Dior Addict Lip Maximiser Collagen Active Lip-Gloss

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Dior Addict Lip Maximiser Collagen Active Lip-Gloss is a lip gloss that plumps and hydrates lips. The formula features a fresh mint-vanilla scent and has a unique blend of hyaluronic and marine-based fillers that smooth, moisturise and add volume to lips instantly. After 15 days of use, lips will look noticeably fuller and more defined.


Dior Addict Lip Maximiser Collagen Active Lip-Gloss


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This was a bit of a disappointment for me.  The minty vibe is what really puts me off here.  I don’t like the tingle on my lips.  A nice sheen and feels good on the lips once the initial tingle subsides, but gloss itself is average.  I expected a lot more from Dior, but this didn’t quite deliver.
I was keen to try this product to see if it would actually have an effect on my small lips, I like the consistency of the lip gloss its not sticky or uncomfortable which is a bonus as I don't usually like wearing lip gloss for that reason. I find upon application there is a tingling sensation but it goes away fairly quickly so it doesn't really bother me. I'm not sure if my lips appear bigger at all but I like the way the gloss makes my lips look when applied on its own or on top of lipstick. Overall, great for a lipgloss but if you want plumper lips you may just need to look into lip filler.
I have the shade 'beige sunrise' and it by far my most used and loved lip gloss. I wear it alone or on top of nude (even pink nude) lipsticks for a glossy plumping effect. When applied, it does have a minty, tingling sensation (which I personally love the feel of). It doesn't have huge instant plumping effects (although it does stimulate the lips thanks to the collagen so some plumping is noticed) but with long term use it certainly does work. The applicator is very easy to use, smooth to apply and doesn't feel at all sticky and is surprisingly long wearing for a gloss. It is worth every penny.
I saw this product when travelling overseas and was a bit suspicious that a lip gloss can enhance your lips. A thick gloss to apply, but doesn’t appear sticky in the lips. After a few seconds you get that tingling feeling that makes you think the lips are bigger!! This gloss certainly does smooth the lips, but I’m not sure it accentuates their size! Nice product, however, is on the pricier side. Can wear on its own or over other lip products.
My fav lipgloss. I already have big lips so for me this product is just the look and feel of it. It’s not too sticky or runny. I love the packaging and even though it looks like it will have a pink tint endnote applied, it actually applies clear.
Dior Addict Lip Maximiser Collagen Active Lip-Gloss is a very exciting lip gloss!  Not only does it give your lips beautiful shine, but it also plumps your lips and leaves them feeling and looking fuller for hours. You can simply choose to wear this product alone, it will give your lips a gorgeous shine and plump your lips up.  Or you can apply it over your lipstick, to not only add shine, but also volume and a lovely minty flavoured sensation, which you start to feel after a minute or two.    Your lips will start to tingle which means the product has been activated and is working.  It's a lovely product and so versatile too.  It adds so much shine, so it's really glamorous if you are wearing lipstick, it will add so much shine.  If you wear it on its own, it just looks and feels lovely, not sticky at all. 
I love a good lip plumper and the Dior Addict Lip Maximiser Collagen Active Lip Gloss ticks all the boxes for me.   I've always considered my lips to be rather thin and it wasn't until I started using a lip plumper that I realised what a difference it made.   The Dior Lip Maximiser is a little beauty.  I like the tingly feeling when I apply the gloss because I know the product is working.  The gloss is very moisturising and leaves my lips feeling smooth and supple.   The lip gloss is not sticky and wears well and the gloss helps to make my lips look fuller which is exactly the effect I am after.  If you like a gloss and like to add a bit of plumpness to your lips then I recommend you try the Dior Addict Lip Maximiser Collagen Active Lip Gloss.  
I adore Dior's Lip Maximisers. It's one of the nicest plumping lip glosses out there. The packaging and formula just feels and looks so luxe! Such a treat to use every single time. Makes my lips look so much healthier and plumper than they are with an insane amount of shine. Has a subtle minty feel that I can't get enough of! I've repurchased and on my second tube of this. So good and so worth the money! As a lip gloss hoarder/addict that has tried hundreds, this is on my top shelf. Feels so plush and comfortable on the lips. Has the perfect amount of thickness so that it lasts longer than traditional glosses, but just enough so you don't feel uncomfortable. HIGHLY recommend this!!
I bought the Dior Addict Lip Maximiser out of curiosity. As always, it's beautiful to look at with a silver applicator and the signature Dior logo. The product itself feels wonderful to use. It's smooth, softening and the ever so subtle lip-tingle effect from the maximiser. I use it in conjunction with the Dior Addict Colour Glow Awakening and I will be the first to say that my lips look luscious, bolder and hydrated with this product. I am a committed user now. No going back to boring old lips!
Having worked for Dior this product was such a fantastic revolutionary product for the beauty industry. After just 14 days of using this you will see results it's incredible. Every women who bought this would be a loyal customer to this product. All hail the Dior lip maximiser!
One of my faves!. Doesn't plump up the lips per se, but as a gloss its great on its own or over lipstick. Great shine factor. Great packaging. It does give your lips mild tingles. Not sticky so you're hair doesn't get stuck in it which is a major plus.
I love using this on its own as a clear gloss to add a little volume. I really enjoy the feel of it on the lips. It's not sticky like glosses and has the nice tingle maximisers share in common. Does it make your lips bigger? I don't notice, but it definitely makes them look nicer at any rate!
I got the lip maximizer as I had heard a lot of positive reviews and as an owner of rather small lips I wanted to check its maximizing abilities. The lip maximizer is from DIOR ADDICT make up series, the packaging looks like an ADDICT (perfume) bottle, the products is pale pink with hardly noticeable pink shimmer.On application it looks like a thick gloss, but is not sticky. A few seconds after application one might feel a tingling sensation, the lips seems smoother, that is for sure, whether they are bigger? Well, they might look a bit plumper and defined. The gloss also reflects the light and it might add to the lip maximizing effect. Can be used on its own or on top of or underneath your regular lip products.