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Designer Brands Twist ’N’ Go Nail Polish Remover

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Designer Brands Twist ’N’ Go Nail Polish Remover uses a pre-moistened foam pad to remove nail polish in one second. Simply dip finger into the pot and twist until nail polish has been completely removed.

Available in regular and acetone-free.


Designer Brands Twist ’N’ Go Nail Polish Remover


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The Twist ’N’ Go Nail Polish Remover is the best product release from DB because I hate removing my nails. This nail polish remover is so easy to use, quick with a clean finish without using loads of cotton pads. It removes my nail polish squeaky clean even with few coat of nail polish on and this bottle can last for five to six months for me and I remove my nail polish weekly. Highly highly recommend this product.
This little baby has worked its way into my bathroom cupboard and into my heart. Prior to Designer Brands Twist 'N' Go Nail Polish Remover I was so sick of dragging out the bit bottle of nail polish, struggling to take the childproof lid off of the bottle, looking for the cotton buds/makeup remover pads/tissues/what ever I can find and then struggling with the crappy quality product that only partly removes the nail polish and stains my nails and surrounding skin.  I absolutely love this little pot of magic, for one I can open the jar with ease, put my finger in and twirl the bottle around and onto the next finger.  The solution works well and it does have a strong alcohol scent the only negative I would say is that I found it dried out my cuticles.
Effective, essential and fuss-free at a fantastic price. This little pot has saved my nail disasters turning into catastrophes! As they say the only time a women is helpless is when her nails are wet! If I have marked a wet or dry nail no longer do I have to wait for assistance I can just pop my finger into the pot and VOILA a lovely clean base to start again. The remover is also potent enough to remove the most difficult of polishes without weakening the nail, the scent is the usual and quickly evaporates.
When it comes to taking off nail polish especially when I stuff up 1 or 2 fingers after applying, I want simple and easy to use but also does a clean job.  This little pot is my saviour. Ordinarily, I would use a cotton ball and nail polish to take my nail polish off but when it comes to 1 or 2 stuff ups, this is an impossible task as I am one of those people that end up with cotton fluff all over my other nails.  The pre moistened sponge inside the pot is so easy.  All you have to do is dip your finger in with the nail polish.  I then twist my finger around in the pot.  I also use it for my toes as I find it hard these days to actually reach down to them to remove the polish completely.  Healthy ingredients of Aloe Vera, green tea and Vitamin E & C will see your nails looking healthy after it also.  Your nails come out perfectly clean of nail polish.  The one thing that I do like is no heavy fragrance of usual nail polish remover that makes me cough. I have used this pot on false nails that I have sometimes used and no damage is done to them at all.  It was easy to just repaint them again. I love this product because it is simple and easy to use and less mess is always a bonus. 
I love this little thing! Especially when I've been wearing a glittery polish (aka the devil polish)! There are some polishes that just require extra time and effort to remove. This solves that problem. I poke my fingertip in and twist the container around a few times and voila - my nail comes out clean and perfect! This even manages to get rid of those pesky little bits that hide out near your cuticles. I love it!
While I'm not a huge fan of sticking my fingers in a spongey pot of nail polish remover, I'll have to admit that this is the quickest and easiest way to remove nail polish.  It's so effective that it even removes glitter nail polish with ease.
What a nifty little invention!! So simple yet so useful!! When you are in a hurry, you no longer have to worry about getting out cotton balls and your big bottle of nail polish remover laced with strong smelling acetone (twist n go is available in regular and in acetone free). Just dip and twist!! No longer do you have to worry about pouring out too much remover, knocking over the bottle or chocking on strong fumes. Just dip and twist!! The glittery nail polish may look pretty but we all know how hard it is to try and scrub off, with bits of cotton wool sticking to your nails, having to add more polish remover to soften it further... scrub no more! Just hold your finger in the bottle a little longer against the squishy foam and let the magic happen.  The only downside I found was after a while the foam starts to get tears or holes in it. This only occurs after considerable use however.... otherwise great value for money. 
This is a great little time and patience saver!  It's so quick to remove nail polish and actually does a good job too.  It works by sticking your finger in the little pot which is filled with soft sponges soaked in nail polish remover, and twisting your finger around.  I generally just leave my finger in for a few seconds which loosens and removes the bulk of the nail polish, and then twist it around a few times to remove the nail polish from the sides of my nails. It works brilliantly for removing glitter nail polish.  Simply leave your nail in the pot for 30-60 seconds and then twist around a few times.  It has a smell which is somewhat pleasant and no like the strong chemical smell of most nail polish removers.   It also lasts quite a long time.  I used this when I was doing my nails weekly and it lasted for at least 6 months.  Definitely a must if you wear nail polish!
This product is a savior! I am one of those people who HAS to have nail polish on every single day, its just my thing. But constantly needing to get out the nail polish remover and a pile of cotton rounds gets pretty annoying when you do it so often ! A friend told me about this product and I was very interested but a little skeptical. How could a simple dip and twist remove polish when I was usually holding and pressing a soaked cotton round on each finger for at least a couple minutes?! But this product really does work! The black foam inside is pre-moistened with the polish remover, but  also contains Aloe Vera, green tea, and Vitamins C and E which is great news for your nails. After a simple dip and twist of your nail against the foam the polish comes straight off! I also noticed that because of the added great ingredients it wont dry out your nails like removers usually do and also doesn't have that strong overpowering scent that we're all used to. I was also pleased to find out that the product didn't dry out quickly and actually lasts a long time! Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this product and will definitely repurchase when this one runs out