COVERGIRL truNAKED Eyeshadow Palette

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COVERGIRL truNAKED Eyeshadow Palette is an universally flattering eyeshadow palette featuring eight highly pigmented powder eyeshadows. The shades can be used together or alone to create a range of eye makeup looks that are perfect for day or night.

Available in two shades.


COVERGIRL truNAKED Eyeshadow Palette


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Such a great eyeshadow palette with beautiful colour combinations. The palette was my holy grail because the earthy colours were very easy to create a everyday look for work or I could intensify the eyeshadows and create smokey eye look. Love how the powders were very fine, smooth and very pigmented which blended out beautifully without any patchiness. It would be more convenient if the palette had a mirror but I can't ask for more for that price.
These eyeshadows are great. They are very pigmented, except for the very light shades that barely show up on my skin. The formula is creamy and easy to work with, and the shades compliment each other well. This would be a great eyeshadow pallete for those who don't have the standard nude shades as they're all here together, at a very affordable price!
BUY THIS PALETTE!! This is an amazing palette for such an affordable price. The colours are very pigmented and look so beautiful. The nude colours in this palette are my personal palette. They are so nice to use for a simple and natural look. But then there are some more glittery shades which I must say weren't overly glittery which was amazing and you can use them for a touch of glam on a night out or whenever you feel like a extra touch. Such a variety for the price you pay! For such a cheap price I cannot believe how good this palette is. The packaging is sturdy and is very pretty. Its great to have a clear lid so you can really see the shades you are buying. The eyeshadows are really smooth to apply and aren't chalky or crumbly. Please please please but this palette you will thank me later:))))))
I am one of those girls who always where's black .. Unitl I started wearing grey clothes I added the nude colour to the style which added plump n style ..the best thing about this pallet is the nude colours which are perfect for outlining cheek bones and adding lift to a sleepy eye.. it is rather amazing and is my new Favourite :)
I purchased the COVERGIRL truNAKED Eyeshadow Palette in the Nudes on a whim because I was drawn to the pretty neutral eyeshadow colours. I thought this would be a good everyday palette. The colours looked really similar to an Urban Decay palette but the Covergirl palette is a much more affordable price, so I was hoping the formula would be good.   This Covergirl palette covers in plastic packaging with a clear plastic lid so you can see all of the shades. The packaging seems sturdy (however, I have not travelled with this palette yet). The palette also includes an applicator, but I found that I got better results using one of my own eyeshadow brushes.   This Covergirl nude’s palette has neutral colours, shimmers, mattes, with shade ranges from light to dark to allow you to create a versatile look everyday. The formula for most of the shadows I have used in the palette have been smooth and easy to blend (I have not used one of the shimmers yet, just swatched on my arm). One of the darker shades was a tiny bit chalky but using a primer fixed this problem. The pigmentation is good, much better than I was expecting for a palette at this price.   I have used this palette with both an eye primer and without. I find if I used a primer, these shadows stay on all day and well into the evening. Without a primer, I did notice a bit of smudging it wearing off evenly toward the end of the day.   Overall, I am enjoying using this palette, it has been great for everyday eye looks, and has you covered with most of the shade. I now want to add the goldens shade of this palette to my collection.   Pros: - versatile colours for everyday wear - smooth and soft with good pigmentation - easy to use - affordable - lasts all day   Cons: - small bit of smudging, and creasing. Using a primer prevents this.
As a fan of the NAKED pallettes, I was a little sceptical purchasing this but alas I gave it a go for the cheap price of less than an espresso martini and off I went. Well it sure delivers. I applied at 8am and it was still there at 10pm.
I LOVE this palette. Even compared to a few of its more expensive rivals, it seems to last the course and very little retouch is necessary.   I normally use my own separate brushes to apply the powder, but I do use the given applicator for the corners, and the brush doesn't feel cheap or spongy.  And besides the actual colour palette itself, the price is what initially made me reach for it.  Its affordable!  I honestly think it would give some of its more expensive brands, a run for their money.  This is perfect for everyday subtle wear, to glamorous and sultry.   Certainly for all ages and skin tones. Thumbs up from me.
This palette is the exact same in every way possible as the Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette Contouring Eye Shadows  01 Cappucino Nudes.  The only difference being the brand name and title.  They must be owned by the same or larger conglomerate.   Some of the shades are ok I personally like the matte cream which is second from left.  The shimmer shades swatch nice but  don't live up to what you want them to be and the darker colours are better.  I think they should cost less than their price but its Australia.  
This is an awesome eyeshadow palette as the colours are so complimentary and they blend so well. I love a natural look that is just a little glamorous and this covergirl palette delivers lovely natural looking eyes with ease. The pigment in this palette is lovely and is of a high quality giving a gorgeous wash of colour, I use several shades at a time and blending is easy with the soft applicator. The price point is great and this product delivers the same results as a more high end product for lovely colour. I highly recommend trying this palette