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DermaScar® Platinum C&E is a silicone gel that helps to reduce the appearance of scars. DermaScar contains vitamins C and E which work to lighten, fade and hydrate scars while also preventing photo damage and reducing scar pigmentation. The gel can be used on the body and face and is suitable to be worn under makeup, it is also fast drying and transfer proof. 

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DermaScar® Platinum C&E


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I purchased DermaScar® Platinum C&E in desperation. I have a large keloid scar from abdominal surgery that is raised red and very itchy.  I hesitated in purchasing this product as this silicone gel is quite pricey.  I followed the instructions, I applied twice daily on clean dry skin and allowed the gel to dry and set so as not to mark my clothing. The gel felt instantly soothing and calmed the itch and irritation that I usually endure. It has been around 4 weeks since I started this regime and I have noticed improvement in my scars appearance it has calmed down it is not as red and although it will never disappear I feel more comfortable and that has made a big difference to my day. I have tried several other products and applied them diligently but I had no improvement at all. I recommend this product, don't expect a miracle but there is a definite improvement and that means a lot.
I love this product! It has no fragrance and a little goes a long way. I have a large scar across the middle of my back and I have been using DermaScar® Platinum C&E on it had it has reduced the redness and the scar appears to be more faded than before i stared using the gel. The gel isn't overly sticky and it is fast drying which is perfect for the position of my scar, and can apply after my shower and get dressed and go in the mornings.
Loved using this product. I used it on some scars from surgery and had great results. Although my scars were just from keyhole surgery and should have been quite small, one of them was really raised and red. Over the weeks I used Dermascar, the scar flattened and the colour reduced. Really happy and will definitely continue to use this product.
Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed with this product. I used primarily on stretch marks but did not see any noticeable changes during a 6 week period. I did find that the product absorbed easily and quickly, without leaving any kind of sticky residue. Perhaps this would be more effective on smaller scars!
I had the opportunity to trial DermaScar Platinum C & E and was pleased with the results. I have scarring on my lower arms which was a side effect of Antibiotics which I have had for just over one year. I was not warned by my doctor or pharmacist that I must avoid the sun whilst taking the medication and my sunburn blistered leaving scarring.  I used this product twice daily and the scarring is less noticable. I will continue to use this product in the future as it is effective and worth the cost.
I have trialled this product for approximately three last 4 weeks on a small surgical scar that is around 6 months old. While it goes on smooth and absorbs easily, unfortunately I haven't noticed any change in the appearance of the scar. I'll keep using it though, and see if there's any change over a longer time frame.
I was fortunate to trial this product. After falling really hard on rocks while fishing, I am left with graze marks all over my leg from my knee to my ankle. Although it healed, you can still see the grazes which makes it embarrassing to wear shorts in summer. I started using DermaScar about 4 weeks ago. I really like that it applies on clear and quickly absorbs into the skin. This is important as other products can make the skin look really oily and patchy.  I have noticed my scars have lightened in colour, however, think it would take at least a couple more weeks to see noticeable changes. I am happy with the results so far and will keep using to see if the scars will fade entirely. 
I tried this product on my scar and was pretty impressed with the results. The silicone gel was quick and easy to apply. It absorbed into my skin perfectly befote bedtime ready to work its magic. My scar has gone lighter and looks a bit smaller too which is wonderful. I will keep using this product to get bigger and better results.
I was lucky enough to trial DermaScar Platinum C&E, I was surprisingly impressed with the results which I achieved after applying the product twice daily for approximately a month. My scars had lightened, though obviously did not disappear entirely. The silicone gel is translucent and absorbs almost instantly, which makes it easy to apply under makeup. Would recommend for small acne scars, though I didn't see any difference when applied to my larger keloid scar.
I started using Dermascar approximately 5 weeks ago. I have a small surgery scar the size of a 5 cent piece. I applied Dermascar every single day, it absorbs fast and is a clear colour. I’m actually very impressed. I’ve seen an improvement of around 40% in the 5 weeks that I’ve been using this product. I started to notice a difference at the 2 week mark. Obviously the longer I use it the more the scar will fade. Very happy!! Will be recommending this.
I used this product on two types of scars, surgical keloid scars and stretch marks. I haven't noticed a change at all, I used the gel religiously and honestly haven't seen any change. The product itself feels nice, doesn't have an off putting smell and rubs into the skin easily. I personally wouldn't buy it again because I didn't have great results but I guess it could be something to do with my skin type
I've tried several scar repair products that haven't really worked so wasn't sure what to expect. The gel is very easy to use and apply, absorbs quickly and stays in the area that you have applied it to. At the end of the trial the scar does appear to be lighter and more smooth. I scar quite easily so this is a product that I will purchase and continue to use and recommend to others.
I was excited to try this silicone gel as it’s been known for a while that silicone is a great product for scar reduction. I tried this gel on 3 different scars, one was a deep scar inflicted by squeezing a pimple on my face another was a small scar from a chemical burn on the arm which is a very old scar and the other was a small scar getting my appendix removed. I definitely saw an improvement in all scars. Mainly they became flatter and smoother. The surgical scar had the best result maybe because it was the finest and newest one. Half of that scar disappeared and the rest went from a pink to a white scar which you have to look closely to see.  I’m giving this gel four stars mainly because my scars aren’t completely gone but I guess that would be a miracle if that happened. Although in saying that I think I will get an even better result the longer I use this gel. So I will continue on using it. I liked that this gel was transparent so you couldn’t see it once it was applied and it in no way hindered makeup application. I think this product lived up to all its claims made on its packaging as it lightened and faded a scar, it hydrated all of them and the scars felt comfortable after application and it definitely softened and flattened all my scars. I would recommend this product to anyone with scars but they have to be healed over as the product information leaflet warns that you can’t apply it to open or fresh wounds.
