CHANEL Platinum Égoïste Deodorant Stick

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CHANEL Platinum Égoïste Deodorant Stick has been formulated to kill bacteria, while leaving skin refreshed and scented with the CHANEL Platinum Égoïste fragrance.


CHANEL Platinum Égoïste Deodorant Stick


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Chanel....does it not get any more luxe / pampering / downright decadent than that name ? This scent (in the eau de toilette version) is an oldey,but a classic... the fresh/ clean scents of Lavender and Rosemary, made even more pronounced by a touch of Petitgrain. Its middle notes are a sexy mix of Clary Sage and Geranium, culminating in a very masculine base in which the warmth of exotic woods are detectable.Basically,this is a clean / crisp / casual scent that is not that unfamiliar in many fragrances...even today. I got this for my hubby,as we both adore a little Chanel,and this is (as if you couldn't tell), a gorgeous,masculine scent.The wind up tube looks extremely high end (what else would you expect ?)...very minimalist in it's glossy black beauty,topped with that unmistakable interlocking double Cs.It is stunning in the bathroom. Now,i know the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant,and i do realise that a deodorant is a better option (dealing with the scent of perspiration is infinitely more appropriate than suppressing the bodies natural reaction to external heat and stressors), but i did hope this would work a little better.Yes,hubby DID smell fantastic after his shower,and a while at work,but when he came home...not so much (or maybe hubby just sweats a lot ).He liked the scent,the fact it wasn't sticky and the stick form,and he did say that he felt comfortable for a long time during the day,but with this being a somewhat exxy product,and the fact that wetness was still an issue, i'll just stick to getting him his much loved L'Occitane,as i don't know how this is going to stand up to a 40 degree plus summer.All in all,yes,i DO recommend this....but take note that this won't deal with sweating...only the "not so sexy" aftermath. TIP:This would be GREAT for winter,or if your SO is not a sweaty beast of a man...and let me tell you,it isn't to bad for us girls either (it is such a fresh / oceanic scent that you won't feel out of place wearing it either.