my wrists and 6 hours later, the scent was still present. I must give it some brownie points for longevity. However, the scent just didn't do it for me. I wasn't convinced though, I really wanted to love it so I could add it to my collection. I tried it again a few weeks later with my partner, he didn't approve either, he said it smelt like potpourri. This time round, I sprayed it on a piece of cardboard and still didn't like it.  This may be aimed to an older age group. I would not recommend this to my friends that are my age. I would recommend my older colleagues try it though. Pros -beautiful packaging -long lasting Cons -scent triggered thoughts of bathrooms (Note to editors: the review from Delores Defazio says she received this as a gift over 20 years ago, but this fragrance was only recently released. I think there is some confusion with this and the original Chanel No 5 which is beautiful!)
Just the name Chanel screams class and sophistication the classic square bottle and scent give you that feel of class and sophistication. It envokes memories of my mum all dressed up to go to a dinner party and she would hug me and I would smell that smell and feel safe and warm. Now as a mum myself I still loved the smell but originally found it a little heavy for me. Now the beautiful notes of citrus and jasmine combine with rose and ylang ylang in a way only Chanel N°. 5 can. The scent lingers and lasts and suits perfectly. While it is a more expensive purchase than your chemist standards and the latest Katy perry scent, it lasts longer due to the scent lasting all day and night from just a small spray on your pulse points. If you want a touch of luxury that will last all year then I recommend you treat yourself this Christmas to a bottle of Chanel N°5
This new take on CHANEL N°5just leaves me in a fragrance sophistication cloud that I can’t get enough of.The original CHANEL N°5 was bold and classy but a little on the mature side for me. The new N°5 L’eau Eau de Toilette Spray is the flirty breathe of fresh air that I have been waiting for.  It is a sophisticated fragrance without being stuffy; Chanel has really loosened their collar with this fresh, light-hearted scent.   The fragrance is housed in the signature Chanel white box with black trim containing the traditional square clear glass bottle without the gold boarder. The bottle really is pretty enough to be eye candy on your dressing table, very elegant and very Chanel!   I first sampled Chanel N°5 L’eau Eau deToilette after it was sprayed on a card for me in a department store. I didn’t smell it straight away because I though it was going to be too heavy and I wasn’t in the right mood. A couple of days later I was cleaning out my bag and came across the card, I could smell the pretty fragrance.   This scent settles so beautifully that it is addictive. I went a tried it again to see if it loved me as much as I loved it and it did! I am not one for in your face perfumes so I use one squirt and just let it rest.  It seriously settles like it was made for me,I love it.      
Class in a bottle, the perfect accessory to that little black dress, timeless, classy and yes its sexy too. They say that you cant buy class but I disagree when your wearing Chanel 5. I was gifted this gorgeous scent for a special birthday over 20 years ago, it suited me then and it suits me now. The packaging and bottle are perfect and the scent suited to day/night and any age. I find the scent stays with me all day and I prefer to layer with body lotion for nights out. Best applied to pulse points after your shower.
I generally know by one spray if a perfume agrees with me as some give me headaches.  My husband bought me this as a gift and on first spray, I was in love with the scent.  It truely is such a feminine fragrance, it smells divine and stays with you for a lot longer than my other perfumes.  It's a soft floral scent with mixes of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang.   I know it is a bit expensive than my normal buys but this perfume is my special outing perfume.  I love the squarish bottle, it looks classy on my dressing table too.