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Colgate Optic White® Toothbrush + Whitening Pen is a teeth cleaning and whitening system featuring a toothbrush and whitening pen. The pen has been formulated with hydrogen peroxide to deeply whiten teeth in just two days, while the toothbrush has raised polishing bristles for a better clean and to help remove plaque and surface stains from teeth.


Colgate Optic White® Toothbrush + Whitening Pen


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Gentle on the enamel

I found the Colgate Optic White® Toothbrush + Whitening Pen easy to use and I really liked the tooth brush. It was comfortable to use and hold. I actually liked that it was mild as it reduced the chance of making my teeth sensitive. I was happy just with a little brighten up and that all I was expecting from this product.
I like this a lot and it's quite unique in the way that it's a compact product and I have also found that it's effective and has caused my teeth to change colour a bit.  It removes light staining and it's a good price for something that does actually work against stains and yellowing of teeth.  It doesn't make them white and bright but it does make them whiter and brighter than what they were before I used this.  I like that I didn't have to wait a week to see results too.  I would buy this again and I can recommend it for those who want to give their teeth a fast boost in the right direction.  It made me feel more confident that my teeth looked better than if I just didn't do anything to whiten them at all.  It's easy to use and everything is right there at my fingertips to give my teeth a better appearance that freshens my smile.
I bought this on sale and was excited to try it, but was ultimately a bit disappointed.  The whitening paste was quite weak with minimal whitening power and left a lot of gummy residue on the mouth and lips.  The brush was actually really good and I loved the rubber insets for a nice scrubby feeling.  I'd buy it again if it were on a half price sale, but at full price it's just not good enough.
I had very high expectations about this product, from the ads and what they imply about whitening teeth. Unfortunately, I didn't find my teeth whitened at all and that was after using the toothbrush and accompanying toothpaste, twice daily, every day for a month. I do really like the convenience of this product, with having the whitening pen housed securely inside the toothbrush's handle, very cute. I followed the instructions to the tee, applying the paste and allowing it to dry while keeping my lips and whatever away from my is a little awkward but thankfully this part doesn't take too long. I found the taste was pleasant enough, not horrible. Just make sure you don't swallow any of the whitening gel. I was lucky enough to receive this product for free and after trying it, I would never purchase. I think the only people this would work for are people who already have white did not lighten or whiten my teeth at all.
Do you ever look in the bathroom mirror and think "boy I wish I had chomps like Jennifer Hawkins?" well I certainly do and that's when Colgate has come to my rescue. Implementing the same treatment that dentists offer for a lot more cashola, I can achieve sparkling whites all in the comfort of my apartment bathroom.
The Colgate OptiWhite pen is the product I turn to when I notice any discoloration.  I look after my teeth quite well, but due to my love of morning coffees and green teas I find I need a little extra whitening help on occasion that brushing alone doesn't provide. The product comes in a plastic red and white package that is immediately noticable as being from the Colgate brand.It contains a toothbrush and a whitening pen that inserts into the toothbrush .A nice design that saves room in the bathroom, whilst making sure you don't misplace the pen at the same time. It is very simple to use which I love. You just brush your teeth as normal with the brush supplied, then use the pen.Twist the bottom of the whitening pen clockwise two clicks and apply to top teeth,then repeat for bottom teeth avoiding the gum area.The whitening gel has a mild mint scent and taste and I find it to be very gentle if you avoid the gum area.The gel dries naturally and stays put immediately after application. I find if I dry my teeth with a towel after brushing this works even better and is easier to apply. After 10 to 15 minutes,  you just spit the gel out,and it's all done! I didn't see immediate results but in all fairness,very few products I've tried actually deliver that . It took 3 or 4 applications to see noticable whitening but I am more than happy with the slower results as this product doesn't irritate my already sensitive teeth and gums like most similar products do. Pros *Affordable (is also half price on quite a regular basis) * Portable and space saving *Unlikely to be misplaced as it is stored in the toothbrush *Whitens gradually and isn't harsh Cons *May not give quick enough results for some *Only lightens a few shades so wont be suitable for heavier lightening results I'd recommend this to anyone with light to moderate discoloration looking for affordable, quick and effective at home whitening.
I have had a lot of trouble in the past when it comes to whitening my teeth but Colgate's toothbrush and whitening have done the best job for me. I will continue to buy this product and tell others how fantastic,for someone who eats a lot of colourful vegetables and fruits it does an awesome job
This is certainly an easy to use pen and whitener and I did think that, after using it for a few days, it made my teeth a little bit whiter,  The compact, brush and gel in one, is portable and tidy, and the price is about as reasonable as a whitener gets, especially if you find it on sale, and it is often on sale. I was concerned about the impact on my teeth and gums though as both became pretty sensitive after only a few days, aching when I drank cold drinks for example - something that never happened before (and stopped after a few days not using).  I wonder if long term use would damage the tooth enable and gums.  Also using the gel leaves me spitting for at least an hour and a strong, negative taste in the mouth of an almost bleach-like quality.  I think this works best if used only a few times a week - maybe even once a week to maintain tooth colour and reduce stains.  Any more than that might suit those with very strong teeth and gums but is not suitable for sensitive mouths.
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Replying to Magdalena B.From Colgate: Hi Magdalena, it's Colgate here. Thanks for your comments about Colgate Optic White toothbrush + whitening pen. We’re pleased that you found our toothbrush + whitening pen easy to use and found an improvement in whitening after use, but sorry to learn its taste and effect on a sensitive mouth was not what you hoped for. We'd like to get some more details from you so please contact us on 1800 802 307 or via our website at We hope to hear from you soon.
