Dermalogica Overnight Retinol RepairDermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair 1%

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Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair 1% is a powerful treatment enriched with micro-encapsulated retinol to increase cell turnover and reduce the appearance of skin ageing overnight. The formula also contains peptides and vitamin C to even the skin’s tone and reduce discolouration.


Dermalogica Overnight Retinol RepairDermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair 1%


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My skin used to suffer from dry, uneven skin tone around my eyes, discolouration and dullness. After using this Overnight Retinol Repair treatment my skin conditions definitely improved a lot. At first I didn't know how my skin will react to Retinol but surprising I didn't get any peeling or breakouts from it. The uneven skin tone around my eyes got much better week by week and skin are looking more radiant and plumped.
Beauty is skin deep, and when you take the time and effort to do a twice daily skin care routine, incorporated with the correct products for your skin, which should ideally consist of double cleansing, serum or facial oil, and a good moisturiser, plus a weekly clay or cream mask and chemical or manual exfoliator and other targeted treatments, in no time at all, you are guaranteed to be rewarded with skin that is smooth, soft, hydrated, even and glows with a natural radiance, you can't help but feel waves of power, confidence, femininity and self worth that nothing else but pure beauty can give you each and every day. I'm truly a firm believer in having a twice daily and weekly skin care routine, working hard at it has rewarded me with the best skin of my life, and I've very quickly worked out, by trial and error, which products and brands work for me, and the great Australian brand that is Dermalogica, is one of the few brands I love because it really works for my skin every single time. Several of their products like their brilliant pre cleanse oil and this overnight retinol repair treatment is beautifully and proudly lined up next to one another on my bathroom vanity. When it comes to ageing, one of the best things you can do for your skin besides stay out of the sun and drink heaps of water, is to use a nightly retinol treatment once or twice a week, and yes, it's even okay for the most sensitive of skin types, such as mine. This lovely Dermalogica product says it increases cell turn over and reduces ageing overnight, plus added Vitamin C brightens and smooths skin. I'm not completely sure about the claim of cell turnover overnight, but what I do know is that after several weeks of use, twice a week in my nightly regime, my skin is looking and feeling much smoother, softer, hydrated, even and bright with a radiant glow to it. I wake up the next morning looking so bright, as if I've had 16 hours sleep, micro dermabrasion, and a brightening mask all at once, I need less makeup product and my skin just radiates all day long, even from beneath my foundation and concealer. My sensitive skin has not reacted or been irritated or reddened in the slightest, and it's such a quick, easy and simple step to add weekly to your skin care regime, the results you get are instant and long lasting and improve the condition of your skin like nothing else. The price of $115 is steep but totally worth it for quality, quantity and how long it lasts and far it goes. Beauty is skin deep and begins with a twice daily routine of products that ensure your skin is smooth, soft, hydrated, even, and radiantly glowing. Dermalogica products, like this overnight retinol treatment, makes it so easy to get the best skin of your life, and that feeling of confidence, happiness and power that only true, inner and outer beauty can reward you with every day.
I haven't purchased the full size of this just received a sample size equivalent to 2-3 uses as a gift with purchase.  For background I have dry skin which has lately (annoying) begun having cystic acne around my chin area after changing the pill. I used to use a retinol cream as a teenager to help with cystic acne so was excited to try this again.  I didn't notice a strong smell with this product which is a big win for me. Some retinol creams go on very oily which grates me as the whole reason I'm using it is to get rid of pimples so oil on my skin freaks me out. This one was more creamy and thick and was absorbed almost immediately (probably also because my skin was so dry). This was great as it didn't feel like I was going to loose half the product on my pillow overnight. This product didn't dry out my skin which isn't something I have experienced with retinol cream before - they are usually great for pimples but dry up the rest of my skin. I really did notice a difference in how angry and red my pimples looked the next morning.  Pros  No scent  Non greasy formula  Absorbed quickly Only needed a small amount of product - was able to get 3 issues out of sample sachet  Cons  Quite expensive  Would I repurchase?  Yep - I've got myer and David Jones bookmarked on my computer so I can keep an eye out for when gift with purchases come up so that the high cost is outweighed by how good the product is and getting a free gift!