COVERGIRL TRUblend Bronzer

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COVERGIRL TRUblend Bronzer features an oil-free formula and has been created in a universal shades to suit all skin tones. The powder contains a blend of micro-fine pigments to enable smooth application that adds a subtle natural glow to the skin. 


COVERGIRL TRUblend Bronzer


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This bronzer is nice. It has swirls of light and dark bronze which claim to suit every skin tone. I don't find this to be the case as I find if I apply more than a light layer of product, it starts to look more orange than bronze. Other than that, it applies nicely to the skin. It's easy to blend and the shimmer flecks throughout look great, not too in your face but definitely noticeable. I wish that there were more shades available as I might be able to find one that would suit my pale skin tone.
I've been searching for the perfect bronzer for a long time but have still not found it.  The COVERGIRL TRUblend Bronzer although affordable, does not cut it for me. Maybe because my skin is now heading towards a more mature age, not everything and anything looks good on it as once before.  Yes, the packaging looks good and yes, it's the perfect size and I really do want to love it but when applied to my skin, it doesn't look natural and almost  immediately sinks in making pores more visible and skin looking dry on the areas it has touched.  I guess I can recommend this for anyone in their teens or twenties yet my quest for the perfect bronzer shall continue!!
I love this bronzer for a super summer glow that lasts. I always use bronzer, its my favourite bronzer so the budget friendly price point here means I can use it to my hearts content. I use it to highlight and contour and it makes my face look healthy and sunkissed
My New found highlighter! I am on the dark skin side with yellow undertones. I am always on the hunt for a golden undertone subtle highlighter. This bronzer does the trick for me. This compact has a really soft texture and applies lightly on the skin.  I spray MAC Fix plus on my fan brush, swirl the brush on the compact lightly then apply the product to the high points of my cheek bones. It gives me the perfect golden glow. If I need to, I can pack on without any problem as this does not give the heavy look. One thing I really like about this product is that it does not make my face sparkle(or leave tiny sparkles on my skin).  Most golden bronzers will leave your skin with sparkles which i am not a fan of. This works well on my skin tone as a highlighter and I would recommend this for melanin infused girls out there looking for that glow.
When it comes to makeup, I do love the more high end brands but the practical reality means I also need to look out for budget beauty buys. I already have a preferred bronzer, but as it’s pricey I do look for bronzers that are a bit more affordable for daily wear. The COVERGIRL TRUblend Bronzer instantly drew me in because I am obsessed with marble patterns and this bronzer is a shimmer marble brown.    I would say that I have a fair skin tone (although I will do tend to get a bit closer to the medium skin tone in the summer months) and this bronzer is really suitable for my skin tone. It’s not to dark and comes across as a golden glow.The Bronzer is a shimmery brown shade with bronze and lighter goldish flecks in it.    The COVERGIRL TRUblend Bronzer comes in a square compact that feels secure with it opens and closes. I have carried this around in my bag throughout the day and had no issues with it accidentally coming open. It’s a travel friendly size. The bronzer itself its dome shaped and has the appearance of a baked mineral eye shadow (and speaking of which it can double as an eye shadow which Ill explain a bit further on).   Texture wise the COVERGIRL TRUblend Bronzer is very soft and light on the skin. It was easily to apply and you could add a second layer or more of the bronzer to build up the colour.  It was really easy to blend this bronzer, and it feels so light and buttery on my skin. The finish is a sheen/shimmer like and its adds a subtle glow to my skin. Hello golden skin for summer!   Staying power, it lasted all day in the office. However, outdoors on hot days, I did feel like that it faded away.    One of the extra benefits of the COVERGIRL TRUblend Bronzer is that it can double as an eye shadow shade. I love multitasking products and I wear a lot of neutral eye shadows colour. I found that this bronzer was a good blending eye shadow colour. I am actually pretty impressed with this because I can touch up my bronzer and eye shadow throughout the day with this one Bronzer.     For the COVERGIRL TRUblend Bronzer is a good alternative to some of the more expensive bronzer and because it adds a glow to your face without being overpowering it’s a good everyday bronzer.    Pros:  -          I have fair skin and it suited my skin. So I would recommend this bronzer if you have fair skin and want a natural looking bronzer (instead of it being so dark that it looks like there is dirt on your face). -          Affordable  -          Look pretty - I love the marble effect.  -          Adds a subtle golden all over glow.  -          Blends easily.  -           Can double as an eye shadow – yay for multitasking products. -          Suitable for every day wear. -          Durable travel friendly packaging.   Cons:  -    If you have tanned or dark skin, I think you will need to apply several swipes of this Bronzer to get colour payoff for your skin tone. 
I love this - it has so many uses.  It adds extra sparkle to a dull winter skin.  It enhances your natural tan in summer!  Wouldn't go anywhere without it!
I have a light- medium skin tone and this bronzer is perfect! I use a brush to apply to my cheekbones and nose and find it provides a natural looking bronze without too much sparkle. It's great for day wear!