This gel actually whitens your teeth. I had braces and recently they came off. I have a retainer i wear every night so i use this gel ( which is perfectly shaped to place the gel into the retainer) i sleep with it on overnight. It whitens your teeth at least a shade over night. Because it is on your teeth so long they can become sensitive, so only use a little amount. It works just as fine applying the gel without a retainer too. But if you had braces and have a retainer then this is great to try out. It's affordable too.
The toothbrush was easy to use, especially the whitening applicator. The applicator being part of the toothbrush is  a great idea!. The whitening paste was easy to administer and it did not have an unpleasant taste in my mouth. I followed directions but unfortunately did not get the whiteness in my teeth that I expected. I still use the toothbrush though ☺️☺️
The Colgate Optic White Toothbrush and Whitening Pen combo is a great way to MAINTAIN a lovely white smile! No toothpaste or mouthwash product will ever whiten your teeth on their own, but used in conjunction with a professional whitening system, they do a great job in keeping your smile healthy. Using this product is a convenient way to whiten your teeth on the go and is perfect to take travelling. I will repurchase!
I have been using this Colgate 2in one whitening toothbrush from almost last 3 months and I must say I am enjoying it to my best I love that I can brush my teeth plus apply whitening pen from the same packaging it's so easy to travel with as well ! It looks like ordinary toothbrush but works double than Normal brush specially in the morning rush hour ! This is a life saver! Easy to find in any supermarket or pharmacy and easy to use. Very pocket friendly.
Conveniently stored inside the toothbrush, you could slide out the whitening pen for use - ingenious really.  I tested out the product for a week and noticed only a slight difference in the whiteness of my teeth... however, as a coffee drinker, I'm not going to see drastic results (not the pens fault by any means, I just won't give up my morning coffee). The whitening pen was easy to use; at times the consistency of the whitening product went gluggy but I liked the idea that I didnt have to hold a LED light to my mouth for 10 minutes. This product would be perfect for those who have had their teeth perviously whitened and are looking for a way to maintain it. The toothbrush itself is gentle on the teeth and I will be continuing to use it.
Great easy to use product for at home whitening maintenance.  I could see an improvement in my teeth and can definitely see it used for maintenance after a clean at the dentist.  It would maintain a whiter smile for longer.   The product itself was easy to use and had a pleasant taste. Paste felt a bit odd at first but quickly got used to it.
Loved this product as the whitening pen was conveniently located within the toothbrush - quite ingenious.  I noticed a slight difference in the whiteness of my teeth but this is a good product to maintain the whiteness.  The toothbrush is gentle on the teeth too as I don't like a harsh brush. I would buy this product again.
the toothbrush cleans my teeth really well but what is the really effective product is the whitening paste. after brushing teeth I rinse and spit and dry my teeth a bit with a towel or just by rubbing finger across them. then you twist the base of the whitening pastes tube so it clicks twice and apply that amount to all the visible top teeth and then repeat for the lower teeth. the paste tastes kind of funny (although not unpleasant) and it makes my lips feel kind of strange and it gives me cotton mouth, but its okay because it goes away after about 10/15 minutes. I noticed an improvement the morning after the very first application. after a few days my teeth are definitely whiter and I'm very happy and excited to see further improvements!
Thank you so much Beauty Crew for allowing me to be part of this trial! I've seen so much about this Colgate product so I was excited to try it! The packaging and the design is really clever, the whitening bit fits right under the toothbrush so I wouldn't loose it. The toothbrush works well, it brushes like any other toothbrush. I'm unsure if the whitening bit of this product did work. I didn't really notice a difference. And I definitely did not have the same whiteness as Jennifer Hawkins!!
Love the concept of this product as I always to try something like this and I am glad I got the chance to trial it. The best thing about this toothbrush and whitening pen is it's design, I like how compact it is and no one can guess it's a 2-in-1 product. The toothbrush in itself is really good, not too hard not too soft and gives a thorough clean, even better it has a built in tongue cleaner so actually it's. 3-in-1 product not the 2-in-1 as I mentioned before. The whitening pen is stored at the bottom of the brush and quite easy to take off and store again. To use the pen you just need to click and turn it twice in the direction indicated over the pen and apply the gel over the top and bottom teeth. You need to click twice each time. The best part is that there is no waiting and you don't even need to rinse it!! I did notice that my teeth are looking whiter and brighter within couple of days of using the pen. Only downside is that the gel is a bit sticky and since you don't need to rinse it, the teeth feels a bit weird. But overall it's a great at home product if you need whiter teeth without paying a visit to the dentist.
The toothbrush was gentle on the teeth and a good size. I loved the convenience of the whitening pen inside the toothbrush - quite inventive.  Very handy for travelling and keeping your teeth white.  I only noticed a slight difference in the whiteness of my teeth, but it's so easy that it doesn't take much each day to maintain the whiteness.
Thank you to Beauty Crew for allowing me to trial this product. I really liked the 2 in 1 concept with the whitening pen being neatly concealed inside the toothbrush. I noticed my teeth were slightly whiter after first use and they did appear slightly whiter during this trial. The whitening gel has a nice minty taste and my mouth felt extra fresh and clean after using it. The whitening gel is a little thick when applying but I adjusted amount I put on after first use. It didn't  get rid of my hard to get rid of stains but it did slightly whiten my teeth and I was happy with the results. I would recommend this 2 in 1 toothbrush whitening gel to anyone.