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Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara

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Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara coats and sets lashes in an innovative tubing formula that prevents smudging, clumping and flaking, and is enriched with nourishing argan oil and a Lash Food Complex to strengthen and thicken lashes. 

Available in two shades.


Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara


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AMAZING TUBING MASCARA FOR THE PRICE POINT  For many years now tubing mascaras, which coat each of your lashes in a latex like cover, have been my pic. They coat the lashes and so do not flake or run during the day.  I have been buying much more expensive Blinc and Kevyn Aucoin tube mascaras for years but they are costly.   I went on a review hunt to find a more affordable option and found Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara has rave reviews online is only around $15, less than half the price of my current go to's.  I have been using the same tube for over a month, daily use and it is now my favourite; long wearing exactly like other mascaras in this category, plenty of product and a good quality product too. I have always when wearing heavier makeup looks pooped YSL Faux Cils under my tubing mascara for a sealing in a fuller lash look and  Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara works well as a sealing top coat too  The packaging isn't high end and it perhaps it isn't quite as thick as some versions of other brand's tubing mascaras but that is all perfectly fine for at that price point. The product is great! I encourage you to try it you won't look back.
I got this mascara in a mini as a gift with purchase a few months ago and was very impressed! Unfortunately I can't seem to find the mini version any more so I will have to get a full size eventually!  Tubing mascaras are absolutely amazing and this one is one of the best that I've used. The brush makes application a breeze and my lashes always look perfect without having to fuss or re-do. If you are looking to try out a tubing mascara this one of the best and really affordable options out there!
This mascara has been thoroughly raved about on a few forums, especially when you first start looking into 'tubing mascara's. As such I hurried to pick one up and give it a go and was, unfortunately, a little disappointed.  This mascara does stay one through most everything except prolonged water exposure - I wore it on a trip to a waterfall and all the tubes fell off after a dip which was a bit embarrassing but potentially my fault as I (incorrectly) assumed it would last through that. There is very little length or volume given by this mascara but it does define and hold a curl well. As such, I'd recommend this more for people who already have quite long and dense lashes (or one or the other depending on your style).  For the average consumer, this could be a very nice "no makeup" mascara for a very simple and understated look. 
Because I have very sensitive and weepy eyes, I have come to rely on tubing mascaras, rather than the normal formulas. Even though I have tried all kinds of products, including waterproof formulas, only tubing mascaras ensure I don't get stinging during the day or end up with panda eyes. After I tried my first tubing mascara and realised it was a life saver, I started trying lots of different brands. The first one I tried (Becca) was a very wet formula, another one (L'Oreal) was too dry. It took me a little while to find the perfect one for me, and Designer Brands is it, including the awesome price. I have repurchased this one so many times, and also recommended it to friends with sensitive eyes. Beyond Amplified is such an east formula to use: not too wet or dry, doesn't clump, and give a natural finish with a nice amount of length and volume. I always curl my lashes first, and it holds the curl nicely. I didn't notice that it nourished my lashes, but it certainly didn't have a negative affect on them at all. This mascara has a plastic bristle brush, and sometimes I find that the plastic wands can be a bit poke-you-in-the-eye, but I have never had any issues with this one. I am assuming it's bristles are not long enough to do any damage, while still combing through the lashes. It is SO easy to remove, just pinch off with damp fingers. No residue left, and definitely nothing under the eyes in the morning. Designer Brands Beyond Amplified Mascara is a Holy-Grail product for me, that I won't be without. It's a great staple to have in your makeup kit, at a really affordable price point.