COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara

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COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara is a volumising mascara that works to lengthen and define lashes for a full and dramatic effect.

Available in two shades and waterproof.


COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara


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I loved the covergirl lash blast volume mascara. Right away it lengthened my lashes, so it’s great for anyone wanting a long luxe look. This did not clump but separated my lashes perfectly. The formula is light and comfortable to wear and did not irritate. It lasted all day without smudging and makes lashes look extra long and lush. I love the design of the brush and how easy it is to use to deliver just the right amount of product. I love that it’s waterproof also. It comes at a great price, under $20.00 so great value for money. I have used better lengthening mascaras like Chanel, however they come with a much bigger price tag so this is a great alternative.
I bought this few years ago and I was very impressed with how it made my lashes look. the brush suited my eye shape (almond) the formula was not too wet or dry just the perfect consistency and I will definitely repurchase it as soon as I finish with my mascara.  It gives nice volume to my lashes and it makes them look like fake lashes. I buy mine when they are on sale. The packaging is a bit bulky for my liking, however, the quality is of a high end, Mascara. It is an oldy but a goodie.
I found this mascara to be quite good for lengthening lashes, but not great at providing volume (unless you're willing to apply several coats). I found the brush effectively coated most of my lashes without clumping and was easy to use. I would recommend this product for those looking for lightly coated, natural looking lashes- I will not be repurchasing this product as I prefer a little more volume and don't want to spend heaps of time applying layers to achieve this effect.
This mascara has a lot going for it - it provides a good amount of volume to my lashes, it can be built up for a more dramatic look, it is waterproof and it is very affordable. It comes with a great barrel style brush with a multitude of tiny bristles, which means that even the smallest of my eyelashes get a good coat of mascara. I do have to say that it does smudge a bit as the day wears on and it does not do all that much for me in terms of lengthening my lashes.
This is my favourite mascara out of the Lashblast range. It provides extreme volume, while making lashes look plush and long. It makes it look as though I'm wearing false lashes, and looks more dramatic the more it's layered. The formula is long lasting and doesn't flake off throughout the day. This is a product I stock up on every time it's on sale.
Considering the name of 'volume' and it's claims, this essentially did NOTHING for my lashes. Did not provide any volume or length. Just coated them in a very thin layer of mascara and made my lashes a little darker, that's all. Don't recommend it, go for L'Oreal mascaras instead. The tube is really chubby and cute though. For the results it provides, I'd rather go out with bare lashes.
This definitely lives up to a lot of the hype that surrounds Covergirl mascaras and for that price too! This is definitely a mascara that will be a staple for a lot of people. For reference, I have medium length lashes, not too many of them and they don't hold the best curl.  This mascara is my perfect everyday mascara. It can be toned down for a "no makeup" look and it can be layered and amped up when you need it as a base for falsies or if you just need your lashes to pop for a night out.  The wand is quite standard for Covergirl (in my experience) plastic with stiff, short 'bristles' which are great at catching each lash. I also find that despite the rather bulky feel, it is easy to get the wand close to the roots and to move it around the eye without smudging the eye or anywhere else for that matter. The formula is long lasting yet easy to remove and holds a curl well. I find my lashes don't droop at all when applying this. After a full day of wear there is minimal to no smudging (depending on what I have been up to) and most importantly my lashes are still very black. Unlike other mascaras, it seems the colour stays incredibly well on your lashes with this!
This is my go-to mascara. I feel like it beats any high-end mascaras I've ever tried and give my lashes the most full, natural and fluttery look ever. I use the non-waterproof one so it's easy to remove but doesn't flake off during the day. I actually really like the brush and find that it helps to fan out my lashes and separate them so they don't look clumpy but still look really full. I hate clumpy dry-looking lashes and this product delivers defined glossy looking lashes that open the eye and frame them perfectly.
Great flexible brush, but it is a bit thin and took me a while to get used to working it so it applied mascara to every lash. The colour is very rich and deep and had great staying power (a bit hard to remove though!). I liked the packaging and it didn't clump or make my lashes too brittle.
Highly recommend this mascara, I've been using it for years. I have straight eyelashes and struggle with finding a mascara that will hold my curl. I generally use waterproof mascara only and so far this has been the best one yet. It's quite pigmented, gives volume and holds the curl. The one thing I don't like is this type of mascara brush - I've never been a fan of this style as I feel it wastes too much product and you can't coat your lashes as good as the traditional style brushes. You also need a good eye makeup remover for this one - definitely an oil based one, otherwise it won't budge!
The brush looks good but the coverage when using it is poor, you need to do several layers to actually cover the eyelash and that then causes clumps as well as leading you to accidentally poke yourself in the eye! But it is waterproof, needs a gallon of makeup remover to completely remove :)