CHANEL NO°5 Eau de Parfum Purse Spray

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CHANEL NO°5 Eau de Parfum Pure Spray is a pack that features three iconic NO°5 Chanel fragrances in convenient travel-sized purse sprays. The scents included are NO°5  Eau de Parfum, NO°5  Eau de Toilette and NO°5  Eau Premire.


CHANEL NO°5 Eau de Parfum Purse Spray


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Do you expect quality, class and style from Chanel?  Yeah, me too, and that's exactly what this refillable purse spray delivers in spades!  I've paid top dollar for refillable purse sprays where the perfume is what you pay for and the holder is a hunk of useless junk.  Some are pretty shameful, but Chanel is quality all the way.  The holder is a pleasure to use, sturdy and visually stunning.  If you're like me and adore Chanel lipsticks, this holder looks like it could be their big sister, even though it's still quite compact.  I bet you wouldn't expect value from Chanel though.  It's a luxury brand and everything about this refillable purse spray exudes that.  But when you do the math, at 20ml of individual freshness sealed refil x3 PLUS stunning and oh-so-sturdy holder is a lot of bang for your "treat yo self" buck.  I do not have enough praise for this three-pack-o'-class!  If you love Chanel, you NEED this!