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Designer Brands Twist ’N’ Go Nail Polish Remover & Primer

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Infused with vitamins C and E, Designer Brands Twist ’N’ Go Nail Polish Remover & Primer moisturises nails while it quickly and conveniently removes nail polish. Simply dip and twist finger in the mess-free, travel-friendly pot, which contains a pre-moistened foam pad to remove polish in one second.


Designer Brands Twist ’N’ Go Nail Polish Remover & Primer


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Nail polish remover is one of those essentials we cant live without but they are messy,smelly and just yuk. This product gets rid of the mess issue as its so easy, lid off, insert finger,wipe on side and your done. No spillage or waste and a must have for travel. The smell is over powering and I advise using in a well ventilated room if possible. In summary inexpensive with no mess and gets the job done quickly without any fuss.
This makes taking nail polish off fun! I think this is a good nail polish remover but it has a very strong smell (warning: do not smell it directly!!) and it left my fingernails feeling a little dry. It does help remove stubborn nail polishes like glitter which i think is a bonus. The affordable price is also a plus.
I do like DB products, and for a lot of reasons. All products certified vegan and bunny-friendly as they don't do animal testing. All formulas of each are developed under a scientific guidelines and have no parabens, bismuth or talc.  Their aim is to create designer brand comparative products at a low affordable price point.  The most outstanding part of buying a Designer Brands item, is their money Back guarantee. I don't know many companies that do this! This works! You dip your finger in, wipe your polished nail against the product moistened pad, and instantly withdraw a clean polish-free nail. The smell of nail polish remover is quite strong, but, that's what it is- nail polish remover. The difference to using a regular nail polish remover is that my nails don't feel stripped and dehydrated afterwards, as if all moisture is sucked from it. This product contains Royal Jelly, Vitamins C & E, Aloe Vera and Green Tea, and leaves your nails looking and feeling rehydrated.  I take this little jar traveling with me as it does away for the need for cotton wipes and is so effective each time I use it.  The excellent price point is a huge plus for me, and I'd recommend it to others who feel other nail polish removers dehydrate their nails. 
I cannot rate this product highly enough. I was very skeptical at first, as I really didn't expect for it to deliver, but I was very impressed from the very first time I used it. It really is as simple as a dip and twist of your finger to remove nail polish! The nail polish was removed with ease, the product seemed to last quite a while, and the formula didn't cause any irritation or dryness unlike some nail polish remover products I have used in the past.  Gone are the days of juggling the nail polish remover bottle and cotton balls- unless I happen to find myself feeling particularly nostalgic, in that case I just may go back just to relive some old memories. 
Let’s face it – nail polish remover isn’t a glamourous product. Most of the time you are overcome by fumes and it can get quite messy, especially when you accidentally spill the bottle! However, since using the Designer Brands Twist ’N’ Go Nail Polish Remover & Primer, I’m happy to report that these issues are a thing of the past!  The unique design means that the scent & any spillages are significantly minimised. You simply dip one finger in at a time, twist it against the soaked sponge, and when you remove your finger the nail polish is gone! It’s also great for travel, since it doesn’t take up much room and you don’t need separate remover pads or tissues. While this is a great product, it does have its downfalls –it can’t be used on toe nails, and it’s hard to tell how much product is left. Overall, I really like this product. It’s an affordable option that makes removing nail polish quick & easy! 
- Very strong smell, especially when you first take off the lid.  - Does work, even on multiple coats of nail polish. Takes about 30 seconds per nail. - After using a strong colour (e.g. deep burgundy or black) will leave residue in the sponge - I was surprised it worked so well initially, but after a few weeks it was a bit gimmicky. The lid doesn't close very well (no matter how hard or how many times you try) so the liquid will leak  - Quick and effective - Probably better for removing just one or two nails to fix up, rather than all each time. 
Great product easily removed nail polish in a matter of seconds, the only reason im not giving it 5 stars is that it does have a strong acetone smell which is unpleasant