Colour By TBN

Colour by TBN Nail Polish

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Colour by TBN Nail Polish is an opaque nail polish that delivers a salon quality finish that is both long-wearing and quick drying.

Available in 70 shades.


Colour by TBN Nail Polish


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This stuff is great!

I read the reviews here straight after I bought some nail polish and if course I was sad. But I painted my nails anyway and here's my review. The polish had great coverage and dried very well very quickly. I wore the polish for 9 days without it chipping. I had to repaint only because the nails grew. The polish was easily removed with nail polish remover. I'm very confused about the bad reviews here. Especially considering this brand makes no clames about longevity, durability or dry speed, it outperforms brands that do have those claims. The smell is the same as all my other nail polishes. No worse, and definitely not stronger. I'm looking to grab a few more colours!


Smells awful and never dries. Super disappointed. First time buying this brand cos it looked super cute in the bottle, I thought it was a gel polish that needed a UV light cos it was taking so long to dry, but upon reading reviews it just sucks. Would not recommend. Trying to use up my 500 characters so I can submit this review, there’s only so many ways I can say that this is a terrible nail polish. The smell gave me a headache and since the polish never dried, the smell never went away. Still not at 500 characters? It’s bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

Great product great price!!

I have been using this polish for the last 12 months and I love it. I have acrylics and the polish last at least two weeks without chipping. It dries quickly and without marking. I have had the same colour on my toe nails without it chipping for two weeks at a time also. And there is a fantastic range of colours available. Love love love!!
I got a few shades of TBN nail polish as a part of my bellabox subscription a few months back, I had high hopes for it, and appreciated the nice colours and good price point. Unfortunately you get what you pay for. This nail polish has a really intense smell, and is a weird runny consistancy. It applied well, but took a really long time to dry (to the point when it was still wet 30 mins later I finished it off with my hairdryer). It's impossible with all that drying time not to smudge or bump them constantly. Once dry it will immediately start to chip and flake off so make sure you apply a top coat for maximum wear. You will get a few days at most out of this nail polish before you need to take it off and reapply. It was easily one of the worst nail polishes I've tried, I would not rush out to go repurchase this nail polish.  With that being said, if your after a specific colour you want to wear for one night for a special event, and have plenty of time to wait for the product to dry, this polish could work for you. 
The colours are really nice, bright and popping. When applying the nail polish, it gives off a chemical odour that doesn't smell nice. The nail polish went smoothly on the nails. The nail polish lasts long, it takes quite a bit of time for it to chip (a week at least).
This is a great fun polish that is a great price so multiple colour buys wont break the bank. I splurged on quite a few for a young niece, they are fun, funky, bright and colourful. The colour glides on really easily that gives an opague satiny finish. Surprisingly it was better quality than I thought given the price. A great polish to have fun with, it even lasted quite a while before chipping. I would suggest a top coat to help seal the colour and polish. I would recommend this as it is at a great price point
I wish I could post a positive review about this affordable nail polish, but unfortunately my review is anything but. I always see this brand of Polish in my local chemists, and given the very cheap price point I decided to buy a couple of shades.  The colour selection is diverse and attractive, and the bottles are a generous size too. I was not expecting what I experienced when I used my first shade. Upon opening the bottle I was immediately hit with a powerful, chemical odour that took my breath away. It would be polite to say it reeked, it was that strong and 'chemical' in nature. I persisted with applying the polish, and it did apply evenly and smoothly. Wear time was pretty standard, lasting 3 or 4 days with a top coat before minor chipping appeared. But I just can't get by the intense smell of the polish, it is a big turn-off. I never did try the 2nd shade, and I've never applied the polish again from the first bottle.   I don't recommend this polish and definitely won't be buying it again.