CHANEL Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow

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CHANEL Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow is a single eyeshadow shade, featuring a soft pressed powder texture. The formula contains vitamins C and E for improved protection against free radicals, silk protein derivatives for softness, and organic polymer derivatives for long-lasting hold. The eyeshadows are available in a variety of finishes, including satin, matte and iridescent.

Available in seven shades.


CHANEL Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow


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Lovely shadows in some beautiful colours. The payoff is great with little to no fall out. Very creamy on the eyes. Not a fan of the applicator - prefer to use my own eyeshadow brushes. The only downside is the size of the shadow. I would prefer a bigger pan size and no applicator. Beautiful packaging as all Chanel products are.
As with all chanel products this one is a winner, a satiny eye shadow with gorgeous colour pigmentations, as its pricey I save it for special ocassions, the sheen is not too much and it will last all day. The black luxe packaging makes it feel extra special,  a quality product worth the investment, it goes on smoothly and it wont melt into creases when applied, a true winner for looking special
You can guess by now that i am a makeup geek..i love the new,the old,the pricey,the budget,the mainstream and the cult buy.But the one staple, the one brand  i go to whenever i can,is Chanel.For true lux,truly collectible shades,this house is a bit of a must have (at least once in a girls life) A great start is the Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch eyeshadow single...trend setting shades that get added to seasonally (i still love mine in the shade "tigerlilly"....It’s a warm tangerine orange with a soft golden peach type shimmer set in a low-sheen finish. that transcends fads,and lends itself to almost any eye eyed babes especially,this will make your eyes pop like fireworks on NYE). The color payoff is good, delivering a healthy amount of color without having to apply "layer upon layer" (even better with a great primer), and the texture is soft, smooth,and silky....a true joy to work with. Though I’m not always in love with Chanel’s eyeshadow quads (i have i adore,the other i was left feeling "ripped off" with), i’ve felt  their individual eyeshadow formula tends to have that silky-smooth feel that just adheres to the lid without work; it’s like they just melt against the skin like butter, for a smooth appearance that’s about as natural as an eye makeup product can look.The shimmer is faint but noticeable with the more iridescent shades; it enhances but doesn’t overwhelm, so if you find frosty finishes tend to accentuate what nature is dishing out these days, this is a nice way to get some of the reflective qualities of a frostier finish without that problem. The wear time on these beauties is fantastic...8 hours and still pretty darn fresh looking (maybe a little freshen up required,but in no way a total overhaul),which means that,whilst these are more your "investment piece" product (at $45 for a single,you bet that comes in at that level),it also means that with the depth of pigment,the lasting quality and the skin care benefits (vitamins C and E for protection against free radicals, silk proteins for softness, and organic polymers for long-lasting hold), you really can't go too wrong (and whilst most of us will never own a Chanel couture piece,we CAN still get a piece of the double C action in the form of this little beauty (it is tiny...perfect for the smallest of beauty bags,but with the eternally chic gloss black and white intertwined C's,the embossed powder and the addition of the little velvet pouch to protect your precious jewel,it doesn't need to be huge to make it's mark...just like Madame Coco herself). TIP:If you are paying a premium price for a premium product,you want it to work as hard as you did to obtain it no ? Well,put your Ombre Essentielle to work by making it do a least double duty : 1:Apply wet to obtain either an insanely vibrant eye colour OR an eyeliner that that won't melt in the heat. 2:If you get a reasonably "multi use" shade (IE:NOT BLUE ETC),use it as a blush,a lipcolour (mix with a balm to get a comfortable consistency) and a highlighter. 3:Try mixing a cheaper,less pigmented shadow with this to get a bespoke shade that is as individual as you are (and lasts longer.PLUS,your Chanel itself  lasts even longer, due to the fact that she is having here usage halved with another product).
I love Chanel eyeshadows I think the packaging is gorgeous in their glossy black case.  The shadows are very pigmented meaning you don't need to use much and  they last a whole day. I have two of the Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch eyeshadows. One in Safari (45) (like pictured) and another in midnight (118).  Both eyeshadows are in the black Chanel shiny casing with the mirror and slanted applicator. I prefer to use my own brushes for application at home and use the Chanel applicator for my handbag.  The consistency of the eyeshadow is pigmented and creamy. The effect is satiny with a slight shimmer. You don't need to load the brush or applicator and it glides on easily.   The colour Safari (45) I use in then day time.  It's a really nice light bronze shimmer. A very flattering shade. I also use it for a highlighter (top of my eyes) of a night time.  It's not too shimmery so a great colour to use night and day. It's a great shade for hazel eyes and brunettes.  The colour Midnight (118) is a black with a shimmer. I use this shade more as a liner I use a wet eyeliner brush and line my eyes of a night time. I love this colour it's a really great black with a hint of shimmer.  What I love about these Chanel shadows are they have vitamin E and C in them and are are very gentle. I wear contacts and find some shadows tend to aggravate my eyes and these don't.  I also find that the single pallets are better than the quads in Chanel. I find the shadow is better quality and seem more lasting. I will happily pay over $40 for a single Chanel shadow as I find it lasts me a long time.  I am also hard on my pallets.  They have been dropped several times on tiles and in my handbag and I haven't smashed one yet.  These shadows are great, high quality and very classy in great colours. I plan to buy a few more colours soon to add to the two I have.