Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment

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Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment is an anti-ageing lip treatment that helps to smooth laugh and feather lines around the lip area while you sleep. The rich, soothing formula contains vitamin-rich shea butter to hydrate and restore skin on and around the lips, improve skin elasticity and help prevent the visible signs of ageing.


Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment


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I have very dry lips and to the point where it cracks, flakes and peels all the time making it extremely difficult to apply lipsticks. I have tried different lip balms but didn't help much so I invested in Dermalogica's Nightly Lip Treatment. This lip treatment is a rather thick texture which feels very nourishing on my lips and I would apply a tick layer in the evening as a lip mask. After using it for a week my dry lips have improved so much. It has became more plumped and hydrated. A very expensive lip treatment but definitely worth it.
Love this treatment so much!! I apply one pump on my lips and around my mouth through my smile lines. I find if i dont use it my lips are noticeable dry the following day. Since using this product I've received many compliments on how lovely and full my lips look. 
Our lips do not produce any sebum for hydration or lubrication, and most of the hydration on our lips is dependent on our water intake. Therefore I feel it's super important to treat our lips much in the same way as we do our skin. Especially overnight. This nightly lip treatment from Dermalogica is designed to be used not just on your lips, but on the perioral area outside our lips to reduce fine lines and increase hydration and 'plumpness' of our skin. This product features Indian Gentian Extract, advanced Volumizing Technology and Sesame Seed Extract to help not only restore skin volume and plumpness, but to reduce laugh lines and the feather lines on our lips. I really enjoy the packaging and applicator of this product. The metal pump top not only has a cooling sensation to the lips, but it's a great massager for application, and the pump is much more hygenic seeing as you don't need to use your hands to apply (remember to wipe the tip after each use though!). The formula of this is quite unique and hard to explain - it almost feels like a silicone primer. It's not glossy nor does it feel like a regular lip balm, but it's not unpleasant. The smell is a really subtle peppermint smell but has a touch of candy-like fragrance. The way to apply it is to dot the product on your lips and perioral area, and massage the areas with the tip of applicator upwards and sidewards (sor of like an 'S' shape) so as to 'lift' the skin and smooth out feather lines on the lips. I really notice the difference hugely when I use this. There is a definite difference in the volume and hydration of my lips, and also in the feather lines around my lips, which I see improvements when applying makeup as it doesn't settle into the laugh lines throughout the day which is one of my biggest problems with makeup longevity. It also helps repair my cracks and tears in my lips that I get from constantly being in dehydrating air conditioning, and from the harsh cold of the Winter. Overall, this has become an absolute necessity before bed and I really feel the difference if I don't use it. I'll take a star off because at $75, it can become expensive given how quickly I go through the product.
This is a thick, white rich cream with a very light, subtle hint of peppermint scent.   As I apply it to my whole mouth area including right up to my smile creases, I find that my skin feels richly moisturised and hydrated.  If I get some on my lips themselves I find that my lips are soothed and soft straight away.  This is meant to be gently massaged right around the whole mouth area but I inevitably get some on my lips too.   My initial thoughts were about how much comes out with the measured dose (the top of the container gets pressed down to release the measured dose) and I first thought that it was a lot for my mouth area but it actually works out about the right amount by the time I've massaged it all into the areas I should.   The little metallic top of the container that dispenses the product also doubles as a 'massager' so I don't need to use my fingers for the most part of the massaging.   My thoughts after using the product is how easy and quick it was to use and apply and how moisturised and soothed my skin, mouth and lip area feels.  I also (very excitedly!) wanted to check in the mirror to see if there were any instant miracles occurring so I grabbed my little hand mirror and I could see that my lines were hydrated but it was after using this for several days that I could really see the increasing hydration levels which were especially apparent on the plumpness of my vertical lip lines that go me really excited about using this.   I love that this product also targets the 'laugh lines' that come down from my nose to my mouth as the massager pushes up against the effects of gravity while also rubbing in the hydrating formula before I go to bed each night.  I can find no cons about this product - it doesn't even take long to do, the instructions are simple and easy to read and the dose is measured for me so it really can't be easier.  Once a day is all I need to apply this - before bedtime on clean skin.   The pros are that I can even see a difference after just a few days in - maybe my skin around my mouth really needed it bad!?  My lines around my mouth were letting me down as the rest of my skin is in pretty good condition, so this is exactly what type of product I was after.  So I can recommend this for women (or men) who feel conscious also of their ageing skin around the mouth.   I love wearing a lip colour and using this product helps give me confidence that I can still do that.  I don't have to worry so much that I'm drawing attention to an area that I possibly shouldn't if I didn't look after it.   I definitely have more confidence wearing a pretty lip colour after using this Nightly Lip Treatment.