I trialled this product on two different types of scars: one small scar on my arm from a recent minor surgery and the other were fresh stretch marks on my thighs. The results: the small scar was initially raised and deep purple - after the 3 week period the edges have turned white and centre of the scar is light purple and somewhat less raised. I haven't noted a change in my stretch marks but I honestly did not expect to see a difference. This could be because the skin may still be strained from either weight fluctuations or changes in body composition. Also as the product comes in a small 15g tube I could not utilise too much product per application as needed.  The product itself has colourless, slippery texture consistent with the silicone formulation - I waited at least a few minutes before dressing to increase absorption. It is quite pricey per gram, but that is to be expected with specialised scar treatment products. I also must say for best results you might want to set an alarm if you aren't in the habit of applying a new product twice daily. The take home: I don't see myself purchasing this product unless I have a specific scar that needs a lot of work because ultimately scars are here to stay and these products simply aim to increase healing time. I cannot guarantee that any lightening on my surgical scar was due to this product or from simply time passing. 
This product helps in the appearance and fading of scars and stretch marks. The texture of the product is a gel consistency that absorbs into the skin quickly. DermaScar Platinum C&E includes both vitamin C and vitamin E which are both great ingredients in lightening and fading scars. I found that this product has helped in fading away a specific and stubborn scar on my leg and after applying a small amount every morning and night, I have noticed a difference in the appearance of the scar. It is a slow process in fading scars, but so far I am happy with the results from using DermaScar Platinum C&E cream.This product is on the pricier side but I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a cream to fade away stubborn scars.
Before I started this trial I had a pea sized purple scar at the back of my knee that had been there for over a year and I hate it. I applied a tiny amount of the gel both morning and night. It was quick and very easy to apply. The area felt slippery after I had applied it but it did absorb a little during the day.  DermaScar® Platinum C&E is a clear silicone gel that contain active ingredients vitamin C & E. I have been using this product for over a month and I can already see an improvement in the appearance of my scar. It has flattened slightly and has lightened in colour leaving me really happy with the results.  I would recommend Derma Scar and I will continue to use it. 
I started using the DermaScar Platinum C&E approximately one month ago, I was sceptical ab out this product as I have tried many scar treatments and never had any success. It seems that the formula in the DermaScar Platinum C&E product is much more effective as I have noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance in the scar I have been applying the DermaScar Platinum C&E to. The scar originally was a large dark patch that looked very much like a large bruise and due to it being located on the inside of my thigh it is very unsightly, I have been applying the product twice daily after showering and it is a nice consistency not runny at all more of a thicker make up primer consistency (I believe this is due to the silicone  in the product?) which allowed the product to absorb very quickly into the skin and doesn't leave it feeling wet or sticky which I have found with a lot of other products on the market. the product is at a more expensive price point than a lot of other topical scar treatment options on the market but in saying that this one actually works so its worth spending the extra money, than wasting it on a product that is not effective! I have found that the scar has reduced in size dramatically and has lightened in colour significantly also, I have now stated to use it on other scars I have as I have found it to be successful with the original scar and am hoping that it will help other scars I have as well. I will be recommending to friends that have scars to use the product also as I believe it really does work!
About my scar: I have three different scars: There's one on my back, near my shoulder. Its darker brown colour due to hyperpigmentation and is a raised scar called a keloid, The 2nd scar is on my jaw, right where it ends and the ears begin. It is raised and pink in colour.  The 3rd scar is a recent scar from a little 2 mm scratch I got on my forehead from being clumsy with my phone. My skin was a little softer and sensitive at the time from trying out a new face moisturizer.   About product & treatment: DermaScar is easy to dispense as it comes in a clinical looking squeeze tube witha pointy tip. I took a tiny amount on my index finger and gently dabbed it on the scars. It forms a clear, tacky film over the scar that only disappears if rubbed off or washed. The scars on my forehead and end of jaw have definitely improved in colour. The forehead scar is not as noticeably brown and the jaw scar is not as pink as at baseline. The scars have flattened on my forehead and jaw. I can still feel a hardened center on the jaw scar but its a lot smaller than at baseline. The scar feels like its shrunk in size and feels flatter and is closer in texture to my skins natural texture. The product has 1% Vitamin see to brighten and 10% Vitamin E to nourish and repair the scar. I've seen my scars shrink and lighten up so I will continue to use the product until the scars hopefully completely disappear. I would recommend it to anyone looking to soften, and smooth out raised scars. 
I trialled Dermscar on stretch marks I have on my inner thighs. The instructions suggests applying a pea size amount of the product to the area twice a day. I found I needed to use more of the gel than suggested to treat the area. To be honest I felt I could have used a lot more, but as there is only 15g in the tube I rationed it so I’d have enough to last the trial. The gel disappear quickly into my skin with no residue or fragrance. Personally I felt Dermascar might be better suited to treat small scars rather than long vein like stretch marks that tend to cover bigger areas.i didn’t notice any major difference in the appearance of my stretch marks after using the product, perhaps the trial period might need to be extended to 3 months to be able to judge better rather than 3-4 weeks.
I’m so glad I get to try this product, because I have 2 very obvious scars on both arms that make me sad everytime I look at them. The silicone gel is very easy to applied, clear color, absorbs quickly and can be used anytime. After using it twice a day for around 1 month, I definitely can see that my scars have lightened, the dark brown now changed to lighter brown and the older scar starts to fade now. I’m very happy with the result & will keep using this gel until all my scars gone.