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Define lips and prevent lipstick feathering with Designer Brands Lip Liner Pencil that are soft and creamy to the touch. They also contain vitamin E to prevent lip dryness. 

Available in 12 shades.


Designer Brands Lip Liner Pencil


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This is an awesome lip liner pencil. It’s super creamy with really high pigmentation. I found it lasted really well and did not bleed. It’s easy to use and doesn’t drag over lips, it keeps my lipstick in place perfectly and comes at a great price point. I love the nude and have even filled my entire lip with this colour. The pencil is easy to sharpen for a precise line and looks amazing when applied. I have achieved better results with a more expensive pencil however these come with a high price tag. This lip liner is ideal for anyone who wants a great result at a great price point. I highly recommend it.
The softness of this lip pencil is what makes me want to give it a good star rating so I've given it a four star rating.  It has an excellent softness to it when its being applied and it is also loaded with pigment so it transfers onto the lips very easily.  Very limited pressure need only be applied to put this on.  I don't think it stays as long as other lip liners that I have though so I have docked a star for that reason.  I have it in the colour 'Red Hot Red'.  It's a very affordable lip pencil and my particular pencil has a lid with a sharpener built into it though I've noticed that they don't all have this built-in sharpener.  I find the attached sharpener very handy and convenient to sharpen the pencil anywhere and anytime and it gives the pencil a nice neat and strong point to it so it's easy to be accurate with it every time I use it.  I can't detect any scent in this lip pencil.
I do like DB products, and for a lot of reasons. All products certified vegan and bunny-friendly as they don't do animal testing. All formulas of each are developed under a scientific guidelines and have no parabens, bismuth or talc.  Their aim is to create designer brand comparative products at a low affordable price point.  I like the colour range, yet I feel that the quality varies from colour to colour. The price point is excellent though and I wear 'Nude' all over my lips with a light gloss for a cute nude lip that stays.