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Designer Brands Centre Stage Curl & Volume Mascara

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Designer Brands Centre Stage Curl & Volume Mascara is a curling and volumising tubing mascara that separates and flares out lashes. The mascara contains hyaluronic acid to lift and plump lashes, while aloe vera, green tea, Q10 and vitamins A and E help hydrate, nourish and protect lashes. 

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Designer Brands Centre Stage Curl & Volume Mascara


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No clumps! No panda eyes!

I like the brush on this mascara and find it easy to apply. It doesn't cause clumpy or smudgy lashes. It combs through the lashes well and coats them without being too 'wet' creating a lifting effect and a little thickening. Not so much of a curling mascara in my opinion. Very good for the price and is suitable for beauty babes with sensitive eyes like me without causing irritation.

Not as good as what I expected

I was so excited to try this mascara after reading so many positive reviews but I personally do not see what the hype is about. I don't find any difference in it the way everyone raves. If I don't curl my lashes first with an eyelash curler the mascara itself does not curl at all. I find it a bit fiddly that you need to use both sides to get a desired effect.
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Smudge Free!

I'm not too fussed with mascaras. I tend to just get whatever is on sale at the time when I run out of the current one I've been using. In saying that,I have tried high end mascaras due to getting them in prize packs or beauty sub boxes. Have to say,after using this reasonably priced DB one, it compares very well in performance to mascaras triple its price! The cute metallic pink tube packaging of this mascara is perhaps my favorite of all the mascaras I have ever used. It has a nicely shaped curve wand that makes application so simple and fast, The mascara has a bit of an off putting smell in my personal opinion and I was initially sceptical about applying this to my eye region. I needn't have worried, This mascara didn't irritate my eyes at all. Just left me with longer looking lashes that were still quite soft to touch. Very impressed with the lack of "panda eyes" from this product. Basically ALL mascaras I've used leave me with panda eyes at some point by the end of the day. This one is amazing! Totally smudge proof! Best of all,it washes off easily with even a gentle facial cleanser. Would definitely repurchase this one. Love it.
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New HD

I adore this!! I have so much trouble finding a mascara that doesn’t smudge under my eyes, especially with the intense humidity at the moment. But this mascara stays put all day. It is super black, buildable and easy to apply. The shape of the brush really allows it to hug lashes and push them up.
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Densifies, Lengthens, Lifts Lashes

I've never tried tubing mascara before so it was great to try out what all the hype was about. The mascara wand is oddly shaped but does get around and into the awkward outer corners of my eyes. The mascara coats, lengthening and densifying my lashes beautifully. It gives my lashes a little lift which is fantastic because honestly most mascaras fail to keep the curl in my lashes. Love it. I always hear great things about the DBs range. I really should try out more products from the brand.
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Impressive for the Price

Firstly this mascara comes in the prettiest musk pink packaging - I love it! I have tried a few Designer Brands products - some I have been impressed with, others - not so much. This is one of the products I have enjoyed. For a very reasonable price it has a versatile wand and not too gluggy formula. The wand does a good job of lengthening my lashes, not as easily as my high end mascaras I have to say, but it certainly does the job. What I DO like especially is the wide fluffy brush that you can follow up with to lay on some volume. Add to this an infusion of hyaluronic acid and no fall-out, and I am pretty well sold on this mascara!
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Great for separated lashes

I found both negative and positive things about this mascara. I loved that it was a tubing mascara as I find these type of mascaras don’t tend to smudge as much as non tubing ones and they are usually easier to remove at the end of the day. Another positive is that it stood true to what it said on the packaging, as regards to separating the lashes. It definitely separated mine! In fact I think it separated mine a bit too much and they were lacking in volume especially at the base of them. This was a negative for me as I love a Mascara that give heaps of volume. I also found the curved wand made it difficult for me to apply the mascara without hitting it somewhere on my top lid. Therefore I would recommend this mascara to someone who loves separated lashes without too much volume or someone that doesn’t mind putting on a mascara primer underneath it.
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Enjoyed but not completely sold

First time trialling from Designer Brands. What’s not to be excited about with a curl and volume mascara. I really enjoyed the brush applicator, it’s bend in the middle makes getting right underneath the upper and lower lash to really wiggle around and coat every lash. Only unfortunately the brush does pick up a lot of excess and occasionally I found mascara would get underneath and on top of my lash line. It really lasts through out the day and I was surprised to see it remove easily with nice load water.
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Good daytime mascara with an unusual brush

I received the Designer Brands Centre Stage Curl & Volume Mascara to trial. The mascara comes in a striking pink tube with a rose gold lid. The mascara’s brush has an unusual design: it has a subtle curve, the bristles seem to be a bit longer in the middle and the tip is very thick. I have small and hooded eyes, so I’m still trying to work out the best way to use the brush. Someone that has a different eye shape may find the brush easier to use. The mascara’s formula is not too wet or too dry. I have been able to build some thickness with repeated layers. When I look in my makeup mirror, the mascara has a slightly clumpy appearance, but it is not so clumpy that it sticks my lashes together. The mascara has not caused any irritation or discomfort, and so far, I have not seen any smudging throughout the day.
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Works like magic!

