CHANEL Rouge Coco Baume Lip Balm

RRP $52.00


CHANEL Rouge Coco Baume Lip Balm is a repairing lip balm that features the hydratender complex, which leaves lips radiant, smooth, plumped and hydrated.


CHANEL Rouge Coco Baume Lip Balm


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I got this as a gift last year and have used it very sparingly as it's $52!  The packaging, of course, is beautiful and classy. It closes well, doesn't smudge on the lid and doesn't melt in my handbag during hot days out. That being said it IS $52 for a lip balm that's absolutely no different than the $4 ones you can buy from the grocery store. It does nothing special aside from look luxurious. If you're going to splurge $50+ on a high end lip product go with a lipstick!