CHANEL Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

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CHANEL Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base is a cream-gel bronzer that leaves the skin subtly tanned. The formula can be worn on its own, as well as over or under your foundation, leaving a velvety finish.


CHANEL Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base


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This is my favourite bronzer, and I love bronzer! I use this with a sponge and I get the most flawless application, I can't rave about this enough its so beautiful on the skin. You can contour with it as well and it blends out beautifully either with a brush or sponge. I have an olive skin tone and I find its not orange or muddy looking.  Although its expensive it's worth every penny and it lasts a really long time so you will get your money's worth.
I Love this stuff! I have never used it on my self, but gives a beautiful glow to womens faces I do makeup on. It glides across skin easily and lasts for ages. I especially love mixing it with foundation for darker skinned girls as it offers a glow like never before. I have used it even on celebrities with dark skin and they love the result. Soft, dewy and sun kissed finish.
I bought this after a friend recommended. Being pale I was concerned about it being too orange as I’ve never used a cream bronzer before. I soon learnt, less is more and a duo fibre brush is definitely the way to go. I only need to use a very light hand to achieve the desired result. The tub is huge so it’s definately worth the price tag. The only concern is whether the product will dry up before I can finish it!
I purchased this as I casually do makeup for some friends and clients. In this situation, it is really really great. Although pricy, I do believe you get what you pay for with this product. I love applying with a stippling brush and it really does give a great natural bronze to the skin. However, I do wish they would release this product in darker/lighter shades for my friends/myself that can’t get away with just this one shade. It’s a bit sad that some people are missing out on how great it is! Although a great product, shade range does count as quite the issue for me personally and others I know.  PROS:  - Creamy texture melts into the skin perfectly - Minimal blending needed  - No muddiness  CONS:  - Pricey (although I do think you get what you pay for!)  - SHADE RANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
This is the ONLY cream bronzer I use. This product was hyped a few years ago on social media, whilst I  tend not to follow these trends, I picked this up because it intrigued me. I am so glad I did! It is a beautiful creamy yet not sticky or dry formula. It applies best with a stippling brush and creates a healthy and radiant bronzed look, which is very natural and flattering. This product will work for mid to light skin tones. The packaging is very robust and product copes well I'm travel, it's a staple in my collection that I didn't even realise I needed.
I splurged on this one and boy do I not regret it. too many times have I been called "pale" and "sickly" at family events because perhaps I used too white of a foundation and powder bronzers weren't doing me justice. Layering this product on top of my foundation before a powder bronzer however has really done the trick.  It gives me a natural looking tan without making me look muddy - even though I have ivory skin. I use a dense brush to apply and blend it out but always go over with a beauty blender to make sure its flawless - but it's so easy to work with that its impossible to make it look bad.
This product is such a classic, and well worth the price. It applies so beautifully to the skin, and unlike many other cream bronzers, blends like a dream. The colour is warm-toned, which makes for a bronzed, radiant complexion when applied to the contours of the face. It manages to strike the fine balance between being pigmented enough to be noticeable on the skin, but still looks natural, as if you've just come back from a tropical holiday. It applies equally well with a sponge or a brush and I can use it when I'm at my most pale, or with a deep fake tan. The quality of the product, plus the amount you get in the container, makes the price easily justifiable!
This is in my opinion the BEST cream bronzer on the market hands down! The Soleil Tan De is an incredibly beautiful high end product that delivers on everything it says! Perfect for contour or adding that extra bit of warmth to the face when needed. The creamy velvet consistency glides onto the skin without any sign of muddiness, which makes it perfect for anyone that is not used to applying creamy products. Absolutely no work required in blending just a few simple swipes and it adds a beautiful depth to the face. I would recommend exfoliating your face before hand just to really benefit from using this product. I would happily use this on its own with a bit of concealer under my eyes on days where I cant be bothered with anything, though due to the price tag I have found myself reserving it for more special occasions Everyone needs to try this product at least once you will not be disappointed! x