I’ll be honest and say that I would never have tried Designer Brands Centre Stage Curl & Volume Mascara and I’m am so glad that I did. I can’t live without mascara because it makes my eyes pop and this formula is exceptional! Love the packaging, the shape makes it easy to apply, I can layer without clumping or smudging, doesn't flake, lasts all day but washes off easily. What’s not to love!
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OMG this is 100% my new favourite mascara! It's so gorgeous and makes me feel so gorgeous. I love it so much because it gives my lashes the look of Falsies without having to deal with actually wearing false lashes. It gives my lashes such beautiful volume and separates each hair perfectly due to the wand bristles being so unique. I also haven't experienced any smudging or full out or product transfer at all. I've used this mascara now at least half a dozen times since receiving it and I'm just so inlove with it and this is not my holy grail mascara.
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Great mascara at a great price!

The DB Centre Stage Curl and Volume Mascara is a tubing mascara that has a unique, curved brush that allows for easy and precise application. The formula is nice (it isn’t too wet or heavy) and is really easy to apply without getting mascara everywhere. I apply two coats and am still amazed at just how lengthening and volumising this mascara is-it almost looks as if I’m wearing false lashes! I don’t find this mascara particularly thickening, but the volume and length it provides is fantastic! The mascara is enriched with hyaluronic acid which helps to keep the lashes feeling soft and looking fluffy and natural. It has great staying power and wears incredibly well on me (it even withstands gym sessions!) without smudging or flaking. This mascara is easy to remove with a cleansing oil and I also really like the pink packaging! This mascara is definitely worth trying, especially since it's only $14.99
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This is a great mascara. I don't usually use tubing mascara, as I find the fibres flake off during the day. That was not the case with this one, it actually stayed put throughout the day which was nice. It lengthens lashes and adds volume without looking clumpy. I absolutely love the wand, it's so easy to get into the corner of my eye. I'd definitely recommend this product, especially as it's so affordable.

Awesome Mascara

For the price, this mascara is a truly genius buy! It really does it all. It thickens lashes beautifully. It also is great at lengthening the lashes. It cares for lashes too, and goes on nicely. The brush is easy to use and handle. The mascara comes in a lovely tube and looks really lux.
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Stage worthy indeed

This mascara looks simple and pretty but is a total rockstar when it comes to getting the job done right. Fluffy, longer and fuller lashes without clumping and so easy to apply. Can't love enough that it also adds curl and lift without aid of lash curler. No smudging and lasts for hours. What more can one ask for - wait reasonable price - tick that, too.
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Perfect for every day use

The shape of this brush is unique but works immensely well to provide beautifully sculptured lashes without clumping. It lasts all day and doesn’t smudge, yet wipes off easily with wipes. This is a great daily wear mascara.
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Great alternative to Waterproof mascara

I really enjoy trying Designer Brands products and I am constantly surprised at how great they are how nicely presented and especially the excellent price. I am always buying mascaras constantly searching for perfection. I was not blessed with fabulous lashes and cant wear falsies so want to make the most of what little I have. This mascara is presented in a lovely girlie pink tube and on opening theres a very nice plush brush. The brush is a great shape for grabbing every lash and coating them with the very clever tubing product. The colour is not a deep rich shiny black but more of a every day, daytime natural black. I have sensitive eyes but had no allergic reactions to this mascara. I loved the way this mascara stayed put, no flaking, no panda eyes it stayed put till bedtime. Removal is so easy with a tubing mascara with no scrubbing or rubbing required, just water. Its a great everyday mascara and perfect for beach holidays and swimming. Unfortunately it did not give me the lashes I was hoping for when I want to look special.
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Budget mascara better than my luxe one?

Hang on, affordable mascara that performs better than another I have triple in price? Cute packaging. Not into pinks, but appreciate the difference in design. Brush wand, just see the pic. Great for lifting and defining lashes. My lashes: growing randomly straight, down, zig, zag...all directions but up. Also they are light, so no much definition in eye area. Mascara: lifts my lashes up , coats each lash, makes my lashes look longer and bolder. No clumping. No flaking. No smudging. I do not use lash curler with this mascara! Just wowed. My lashes stay lifted throughout the whole day of wearing it. I use only one light coat after scraping most of the formula off the wand into the tube. Removal: not easy with just water, very easy with cleansing oil or micellar. Did not try other methods.
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Fluttery thick lashes

I was surprised with the results after using this mascara. The tube is pretty and looks better than the more expensive ones. The wand is easy to hold and apply. My lashes didn't clump and there was no smudging. The mascara removed easily with cotton pad soaked in eye make up remover. My lashes look thicker and there was a curl also, which I don't usually get. I didn't have to apply too many times and my lashes looked great at the end of the day.
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A long lasting mascara that washes off in seconds

I hardly ever use anything drom DB so was pretty excited to try out their mascara. I do have my favourites when it comes to my lashes, as I like a rather dramatic effect that is dark and reminds a bit of falsies. This mascara is not the one to provide my liked effect but I still have to praise that one for the results it provides. It is indeed a very decent mascara that will accentuate your lashes in a delicate manner but definitely will prolong them. It does not smudge or flake and can be easily removed with the warm water, which is a bonus. I might not be an absolute fan of tubing mascaras but this one is of quality. The packaging is solid, looks very pretty with the soft pinks shades. I like the brush as it seems very original. It has got a shape of a cobra head and neck ( if snakes have necks). All in all, I would recommend the mascara to those who like their lashes looking pretty natural but want the look untouched for the entire day.