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Boost lashes before applying mascara with Designer Brands’ Lash Primer, which lengthens and adds volume, while antioxidants, green tea and coenzyme Q10 nourish and repair to build stronger lashes.  


Designer Brands Lash Primer


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I have been using the same eyelash primer for many years now and even though I'm obsessed with it and it makes a huge difference to my lashes I realised it was too expensive to continue purchasing regularly.  I started looking for other alternatives that would do the same job without costing me a fortune.  After doing some research and reading reviews I decided to get the DB lash primer.  The price was really affordable and people had good things to say about it.  I also liked that it was cruelty free and vegan which I think is something we can all get behind.  I told myself that even if the product didn't work out it wouldn't be much of a loss as I hadn't spent too much money on it.  The first thing I noticed about the primer was the brush. It was thin, straight and had these short bristles on it.  One good thing I liked about this brush was that the material and bristles wouldn't allow the primer to clump.  That was one of the issues I had with my previous lash primer as the bristles were long and dense which meant that a lot of product would get stuck on the brush and eventually dry creating wastage.  The brush only grabbed what it was supposed to from the tube which was economical and would mean that you would get the right amount onto your eyelashes without overdoing it.  The primer itself was white, similar to other primer I had used before but it also had added benefits that would nourish my eyelashes like antioxidants, green tea and co enzyme Q10.  The consistency was pretty good, it wasn't too sticky nor thick but evenly coated my lashes.  The white colour made it easy to see which parts of my lashes were coated and after swipe with the brush it managed to get all my lashes, including the tiny ones near the corner of my eye.  My trick is to start at the base of the lashes and apply it like you would with mascara by wiggling it a little from side to side and then gently pushing it up.  That way your lashes are lifted and it will make your mascara look even nicer.  The primer didn't cause any irritation to my eyes nor was there any stinging or sensitivity.  For those who have sensitive eyes I would only use a small amount first before using it all over your eyes incase you have a reaction. Once I applied the primer to both sides the product started to dry but I find that if the primer gets too dry it can make the eyelashes stiff so I like to wait for it to be a little damp and then I follow it up with my mascara. Once I used my favourite black mascara I could tell right away that my lashes looked so much better than without the primer.  The primer helped separate my lashes so when I went to put the mascara on the lashes wouldn't clump together and you could see the individual lashes.  The primer also gave my lashes the added length and volume that I needed.  My eyelashes are pretty average and I like to make them the centre of attention whenever I'm doing my makeup.  Using the primer made my lashes look amazing, just enough length, the perfect amount of volume without looking like tarantula legs and separated perfectly that it almost looks similar to false lashes.  It's a great bargain buy and if you have never used an eyelash primer before it's so easy to use and you'll be wondering why you hadn't started using it earlier.  It's such a quick and easy step to add into your routine but it makes a huge difference.   Tip: Add 2 coats instead of 1 if you want more volume and length! 
I love the primer, easy to use and no clumping!
This lash primer is white in colour and has a sticky consistency. The Brush/wand has silicon type (hard) bristles to it. It certainly does help to separate lashes and adds volume to your lashes. It does help to lengthen lashes but not remarkably. After you apply your mascara, lashes look really black, voluminous & separated. I love this product for its price point & it helps my lashes to stand out when I need some lash drama.
I use a primer for almost everything (face, eyelids, nails) as it provides a good base and ensures the product I am using lasts.  An eyelash primer was something I was always intrigued about using but was skeptical about it's benefits.  The DB brand had one for only $9, an affordable price and I realised I had nothing to lose.  I like my eyes to be the centre of attention and even though my mascara does a good job I wanted to add more volume and length to my lashes.  It would be a quick and easy step to my routine but would make a huge different in my overall look.  My lashes are very thin and not that long so anything to make them pop would be amazing!  The good thing about this product is that it goes on clear as others I have tried in the past are white and you have to make sure you properly cover the white parts of your lashes or else it can look weird.  I didn't have to wait long for the gel to dry and then I added two coats of my mascara on top.  My lashes were a bit thicker and I noticed that there was more length than before which was exactly what I wanted.  Now I don't wear my mascara without using the primer first.   Pros -Lengthens lashes -Adds volume -Very affordable -Goes on clear -Dries quickly -Doesn't flake or clump Tips: It can also be used on it's own if you want a natural look and don't feel like wearing makeup.  I also like to use it as a night treatment as it contains enzymes and antioxidants to help nourish and strengthen your lashes! I have used it to set my eyebrows and keep them healthy and it did a great job