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Designer Brands Quick Colour Nail Polish

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With a chip-resistant formula that is touch-dry in 30 seconds, Designer Brands’ Quick Colour Nail Polish delivers a high-gloss finish and features a precision brush for a streak-free application. 

Available in 28 shades.


Designer Brands Quick Colour Nail Polish


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Applies smoothly

For such a reasonably priced nail polish Designer Brands’ Quick Colour Nail Polish is brilliant. I don’t wear a lot of nail polish but when I do I want a polish that applies smoothly and dries quickly. I have found that in this particular nail polish. The precision brush is perfect, allowing me to glide the brush over my nails to produce a glossy streak-free finish. The fact that the nail polish is touch-dry in 30 seconds is a bonus as is the chip-resistant formula although I usually remove my nail polish after a few days. I love the ease of application, the glossy finish, the huge range of colours and the price. Designer Brands’ Quick Colour Nail Polish has my tick of approval.

Superior salon nail polish for a brilliant price!

Complete value for money. This nail polish delivers the ultimate colour that looks simply amazing. The drying time is also quick and convenient while delivering high quality results every application. The brush is precise and delivers an even stroke covering each nail perfectly. I absolutely recommend and will keep purchasing from this great nail polish range they have to offer.
I was very happy with the outcome from this Australian nail polish and the great array of colours to choose from. The first shade I owned was actually the one in the picture "Bordeaux Red", a lovely deep red, great for an evening out and on the toes at any time! At this great budget price, and being something of a nail polish junkie, I have gone on to buy other shades in the pinks and nudes which I can wear to work, or any setting. It sets very quickly, as promised.  Now I have found speed dry doesn't always go hand in hand with a long-lasting formula - but in this case, hallelulah, it does! Designer Brands have made quite a long-wearing polish, lasting almost a week with no chipping on my hands and ages on my toes. I always use a top coat, so not sure what the result would be without one. I like also that it is cruelty-free and formaldehyde-free so I don't have to think about what nasties went into making this product. This is a cheap polish, but NOT "cheap and nasty", and just writing about it I can't wait to go out and buy another shade... 
This is one of my absolute favourite nail polishes. After nine days of wear I had not one chip. This was after a massive spring clean where I scrubbed my oven. That’s impressive! The colour is lovely & it’s super affordable. I cannot wait to add more from this range to my collection.
This is a great nail polish for the price. it comes in 22 great colours and for this price I can afford to buy several. The chip resistant formula is awesome and i found my polish stayed on for quite a while. I recommend using the designer brands base coat for an even longer lasting effect without chipping. it leaves a lovely glossy finish that looks quite professional. The brush delivers just enough product to coat the nail with ease for a streak free finish and with drying time of only 30 seconds this is a huge bonus. This is a really nice product, especially at this price point and I would recommend this