CHANEL Platinum Égoïste After-Shave Lotion

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CHANEL Platinum Égoïste After-Shave Lotion is a fresh and moisturising formula that purifies and soothes razor burn, and leaves skin soft and scented with the signature CHANEL Platinum Égoïste fragrance.


CHANEL Platinum Égoïste After-Shave Lotion


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This was my first cologne purchase as a teenager and is still part of my arsenal to this day. I prefer the cologne to the after shave for its longevity. It has the perfect balance of warm spice notes with a hit of freshness.  It’s projection and longevity is well balanced. I love that it’s not well known, it feels like my secret scent that always gets compliments.  I would agree with another review to which she considers this to be the Chanel no 5 for men. The bottle itself is sleek, somewhat bold in its simplicity, this combined with its iconic scent ensures that this cologne will remain on many shelves for years to come. 
I bought this for my son for christmas and was not sure if he would like it. Its a winner, he loves the spicy, fresh scent which is not overpowering. I love it too, it smells sophisticated and lingers just enough, I know it was pricey, but hey it was christmas and its great if you want to spoil that special someone
Madame Coco,and the house of Chanel are iconic in the world of fragrance...and with King Karl (Lagerfeld) at the helm as head designer and creative director of the fashion house,it was only a matter of time until mens scents came to the fore as how a man should smell (and feel). This offering....CHANEL Platinum Égoïste After-Shave Lotion,is seriously a contender as the signature male scent,just as No.5 for women before it. The scent is sharp and spicy, featuring lavender and rosemary,with a fresh " just out-of-the-shower fresh" opening that is not overly aquatic "common"(which is something hubby and i both love to be honest) and hints of florals in the top notes, later drying down to a still fresh but slightly nutty smell. I don't know which notes produce that result, but it's pleasing and easy to like.The result is a sweet sexy (italian/latin) type fragrance with just enough bite (woods) in it to keep it mature smelling,and it truly transcends season / time of day,to be suitable for most occasions....both casual and formal (you could wear it to the office,on a date, in the summer or winter).If you are familiar with Chanel's mens line,this is the "alter ego" of Egoiste....but a fresher take on it. This would work well as a signature scent for those who project the air of a young professional,30 and up,with a tinge of being aloof, powerful and well-groomed...a man who lives in suits during the week ( sitting in a nice, clean, modern office),yet is Euro casual and sexy off duty. For any man looking for a versatile fragrance, and has overtones of the aforementioned qualities this is a worthy contender. As for the reflects the masculinity of the fragrance and the minimalist simplicity of it....clean lines,elegant,yet simple lettering and a silver lid. Packaged in a silver box (similar bottle to the original Egoiste, but with the silver lid ) As for the longevity of this scent (because let's face it...this isn't the bottle of Beckham your young brother may prefer price bracket wise),over 24hrs later (and an evening shower later),i can still smell the light scent of Platinum on him. Now,this is not just an aftershave is skincare post shave as well,and i must tell you about those results. It DID leave hubby's skin feeling fresh and moisturised.It DID aid with soothing razor burn,but this is not something to use as a replacement for a great aftershave balm / cream / treatment does leaves skin soft,but not "dewy" as you would want post shave,and it won't heal skin after irritation or nicks (hubby did groan with discomfort after one particularly nasty altercation with the BIC and then throwing this on).It won't relieve signs of fatigue or fine lines,and it won't help you wake to glowy skin (but hey,guys don't use this for the skincare as much as the do the fragrance). As a gift for the more "evolved" metrosexual guy,this is perfection (for him and any woman lucky enough to get close enough to catch a note or two of it). TIP:As this is not REALLY skincare focused,spraying a little into the post shave product he normally uses to moisturise and protect will double duty as skincare AND drop dead sexy fragrance (that will last all day due to the now moist base it has been applied to).
Now I am a Makeup Artist and yes your assumptions are true I am gay!  BUT if I have ever worn a fragrance which makes girls go weak at the knees for me this is it.  It is a refreshing masculine scent that your man will also love, they will not be turning their nose up at this one.  The beauty of this fragrance is, it really overpowers body odour, I think due to it's fougère-green accord (techy fragrance talk). In plain English it's a scent that almost has a citrus type smell to it.  This fragrance also comes in an after shave, deodorant stick and moisturiser for the men who love their products.  Even if you don't think your man will love it go try it when you can, I bet you will adore it.