COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer

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COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer is a hydrating concealer infused with coconut milk and aloe extracts for glowing skin. Blurs imperfections and evens out discoloration, this concealer brightens skin with luminous finish that lasts all day. Vegan and cruelty free certified.

Available in 4 shades: 330 Fair/Light, 350 Light/Medium, 360 Medium, Medium/Tan.

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COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer


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Dewy & Brightening Concealer

I absolutely love this concealer. I scored it for half price at BIG W too! Yay! Very dewy finish and super hydrating formula which I like. It's unlike many others I've used in the past that have gone cakey and dry. Definitely brightens eye area and makes me look awake instantly. Good value and available at supermarkets as well which is handy. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin which is fantastic. I am impressed. This one's a winner! Vegan formulation which is another point of difference with this brand.
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Formulation didn’t suit my skin

This concealer had a very light coverage. I much prefer a full coverage concealer personally. The formulation also didn’t work well with my combination skin type. I think it’s great that it is vegan but I think the formulation needs to be worked on to provide a better coverage. The range is also good value for money so worth a try.
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Light coverage concealer

I found this concealer to have a light natural coverage. It was also hydrating and when I used it under my eyes it didn’t leave them looking or feeling dry. It was easy to blend and if you want more coverage you can build it up a little bit.
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Natural makeup

Enjoyed using this product however being a dancer and cheerleader I did not found it offered the kind of coverage I am looking for in competition makeup....this is a product designed for a more natural make up look.
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Nice everyday wear concealer

I have tried this new covergirl cleanfresh hydrating concealer for last couple of weeks ! I have been using it on daily basis and I find it is a really nice everyday concealer! It doesn’t feel too heavy on skin and give a flawless look , covering all the imperfections on my skin ! I love the mild fragrance of covergirl and would love to try the rest of the range ! Very affordable everyday concealer!

Light weight

This is a great, affordable and light weight concealer. Blends really well and has the ability to cover dark under eye circles. I use a small amount under my eyes and on any blemishes and blend. This leaves me looking fresh and awake. Only issue I’ve found is that touch up is required, not sure if it’s my skin type but the coverage doesn’t last all day. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends and love how nicely it blends in with my foundation. Thanks Beauty crew for opportunity!
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Interesting rage

I did like the feel and the way it sat on my face it was very light weight I got sent the fair/light I kinda sad the colour range was not there I found the fair/light to be more of a yellow under tone as I have the foundation and thought the foundation was amazing in this day an age there should have been more shades as it’s 2020 and so many brands have so many shades for all skin shades I had very high hopes for the shade and I seen and used it was very yellow based and I’m more of a neutral undertone I’m not saying the formula is bad I liked the formula just wish there where more shade options as I feel like they could have had more shades and more diversity in colour range as a light girl myself it’s very had to find shades that match. The packaging was clean and fresh the wand was amazing to apply the product to the skin into the under I area very easy to blend and cover.
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Light Coverage Concealer

The Covergirl Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer works well paired with the Clean Fresh foundation from the same range. The product was easy to apply, although I would recommend doing 2 applications if you are after a heavy coverage. The product is hydrating as it claims to be, unlike some other conconcealers which dry the skin. I would recommend the product if you do not mind a lighter coverage concealer. Overall on days where I don't require a heavier coverage, I would use it again in conjunction with the foundation from the range
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Love the colour, bit of a watery consistency.

I loved the colour of this concealer and it was a great match for my fair skin but I didn’t love the consistency - it felt a bit watery to me but overall it did the trick!
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Did not disappoint!

I’ve always been a big fan of hydrating products, and this concealer did not disappoint! It is long lasting, has a sheer to medium coverage and definitely feels hydrating. The concealer didn’t crease or dry out under my eyes which is something concealers usually do. My only issue is I had to use a fair bit of the product to give me a medium coverage under my eyes to cover my dark circles. But it is perfect for those no makeup - makeup days.
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This concealer is AMAZING!! It is so so hydrating to the skin. If I’m being honest I didn’t expect it to be very good but this product really surprised me. It covers so much & looks so natural
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OK if you like light coverage

This minimal coverage concealer was great for covering small blemishes on the face but was caked under eye. I was quite disappointed that the lightest shade was darker than most of my foundations being a fair skinned woman. I made it work but probably wouldn’t purchase.
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Great product

Loved this concealer. It worked much better than I thought it would and blended well. The colour was a little light. Price point is very affordable.
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Light, buildable product

This is a buildable product with a smooth finish. It dries quite quickly which is a good thing as long as you apply quickly! No noticeable scent. It is quite a light coverage which is great for smoothing out your complexion in a subtle way but probably not appropriate for covering dark blemishes, pimples etc.
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Light feel not much coverage

Light feel to it and doesn’t feel like you have anything heavy on the face, blends nicely with my makeup but it doesn’t really cover my blemishes or pigments so I probably wouldn’t use again as it didn’t make just of a difference
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Moisturising, lighter coverage

I liked this concealer because it was moisturising and didn't dry my under-eye skin or sit in wrinkles. However, because it is more moisturising rather than thick, it didn't last as long and was not as full coverage as some others. Good for light concealing or wearing without foundation. Not ideal if you have really dark under eyes as it probably won't provide enough coverage,
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Good budget product

The Covergirl clean fresh hydrating concealer worked fairly well for me, I did have to apply a second layer when spot covering blemishes but it blended in well. When using under my eyes I found it was very light and didn’t settle into any fine lines, which was great. For the price point I think it’s a great buy but really needs a larger shade range.
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Light concealer - not high coverage

This concealer has a high quality for a low price point, which is exciting! It’s creamy yet it blends well to the skin and it doesn’t set into the under eye wrinkles. Another positive feature is that the product is clean and vegan, cruelty free! The only things it’s that it has a very very light coverage, so if you’re looking for a product to really cover your dark circles, that it’s not your go to product.
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Not for me

This concealer is lightweight, however i didn't find that it would cover imperfections. The undertone is pink so does not match yellow undertones. I have found this to be the case for most covergirl products which is such a shame.
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Creamy and hydrating

I am obsessed. This concealer is the holy grail I have been searching for! I find that this pairs perfectly with the Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless foundation and maintains my skin hydration all day. It is the perfect balance of concealing and not caking the skin and still buildable. I will be purchasing again!