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COVERGIRL TRUblend Blush is a multi-toned marbled blush designed to match a range of skin tones. The ultra-blendable formula has been developed to add natural flush of colour to the cheeks, leaving an iridescent, radiant finish.

Available in two shades.




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This blush is fantastic quality for a drugstore blush. The two shades in each compact create a marbled effect, allowing both shades to be mixed when applied to the skin. It's a long lasting formula, which works well with all of my foundations. It blends like a dream, and can be built up for a more intense shade. I love that this comes in a few shades and want to pick up the others when there is a sale. 
It's a blush which provides a tasteful colour and boost to my face providing me with a much prettier looking glow. The Covergirl TRUblend blush is sleek, compact with secure lid and contains a smooth texture that's soft enough to pick up easily with a makeup brush. When I applied the adorable colour "light rose" it appeared the formula was not overly powdery and adjusted like silk straight onto my skin that allowed for a healthy dose of colour on application.  I like this particular shade option and think it would will work on a variety of skin tones from very fair to deep. The Covergirl TRUblend blush wears long and well throughout a standard day without fading. 
When it comes to makeup, I do love the more high end brands but not being a millionaire means that I always like to try out budget beauty brands and hopefully discover a great product at a bargain price. The COVERGIRL TRUblend Blush instantly drew me in with the pretty pink marble look. It looks similar to a baked eyeshadow.    I have the blush that is called Medium Rose, which is a dusty rose shade. I understand that this shade is recommended for people with medium skin tones. I would say that I have a fair skin tone (although I will do tend to get a bit closer to the medium skin tone in the summer months) and this shade suits my skin tone perfectly.   The COVERGIRL TRUblend Blush comes in a square compact that feels secure with it opens and closes. I have carried this around in my bag throughout the day and had no issues with it accidently coming open. It’s a travel friendly size. The blush itself its dome shaped.    Texture wise the COVERGIRL TRUblend Blush is very soft and silky. If you have used baked eyeshadows before I would say that its similar to that kind of texture.  It was really easy to blend this blush, and it feels so light on my skin like I am wearing nothing. I have tried blending it with both a makeup brush and just using my fingers and it applies easily. The finish is a sheen/shimmer like blush to add a subtle rosy glow to the cheeks.   Staying power, it lasted all day in the office. However, outdoors on hot days, I needed to reapply after about 4-5 hours.   For the COVERGIRL TRUblend Blush is a good subtle everyday blush. I even pop some of this blush on when I not wearing any foundation to add a subtle rosy glow to my cheeks.   Pros:  -          I have fair skin and it suited my skin. So I would recommend this blush for fair skinned beauties. -          Affordable  -          Look pretty (love the marble pink). -          Subtle pigmentation to add a rosy glow. -          Blends easily.  -          Suitable for every day wear. -          Durable travel friendly packaging.   Cons:  -          This was an overseas purchase, so I’m not sure if they are available in Priceline etc yet. -          If you have tanned or dark skin, the pigmentation of the medium rose shade will probably end up way too subtle on your skin.